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Acore sleeping.png
Acore, as he appears in War of the Woods.
First episode War of the Woods
Main role Guest character
Similar characters Whispy Woods
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So, this here's th'oldest tree in the forest, huh? Oughta' burn real nice in my fireplace!
— King Dedede describing Acore in War of the Woods

Acore is an ancient sentient oak tree that resides in the Eastern Forest in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a friend of Whispy Woods and is home to several intelligent animals, including recurring characters Rick and Coo. He appears only in the episode War of the Woods, where he is threatened by King Dedede and Escargoon who still wish to build their royal country club and consider him and his forest an obstacle. Acore remains asleep through most of the episode, only waking at the very end after King Dedede and Escargoon are driven off to greet those who saved him.


He's a truly great tree and far wiser than me, but lately I've sensed that he's in danger.
— Whispy Woods, in War of the Woods

Acore is a massive oak tree with pronounced gnarls that form pockets which many sentient animals live in. Whispy Woods explains that he is eight hundred years old, and in frail condition. This frailty is shown when Acore begins to be uprooted by a severe storm, and is washed away when a flash flood hits him. Despite this, Acore still considers himself to be young and strong. Acore tends to sleep for very long periods of time, and is said to have slept for five years before waking at the end of War of the Woods.

Acore serves as the home of Rick the hamster, Coo the owl, Nruff and Nelly, Pon & Con, a woodpecker named Kittsuu, a squirrel, and a monkey. These animals make their home in Acore's gnarls and branches in exchange for protecting the tree and fertilizing the soil around him.

Role in War of the Woods[edit]

Acore is braced against the storm by its inhabitants and their friends.
Main article: War of the Woods
I had a remarkable dream. It was about Whispy Woods. Even though I'm still young and strong, he was worried about my health; and so he sent some friends of his to take care of me!
— Acore, in War of the Woods

In War of the Woods, King Dedede and Escargoon endeavor to cut down Acore while he sleeps so Dedede can build his royal country club, but they are driven off by the tree's resident animals. Later on, Whispy Woods asks Tuff, Kirby, and their friends to go to Acore and tend to him, as Whispy fears he may be in danger. When Tuff and company arrive, they see the animal residents playing rough around the tree and assume they are harming it. This causes a fight which ultimately results in the animals being driven away from Acore, which gives King Dedede an opportunity to go and cut it down. Realizing their mistake, however, Tuff, Kirby, and the others return and drive Dedede off before he can do the deed.

From there, a strong thunderstorm kicks up, which threatens to knock Acore over. Now reconciled, the kids and the animals team up to brace Acore as best they can. King Dedede however returns and makes things harder by causing a flash flood which sweeps Acore to a new location in the woods, but ultimately fails to kill him. When King Dedede realizes he has failed, he retreats from the woods again. At that moment, Acore awakes and greets his protectors, old and new.


  • Acore's name appears to be based on the word "acorn". Notably, an acorn is launched at King Dedede to stop him from chopping Acore down.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アコル