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Phantom Star Gerath

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Phantom Star Gerath
E41 Scene 27.png
Screenshot of Phantom Star Gerath in outer space in Prediction Predicament - Part I.
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That is what is known as an asteroid, and it is on its way to this planet! It might crash into Dream Land and destroy your whole kingdom! That is what you have been dreaming about!
— Mabel addressing King Dedede in Prediction Predicament - Part I

Phantom Star Gerath[Japanese title] is a massive stellar object that appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episodes Prediction Predicament - Part I and Part II. It is shown to be a large spherical asteroid which has a molten surface and emits an eerie red glow when it comes close. It nearly crashes into Dream Land and destroys it utterly, but Kirby manages to redirect it at the last moment by spitting cannonballs at it from Castle Dedede's cannons.

In the English version, the asteroid is not given a specific name. The Japanese name of Gerath is a reference to the Japanese film Gorath, which involves a white dwarf star heading directly toward Earth.


Phantom Star Gerath is a spherical body which appears to be several miles in diameter; roughly the same size as Cappy Town and the surrounding countryside and more than twice as tall as the Booma-Dooma Volcano. It is shown to be largely molten, and will ignite anything that gets too close. From far away, it appears as a red star in the sky, but gradually grows as it approaches Dream Land over the course of days.

In Prediction Predicament - Part I, Mabel claims that Phantom Star Gerath is the source of King Dedede's nightmares about Kirby, but it is unclear if this is really the case or not. In Part II, as the asteroid approaches Dream Land, it causes natural disasters to occur, including the eruption of the Booma-Dooma Volcano. As it draws near, it blots out the sun, causing the daytime sky to turn to an eerie red. At its closest approach, it kicks up violent winds which can carry people up into the sky.

Role in Prediction Predicament - Parts I and II[edit]

Phantom Star Gerath blotting out the sun as it nears Dream Land
If I can figure out exactly how fast it's going and where it's coming from, we can fire at it and throw it off course!
— Tiff, in Prediction Predicament - Part II

In Prediction Predicament - Parts I and II, Phantom Star Gerath presents an existential threat to Dream Land and its denizens as it approaches. It is explained by Mabel that the asteroid would not approach for another thousand years, but this changes when Night Mare Enterprises decides to speed it up, leading it to be set to crash into Dream Land in only a matter of days. When the Cappies learn of their fate from Kabu, they set back home and prepare for the end, leaving only Tiff and a handful of her colleagues to try and find a way to divert it.

Tiff comes up with a plan to divert the asteroid by shooting a series of cannon volleys at it. This ends up being unsuccessful when the cannonballs are halted in their tracks by the asteroid's influence on the surrounding air. As a last resort, Kirby is sent on his Warp Star to inhale the cannonballs and spit them back out with greater force to hit the asteroid, which diverts it just enough to only graze the very top of Castle Dedede before flying back into space. After that point, it is not seen again.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 妖星ゲラス
Yōsei Gerasu
Phantom Star Gerath