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Sizzle is one of the Power Effects in Kirby Star Allies. This Power Effect is granted to weapon-wielding allies by fire-based attacks, such as Fire Breath. When this happens, Sizzle gives the weapon a fiery characteristic, making it burn grass and fallen leaves, light fuses and melt ice blocks. Weapons granted the Sizzle effect also gain a universal 1.25x damage multiplier against all targets that are not resistant to fire-based moves.

List of Sizzle-granting allies and abilities[edit]

Sizzle-granting allies and abilities in Kirby Star Allies  
Ally Move(s)
Any Sizzle-enchanted ally Any attack involving the enchanted weapon
Daroach Daroach Fire Bomb
Fire Kirby & Burning Leo Any attack involving fire
Fighter Kirby & Knuckle Joe Giga Force Blast
Gooey Burning Gooey
Magolor Revolution Flame
Rick & Kine & Coo Fire Rick
Flamberge Any attacks involving her sword, Mega Broiler


The Sizzle power effect has an advantage against the following targets:




The Sizzle power effect is weak against the following targets:




  • While Chef Kawasaki's soup takes Sizzle based damage, it cannot grant the Sizzle element to a friend's weapon.