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Dedede's Snow Job

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Dedede's Snow Job
E20 Scene 20.png
Kirby and Chilly avoid Ice Dragon's chilling breath attack.
First aired Japan February 16, 2002
NA November 9, 2002
Episode # 20
Episode # (US) 18
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Ice
Monster(s) featured Chilly, Ice Dragon
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Chilly, King Dedede
Episode order
Here Comes the Son A Princess in Dis-Dress
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Dedede's Snow Job is the 20th (18th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede orders a monster called Ice Dragon from Night Mare Enterprises to dramatically affect the weather of Dream Land, burying the normally tropical kingdom in snow for the first time. As the residents of Cappy Town take advantage of the new conditions, Kirby and the kids run into a living snowman called Chilly, who tries several times to covertly murder Kirby, but Kirby remains unaware of this, and comes to Chilly's aid when one of his assassination attempts backfires. Chilly had been created by Ice Dragon to kill Kirby, but after seeing Kirby's kind nature, he finds he can no longer do the deed. Instead, Chilly helps Kirby defeat Ice Dragon, ending the cold weather, but also dooming himself to melt in the process.

This episode marks the debut of the Ice Copy Ability in the main series (not counting the pilot).


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Dedede's Snow Job"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"Chilly! Chilly! Chilly!"
"This doesn't make sense. Cappy Town's never had snow before!"
"Hey Tiff, this rain's frozen!"
"I've had it with this weather! I've gotta do something to beat the heat and cool down this kingdom!"
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Whoa...this is some heat wave, huh, Curio?"
(no dialogue)
"Heh! He turned steamin' Dream Land into a winter wonderland!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"I wonder what's happening!"
(no dialogue)
"You better get one before they're all gone!"
"This castle is like an ice box! Brrr...I have geesebumps![sic]"
(no dialogue)
"The leaves are changing color! And they're...falling!"
(no dialogue)
"Yes. Perhaps he is behind this...snow job."
"We deal mostly in monsters, not home appliances, but I think we may just have something that'll do the job."
"Get with it, Blustergas! This is a snowboard!"
(no dialogue)
"Perhaps not, Tiff, but I find the winter weather rather refreshing!"
"Hey Tiff! King Dedede's giving out something called snowboards!"
(no dialogue)
"Snow's strictly for penguins! I ain't gonna freeze my feathers off!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede plots to beat the heat using a monster.

The episode begins down at the beach, where Kirby and the kids are enjoying the summer weather. Meanwhile, up at the castle, King Dedede and Escargoon are coping poorly with the heat, prompting the King to devise a plan to induce colder temperatures across the kingdom. He contacts Night Mare Enterprises, requesting they send something that will accomplish this. Through the Monster Delivery System comes a tiny Ice Dragon, which Dedede and Escargoon balk at. King Dedede soon gets a taste of the dragon's power, as it freezes his face and arms solid, then runs off into the countryside. As Ice Dragon gets to work, the denizens of Dream Land begin to notice a rapid shift in seasons, as the heat wave gives way to autumn conditions, and then snow starts to fall. Having never seen snow before, the kids wonder what is happening, and run off home.

As the snow continues to fall, Tiff uses a microscope in her room to examine the crystals, confirming it using one of her textbooks to be snow. Meta Knight meanwhile ponders how snow is possible in Dream Land's climate. The next day, the whole town awakes to find the land blanketed in snow. Tuff throws snowballs at Kirby's window to wake him up, and invites him out to play. The rest of Cappy Town are also out enjoying the novel weather, and King Dedede has set up a ski resort. While Kirby and the villagers enjoy themselves, Tiff begins to wonder what could be causing this unusual weather. She throws a brief fuss at King Dedede as he passes by, suspecting him to be responsible, but Meta Knight instructs her to be patient.

Kirby unwittingly defends his would-be assassin.

Meanwhile, Tuff and Kirby get off track in the woods, and run into a living snowman monster called Chilly. After getting acquainted, Tuff introduces Chilly to Tiff, and then the group gets involved in a snowball fight with the Cappy kids. During the fight, Kirby goes to make snowballs underneath a set of hanging icicles, and Chilly suddenly gains a devilish streak in his eyes. He tosses snowballs at the icicles, intent on causing them to fall on Kirby, but he cluelessly avoids them as King Dedede comes sliding past on skis. Tiff sees Chilly do this, but Kirby wanders off with him again, completely oblivious to the danger he is now in. Later on, Chilly dumps Kirby into a frozen pond by breaking the ice, but Chilly ends up falling in too. Kirby manages to recover - as he is unaffected by the freezing cold - and goes to rescue Chilly, still unaware of the snowman's intentions. Tiff tries to scold Chilly for his behavior, but Kirby defends him.

Ice Dragon is frozen solid from the inside out.

That night, Kirby invites Chilly over to his house, prompting Tokkori to fly off, since Kirby had put out the fire. Tokkori heads to the castle to tell Tiff and Tuff the situation. They run to Kirby's House as Chilly prepares to stab Kirby in his sleep with an icicle dagger, but finds himself unable to complete the task and runs off. Tiff and Tuff reach Kirby's House and wake him up, and as Kirby realizes Chilly has gone, he runs after the escaped snowman. Chilly heads to his creator, the Ice Dragon, who has now grown gigantic. King Dedede and Escargoon are there as well, as the King complains to the dragon about how Chilly failed in his task. Following Chilly's tracks, Kirby and the kids find the Ice Dragon, still affecting the weather with its frosty breath. King Dedede orders the Ice Dragon to destroy Chilly, which it proceeds to, but Kirby jumps in to save him. From there, Kirby does battle with the Ice Dragon.

Kirby attempts to inhale Ice Dragon, but this fails. Ice Dragon then spots the kids and tosses a snowflake blade at them, but Meta Knight steps in to save the two. Meta Knight then tells Kirby to inhale the snowflake blade, which he does, transforming into Ice Kirby. Ice Kirby spews freezing breath at Ice Dragon, but this has no effect on the monster as it retaliates with several snowflakes which hit Kirby. Chilly then steps in, stealing Dedede's snow mobile and picking up Kirby, launching him into the Ice Dragon's mouth, where Kirby can proceed to freeze the dragon from the inside. Ice Dragon then shatters into pieces, entombing King Dedede and Escargoon in ice. From there, the weather rapidly returns to normal. The kids celebrate this, but soon find Kirby standing over Chilly, who has significantly reduced in size from the heat. Kirby acts quickly, running Chilly to the sea to float away on an iceberg and covering him with his hat, in hopes he may find a way to survive. As Tiff and Tuff collect Kirby using their log boat, Chilly melts away completely and sinks into the sea. Kirby calls out for his lost friend as the episode ends.

Dialogue differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Kirby says the word "yuki" repeatedly, which is the Japanese word for "snow".
  • In the Japanese version Bun asks if Chilly can understand his language, rather than if he's a living snowman.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さよなら、雪だるまチリー
Sayonara, Yukidaruma Chirī
Goodbye, Snowman Chilly
German Erster Schnee First Snow
Brazilian Portuguese A Neve de Dedede Dedede's Snow