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Debut Episode The Fofa Factor
Main Role Supporting character
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Madame Mabel is a character appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, making her debut (albeit unseen) in the episode The Fofa Factor. She is a portly clairvoyant and fortune teller who resides in Cappy Town. The other Cappies go to her for help when they have a problem.


Mabel has a strong dislike for the way King Dedede rules his country, and she is one of the few who criticize and openly oppose him. The other Cappies take note of this behavior, and they often look up to her for speaking out against the king's tyrannical behavior. Because of this, Dedede harbors negative feeling towards her, also. However, because he occasionally gets superstitious, he looks to her for predictions. She takes advantage of his habit of going to her for help, and tries her best to manipulate the King into actually helping Dream Land.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Mabel is a pear-shaped Cappy who wears a purple and orange headdress on her head. It contains a large amethyst center. Along with this head accessory, she wears hoop earrings, magenta-colored lipstick, and two golden bangles on each of her wrists. She has four large eyelashes, further emphasizing her feminine appearance.


  • In the episode Frog Wild, the way Mabel reacts when Devil Kirby (what Kirby became after he fell under the Devil Frog's control) destroys her crystal ball is a parody of the famous Scream painting.
  • In the episode Combat Kirby, she appears to be strong, as seen when she manages to lift a dumbbell on her own.