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Screenshot of Garnie from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode The Meal Moocher
Similar entities Ebifryer
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Okay, but the crustacean I've got in mind is monster-sized!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy describing Garnie in The Meal Moocher

Garnie[Japanese title] is a giant enemy crab which appears in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. King Dedede inadvertently orders this monster from Night Mare Enterprises when he asks them for a crab, though he failed to properly communicate that he wanted one to eat. As such, as soon as Garnie emerges, it proceeds to attack King Dedede and others nearby. Kirby ends up defeating this monster using the Cook Copy Ability, mainly through a desire to eat it afterwards.

In the 4Kids version, this monster is never named. Hence, its Japanese name is used.


Garnie is a massive dim green crustacean with four legs and two massive pincers. Its face consists of a large mouth with massive buck teeth and stalks which do not appear to have eyes on them. Its feet are rounded and resemble plungers.

Garnie attacks by scuttling sideways at its opponents and grabbing them with its claws, than attempting to snip them. It will also attempt to stomp its opponents. Garnie is weak to heat, and can be defeated quickly using the Cook ability.

In the Japanese version, Garnie repeats the word "kani" when it attacks, which is the Japanese word for "crab".

Role in The Meal Moocher[edit]

King Dedede narrowly avoiding a snip from Garnie, though his robe is cut short
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I done decided that I don't feel like dinin' on crab no more! 'Specially when it's bigger than me, but you can go on ahead and eat it yourself if you want to.
— King Dedede referencing Garnie after it is cooked in The Meal Moocher

Garnie does not appear until the very end of The Meal Moocher, when King Dedede asks Night Mare Enterprises for a crab. Not knowing King Dedede meant a crab for food, they send the giant monster his way alive and it proceeds to attack King Dedede and Kirby in the Castle Dedede throne room. It apprehends King Dedede and tries to snip him in half, forcing King Dedede to concede to Tiff in order to get Kirby to help him out. Kirby then gains the Cook Copy Ability from a nearby frying pan and uses it to battle the monster. Kirby proceeds to use his ability to place a giant frying pan on the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter which acts as a hot stove, then he lifts Garnie in a herculean feat of strength and tosses it into the frying pan, defeating it and cooking it red. From there, after King Dedede decides he does not want crab anymore, Kirby proceeds to attempt to inhale the crab whole, though it is not shown if he succeeded at this or not.


  • Garnie is the first monster that never makes it out of the Castle Dedede throne room before being defeated.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ガーニー[1]
The name simply softens and stretches the sounds of カニ (kani), the Japanese word for "crab".


  1. "怒ったデデデ大王はカニ魔獣・ガーニーを注文した。" Translation: "Angered, King Dedede ordered the crab monster Garnie." –星のカービィHDリマスター版 まるごとコンプリートBOX / アニメ 「星のカービィ」 SPECIAL BOOKLET (HAL Laboratory), pg. 59