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Power Effect
Sizzle Sword Art.png
Artwork of Kirby obtaining the Sizzle Sword Power Effect
Debut game Kirby Star Allies
Type(s) Unlimited use
Requirements Elemental ability+
weapon ability/character
Power(s) Augments a Copy Ability/character with elemental powers.
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If a friend raises a weapon with ↑, attach effects like fire to your friend's weapon by hitting it with B.
— In-game tip from Kirby Star Allies

A Power Effect[1] refers to the many different ways in which weapon-based Copy Abilities can be enchanted in Kirby Star Allies. These effects are similar to the various Ability Scroll elemental combos which Kirby could perform in Kirby: Squeak Squad, but are much broader in scope.

Elements and Sources[edit]

There are five different types of effects which can be applied: Blizzard, Bluster, Sizzle, Splash, and Zap. These elements are applied by having the ally wielding the weapon hold it up, then having the element-wielding ally use an elemental attack on the weapon to power it up. This effect then remains on the weapon indefinitely, only being lost if the ability is discarded and left to bounce as a star for a few seconds or the wielder defeated (not just fainted). Tossing a Friend Heart at an elemental Ability Star before the element disappears will create the respective Friend with that element.

Applying an effect to a weapon allows the user to perform more elaborate attacks, and often adds special properties in addition to raising the damage dealt by 25%. One example is Bluster Bomb, which allows the user to float up into the air while holding the bomb in hand.

The following table lists every known source for each effect, as well as the general characteristics of the element in question:

Elements in Kirby Star Allies  
Element Granted by Characteristics Enemies weak to the element
  • Gives weapons an icy characteristic.
  • Allows them to freeze common enemies, waterfalls and douse flames.
  • Can combine with Water to perform the Friend Ability Icicle Lance.



  • Gives weapons a windy characteristic.
  • Allows them to sweep away fallen leaves and douse flames.
  • Some of their moves can allow the wielder to become more floaty while attacking.
  • Can combine with Fire to perform the Friend Ability Rising Sizzler.


  • Gives weapons a fiery characteristic.
  • Allows them to light cannon fuses, melt ice blocks and burn grass and fallen leaves.


Splash Electric-based:


  • Gives weapons an electric characteristic.
  • Allows them to electrify water surface and power wires.
  • Can combine with Water to perform the Friend Ability Zap Splasher.

Paint-based attacks from Artist, Adeleine & Ribbon have similar properties to the Splash effect (super effective on fire and electric) but do not grant Splash.

Stone has some Friend Abilities that grant it temporary elemental powers, albeit not a weapon-based ability. The Curling Friend Abilities have their respective element, Geokinesis with ESP grants it the Zap effect, and Rock Painter with Artist/Adeleine & Ribbon covers the stone sculpture with paint.

List of Augmentable Weapons[edit]

Kirby acquires the Zap effect on his Yo-Yo.

The following Copy Abilities and allies can receive elemental powers:

Friend Star / Star Allies Sparkler[edit]

The Friend Star and the Star Allies Sparkler fire elemental bullets based on the rider and indicated by the icon's color on the dashboard. Besides the five elements aforementioned, some abilities/allies have their own variants:

Weapon wielders will still fire their default bullets even with an element granted beforehand. Elemental shots are slightly more powerful than no-element/"plain" shots.

In the final battle, Void Termina's elemental effects during his Demon God Form (Phase 1) and Angel Form (Phase 3) can be negated by the respective weakness bullets from the Star Allies Sparkler, e.g. Void Termina's Blizzard Sword icicles can be destroyed by Sizzle bullets.


  • In Kirby Star Allies, the Hammer ability's Hammer Flip has lost its fire element from previous games, possibly due to similarities with Sizzle Hammer as well as the purpose of receiving different elemental powers. The Bomb ability has already lost its fire element since Kirby's Return to Dream Land, thus able to become Sizzle Bomb.
  • The Three Mage-Sisters and Rick & Kine & Coo can provide all elemental powers except for one (the Mage-Sisters can't provide Bluster and Rick & Kine & Coo can't provide Zap), being the allies that can provide the most elements.
  • If a Bomb or Cutter user or Marx has no element imbued and their projectile meets an ally's elemental attack, that projectile will turn elemental but the user still won't receive the element in this way.
  • The element of the Friend Star and Star Allies Sparkler is mostly based on that of the rider's default attack.


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Names in other languages[edit]


Language Name Meaning
Polish Wiatr[2] Wind


Language Name Meaning
Polish Ogień[2]


Language Name Meaning
Polish Woda[2] Water


Language Name Meaning
Polish Elektryczność[2] Electricity


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