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KRBaY E087 Crowemon raising wing cropped screenshot.png
Screenshot of Crowemon from Waste Management
Debut episode Waste Management
Ability granted Wing
Presumed, since Kirby gains the Wing ability from a random crow feather which may have been one of Crowemon's
Similar entities Amon, Pengy
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We have been betrayed! When our forest was destroyed, I led you here and the King promised to feed us, but he and his subjects drove us away, so now we must make him pay!
— Crowemon addressing his crows in Waste Management

Crowemon[Japanese title] is a talking crow and the leader of a murder of his fellows who disturb the peace in Dream Land in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Waste Management. Crowemon leads his crows to Dream Land after their original habitat was destroyed, and is promised by King Dedede to be fed in the form of their food waste, but there are far too many crows for the trash to satisfy, and their ravenous hunger soon causes problems for the Dream Landers. After being betrayed by Dedede, Crowemon discovers and drinks leftover insta-monster mixture and transforms into a giant monster the size of Dyna Blade, and soon challenges that bird for mastery over the land. Kirby helps Dyna Blade defeat Crowemon by gaining the Wing Copy Ability, and he afterward reverts to his original form.

Crowemon is only named in the Japanese version, so that is the name used for this article. In the 4Kids version, he is only referred to as "the one with the mark on his eye".


Stay back or I'll put the squeeze on your darling baby! All the birds in this world fear and respect you, except for us! Every hundred years, you show up and expect us to cower before you, but you and that ravenous chick of yours gobble up too much of our food supply! We crows are taking control, now! So, if you want to see your chick again, stay out of our way!
— Crowemon to Dyna Blade in Waste Management

Crowemon is a crow who is distinguished by a scratch-shaped mark on his left eye, a long strand of feathers on his head, and the ability to speak. Crowemon is portrayed as ruthless and uncaring toward non-birds, and only somewhat caring of birds who are not his crows. This attitude stems largely from desperation, as he leads an army of crows who are searching for a new place to settle down after their original forest was destroyed, and are going hungry.

After drinking the insta-monster mixture, Crowemon transforms into a giant monster roughly the same size as Dyna Blade. His head-strand turns into a horn, his eyes turn red, and he gains a "mane" of feathers around his neck. He gains the power to possess nearly all of the other birds in Dream Land to follow his will, and gains the ability to fire lasers from his eyes.

Role in Waste Management[edit]

Crowemon in his monster form rallying his crows.
Main article: Waste Management
I suppose we'll have to keep searching for a place where there's food.
— Crowemon, in Waste Management

In Waste Management, Crowemon and his army of crows arrive in Dream Land on King Dedede's invitation in order to dispose of his food waste. However, the amount of garbage is not enough to satisfy the crows, and they are sent to Cappy Town to cause further havoc. When the disturbed Cappies throw stones at Crowemon and his crows to make them go away, they try to return to the castle, but are turned on by the King, who shoots cannon blasts at them. Crowemon and his crows regroup out in the countryside, where the bird discovers tossed-out vials of insta-monster mixture from the episode The Empty Nest Mess and drinks them, turning into a monster.

Once transformed, Crowemon casts a spell that turns nearly every bird in Dream Land against the Cappies and their King. He then abducts Dyna Chick in order to hold it hostage as he attempts to overthrow Dyna Blade; the only bird he could not control. Kirby helps Dyna Blade defeat Crowemon by gaining the Wing Copy Ability from a stray crow feather and freeing Dyna Chick from the giant crow's clutches, allowing Dyna Blade to finish him off by knocking him into a mountainside. Crowemon then reverts to his normal form and loses control over the other birds. Once defeated, Tiff agrees to help Crowemon and his crows by restoring their original forest home, so this does not have to happen again.


  • Crowemon is extremely similar to the prior animal monster Amon. Both lead an army of their respective species to attack Dream Land, both are betrayed by King Dedede, and both turn into monsters but are later subdued and return to normal. Both are also voiced by Ted Lewis in the 4Kids version and Nobuo Tobita in the Japanese version.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クロウエモン[1]
Play on "crow" and the male name「九郎右衛門」(Kurōemon)


  1. Name sourced from the Japanese 20th Anniversary Kirby Pupupu Encyclopedia, page 188