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Cooking Up Trouble

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Cooking Up Trouble
E82 Scene 23.png
The Food Processors fuse into one and create the SlicerDicer.
First aired Japan May 17, 2003
NA November 27, 2004
Episode # 82
Episode # (US) 82
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Spark
Monster(s) featured SlicerDicer
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Sir Ebrum, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
A Trashy Tale Teacher's Threat
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Cooking Up Trouble is the 82nd episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Sir Ebrum serves his kids a meal himself after Lady Like is unable to that night. After rumors spread about the event, everyone is led to believe that Sir Ebrum is a great gourmet and the female Cappies especially fawn over him since their husbands cannot cook, themselves. The male Cappies are eager to learn how to cook in order to keep their reputations, and after Channel DDD broadcasts the new SlicerDicer Food Processors, the male Cappies and others immediately buy the product. Channel DDD then hosts a gentleman's cooking contest and all who own a SlicerDicer enter. The contestants prepare their meals with the food processors until Tiff brings the contest to a halt with a speech berating them for using machines instead of their own hands, and revealing that Sir Ebrum is not actually a gourmet chef. Kirby and Tokkori then arrive with their SlicerDicer and King Dedede's scam unfolds as all the parts merge together creating a robotic monster which King Dedede and Escargoon quickly jump into and take control of. After Kirby fails to defeat SlicerDicer due to its ability to launch food, Meta Knight strikes it using the Galaxia to cause sparks which Kirby inhales to gain the Spark Copy Ability. Kirby then destroys the SlicerDicer by using his electricity from the inside of it which causes it to malfunction and blow to pieces, microwaving King Dedede and Escargoon in the process.

This episode marks the changing of Sword Knight's voice actor to Eric Stuart in the 4Kids dub.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Cooking Up Trouble"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
*impatiently pacing* "Poyo...poymm....poyo... Poyo!"
"Wipe that dopey smirk off your face! To say cooking is womens' work is not only insulting, it's also a big fat lie!"
"You're quite right, men can cook too. That's why I'm making dinner tonight."
"And now we gonna cook ya up a heap and helpin' o' trouble!"
"You gullible geeks thought you were buyin' food processors, but you were really buyin' parts for our cruel new tool!" *laughs*
Secondary characters
"Sure it washes dishes, but how will it fit in our kitchen?"
"One potato...two potato...three potato! That'll do it."
"Start with oil, I like my risotto nice and slippery! Add the rice, strawberries, and slowly stir over a medium flame until it's really gloppy! Now, add some grade-A...hey guys?"
"Hurry up, we start in twenty-minutes!"
(no dialogue)
"I only wish I could have a machine like this when I'm performing surgery!"
(no dialogue)
"Come on, Ebrum!"
"Teach us!"
"I wish I had such a model husband."
"Chef Ebrum!"
(indistinguishable from crowd)
(no dialogue)
"You are a man of hidden talents!"
(indistinguishable from crowd)
"I'll be home late, and I won't be able to make dinner for you. So get something from the refrigerator, okay?"
"I never imagined making coleslaw would be so easy!"
"The robot seems to know Kirby's greatest weakness!"
"I have a tool at home that does the same thing!"
"I'll see you at the cook off, fellas."
"Just buy 'em and sell 'em bit by bit and watch 'em all come together!" *laughs*
*while cranking* "Whoever invented this crazy contraption must have been a real...crank!"
"We're a shoo-in for this, mate!"
"I'll never eat again, period!"
(no dialogue)
"My husband tried to make a three-minute egg once. He cooked it for an hour!"
"Look at it chop! Splendid!" Spikehead's father has dialogue only in the Japanese version, so his line is translated from that version.
"Haha! Even Blade Knight and Sword Knight are here!"
"Phooey, that's one ugly Food Processor! Hope it works."
"We shoulda' known he was a phony!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Sir Ebrum serves a meal to his family and Kirby.

The episode begins as Lady Like calls her family by the phone and tells them she will not be able to make dinner for them that night. Sir Ebrum suggests to the kids that they and Kirby eat at Kawasaki's but the kids quickly turn down the idea completely. Tuff then teases Tiff by asking her to cook for them stating that preparing meals is for women. His statement insults Tiff and she quickly grows angry at her brother. Sir Ebrum breaks the confrontation by announcing that he will prepare the meal. He serves Kirby and his family with a delectable pot roast after preparation. Lady Like then arrives and is surprised that her husband prepared the meal and is delighted by the taste of it. Sword Knight and Blade Knight watch the event from one of Castle Dedede's balconies. Sword Knight comments on the aroma of the meal, however, he also states that anything could smell good compared to Meta Knight's cooking. Meta Knight overhears the last of the conversation and questions his apprentices. Sword Knight falsely explains that they were commenting on his incomparable cooking and quickly leave the scene as Meta Knight is left in suspicion.

Later that day, Lady Like tells the female Cappies of Cappy Town about her husband's delicious meal. They all chat about their husbands' and Sir Ebrum's cooking until, as he passes by, the female Cappies surround him and fawn over him, believing that he is a great cook. Sir Ebrum escapes them only to be confronted by the male Cappies. They take him to Samo's bar where they plead to him that he teach them how to cook in order to save their reputation. Sir Ebrum is soon overwhelmed by the crowd but after Chef Kawasaki enters Samo's bar, Sir Ebrum quickly points to him for advice on meal making. Kawasaki then begins a cooking lesson at his restaurant, but it is cut-short as the male Cappies are chased away by his unappetizing food. The male Cappies then obtain cookbooks from Biblio's book store in order to learn proper cooking skills, however, the cookbooks only make them question where to find the proper tools to cook with.

Channel DDD advertises the new SlicerDicer Food Processors along with a contact number.

Meanwhile, King Dedede looks through his monster catalogue at Castle Dedede and decides to order a robot from Night Mare Enterprises. The N.M.E. Sales Guy declines to sell it due to the King's outstanding debt, and Escargoon tries to settle their price problem by saying the company is to give them a buyer discount. N.M.E. Sales Guy declines regardless, instead offering them a sly deal of scamming the male Cappies of Cappy Town to buy the robot for him separated into multiple parts. Later on, Channel DDD advertises the SlicerDicer Food Processors, which all of the male Cappies and others buy to meet their cooking desires. Channel DDD then announces its first gentleman's Cooking Contest with the only requirement being the ownership of a SlicerDicer so that all of the parts and their plan will come together. All who own a machine enters, but Kirby and Tokkori's SlicerDicer piece is delayed which makes them late to arrive at the contest.

The SlicerDicer is defeated after Spark Kirby enters into it and causes it to malfunction by using electricity.

As the contest is in preparation, the female Cappies and Sir Ebrum are chosen to step up and be the judges of the contest. Tiff points out that the contest is obviously a trick, and her statement is further backed by Meta Knight's suspicion of the food processors. The contest begins and the contestants race to prepare their meals. However, the judges begin to comment that the overly-complex machines could easily be replaced with everyday utensils. Tiff finally grows tired of this sight and snatches the microphone, elucidating to the contestants how wrong it is for them to be cooking with the SlicerDicer machines instead of actually preparing the food themselves. She also explains to them that her father is not really a gourmet cook, having only served them one meal. Sir Ebrum admits her claim himself and begins to walk away from the booth in shame. To save his reputation, Tiff quickly finishes her speech by stating that Sir Ebrum may not be a great cook, but he did it for his kids, which turns the situation right again.

Kirby and Tokkori then arrive at the contest with the final piece of the SlicerDicer. King Dedede realizes this and combines the parts into one revealing the monster and their scam. King Dedede and Escargoon then enter SlicerDicer in order to pilot it. Sword Knight and Blade Knight attempt to attack but the SlicerDicer easily wards them off. Kirby prepares to inhale until SlicerDicer begins to fire food in his direction, which distracts him from the danger at hand. To help, the male Cappies quickly read through their instruction manuals and find that electricity is its weakness. Hearing this, Meta Knight takes action and plunges the Galaxia into the SlicerDicer which creates sparks, and Kirby inhales the sparks to gain the Spark Copy Ability. Once inside of the SlicerDicer, Kirby uses his ability to cause the SlicerDicer to overheat and ultimately blow apart, creating a plate with a thoroughly-singed King Dedede and Escargoon serving as the "main course". The episode ends with Sir Ebrum joking that Kirby won the contest as everyone laughs at Dedede and Escargoon.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive showing Iro's father with his SlicerDicer.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Lady Mēmu calls her family by the phone is longer.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Cabinet Minister Pāmu passes out his meal to his kids and Kirby is longer.
  • The phone number in the Channel DDD Food Processor advertisement differs between versions:
    • The phone number in the Japanese version is; "0120-333-DDD".
    • The phone number in the 4Kids version is; "1-555-SlicerDicer".
  • In the Japanese version, Iro's father orders a Food Processor himself and uses it in the contest. All of his scenes that contain his Food Processor are removed from the 4Kids version.
  • In the Japanese version, there is a very short scene which shows Bibli taking interest in Channel DDD's cooking contest announcement.
  • In the Japanese version, there are two short scenes in the competition. The first is of two female Cappies commenting on a contestant, and the other is of three male Cappies using their Food Processors to grind ingredients.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene when all the contestants clap for Fumu's speech is slightly longer.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where the Food Processors combine and create the Cookinger Z is slightly longer.
  • The words on King Dedede's monster catalog and the "Z" on the Cappies' SlicerDicer manuals are airbrushed out in the 4Kids version.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, when Fumu and Bun complain about their father's suggestion to eat at Kawasaki's, Cabinet Minister Pāmu says that eating there is a health hazard, but they should enjoy some thrill every once in a while.
  • In the Japanese version, the kids' reaction to their father's meal is much more enthusiastic.
  • In the Japanese version, Sword Knight claims that he has never wished for the idyllic domestic life, but the aroma of Pāmu's meal tempts him. Blade Knight agrees and states that he is jealous of it, rather than the two stating how terrible Meta Knight's cooking is.
    • In the same scene, Meta Knight asks his apprentices if something is wrong, rather than questioning the last of their conversation.
  • In the Japanese version, Chef Kawasaki says that he uses beer in his strawberry risotto. The 4Kids version changes this to oil in order to avoid alcohol referencing.
  • In the Japanese version, Doctor Escargon says the price for a Food Processor is 89,500 Deden. In the 4Kids version, he says the price for a Food Processor is $39.50.
  • In the Japanese version, the cooking contest is named the; "Men's Cooking Competition".
  • In the Japanese version, Escargon says that the winner of the Men's Cooking Competition will be forever praised as "Man of the Year". In the 4Kids version, he says that the winner will be crowned "Cappy Town's Gourmet Chef" for a single day.
  • In the Japanese version, Spark Kirby shouts "Spark!" as he sends electricity through the Cookinger Z.


  • In both versions of this episode, Tiff asks Meta Knight what Kirby has transformed into. He answers with Spark Kirby. This counts as a continuity error since Tiff has already seen Spark beforehand, in Dedede's Raw Deal.
  • Shots from A Recipe for Disaster are used in this episode, some of which feature Chef Shiitake.
    • In addition, just as A Recipe for Disaster evokes images of Iron Chef, this episode also directly references the flamboyant cookery show. Even though the setting of this episode's cooking show no longer resembles Kitchen Stadium (like the set seen in A Recipe for Disaster), Escargoon kicks off the contest by shouting "Allez cuisine!", Chairman Kaga's catchphrase on Iron Chef.
  • When Chief Bookem is watching the advertisement for the SlicerDicers, even though his eyelids do not move, blinking sounds can be heard.
  • While all of the SlicerDicer machines begin to rise away from their owners to form the monster, Spikehead's father's aforementioned SlicerDicer can be seen for a brief moment.
  • After Melman delivers Kirby and Tokkori's SlicerDicer, he leaves to join the cooking contest. Kirby and Tokkori also leave to join the cooking contest moments after Melman. Despite him delivering their SlicerDicer late, Melman somehow arrives at the cooking contest long before they do.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 合体ロボリョウリガーZ!
Gattai Robo Ryourigā Z!
Combining Robot Cookinger Z!
Brazilian Portuguese Cozinhando Encrenca Cooking Up Trouble