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A Monster is a creature which often serves as the villain for a given episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, typically dispatched by Night Mare Enterprises. Monsters come in many types, and often overlap with enemies, Mid-Bosses and Bosses from the video game series, though many are original. The typical formula of episodes would involve Kirby pitted against one or more monsters that King Dedede sends after him, using a specific Copy Ability to take them down.

Not all monsters are inherently hostile. Some are temperamental, but usually friendly, and some actually become friends with Kirby, and will defend him. Some otherwise regular characters and entities also have the potential to transform into monsters, including Kirby himself.

List of monsters[edit]

The following is a list of each monster which appears in the anime series, along with details regarding their characteristics and so on. Enemies which appear in the Kirby of the Stars Pilot are not included in this list:

Season 1 (Episodes 1 - 26)[edit]

Appearance Monster Episode(s) Ability provided Original? Powers Weakness(es) Notes
KRBaY E001 Octacon with sheep screenshot.png 001 Kirby Comes to Cappy Town Fire Yes Octacon can change size at will, fly through the air, rapidly digest living creatures, and conjure hundreds of smaller Octacons from its tentacles. It can also breathe fire and hypnotize people. Octacon is weak to its own fire breath. Octacon would later cameo in Kirby Star Allies.
KRBaY Blocky1.png 002 A Blockbuster Battle Stone No (re-designed) Blocky can change size and crush foes with its massive girth. It can also reform itself when broken. Blocky is weak to tumbling, and cannot swim. Blocky is composed of four primary pieces, each of which more closely resemble the video game version of Blocky.
Bugzzyanime.png 003 Kirby's Duel Role Sword No (re-designed) Bugzzy is adept with melee weapons; particularly swords. He is able to conjure large swords out of thin air. Bugzzy is weak to the Sword Beam. This role is a far cry from Bugzzy's video game counterpart, who fights like a wrestler and grants the Suplex ability.
Anime Kracko Artwork.png 004 A Dark & Stormy Knight Sword No Kracko is able to soar high above the ground and obscure himself with a massive thunderhead. He can send out lightning bolts with pin-point accuracy from great distances, and can also conjure a lightning sword that moves on its own. Kracko is weak to the Sword Beam. Kracko's powers are somewhat different from those of his video game incarnation. He cannot grant the Sword ability, for instance.
Great Sea Slug Monster.png 006 Un-Reality TV N/A Yes The Great Sea Slug Monster is able to crush buildings using its girth, and breathe a cone of fire. The monster does not actually exist, and is a rubber suit worn by Escargoon.
Dedede Stone.png 008 Curio's Curious Discovery Stone Yes Dedede Stone can grow from a small stone sarcophagus to a giant stone statue capable of autonomous movement and crushing things with its sheer size. Dedede Stone is weak to Kirby's Stone smash attack.
Slice n' Splice.png 009 The Fofa Factor Cutter Yes Slice n' Splice is capable of cutting living things into smaller male and female equivalents, and can also swap the heads and bodies of living things. Slice n' Splice is weak to Cutter attacks. Slice n' Splice is the first monster which can speak in full sentences.
E9 Fofa.png
009 The Fofa Factor N/A Yes Fofa is capable of floating in the air. Fofa is not very physically strong. Fofa was a non-hostile monster who was split into Fololo & Falala by Slice n' Splice.
KRBaY Kirby group art cook.jpg 011 The Big Taste Test N/A No (re-designed) Popon can disguise itself seamlessly as other characters. When in true form, it can throw globs of its body at its foes, attacking them with boiling liquid. It can also rapidly regenerate and reassemble if split into pieces. Popon is weak to heat, and is easily roasted. Popon is the first monster who can disguise itself as another entity.
E12 Ghost Monster.png 012 Escargoon Squad N/A Yes Ghost is capable of flying through the air and passing through solid objects. Unknown. Ghost is the first enemy monster who does not battle Kirby and is not defeated. It is also the first monster to be successful in its assigned task; which was to collect King Dedede's overdue payment for N.M.E.
Anime Sasuke.png 013 Cappy New Year Parasol No (re-designed) Sasuke is an extremely skilled mechanic and fireworks expert. It can also lob projectiles with great precision and carry heavy objects on its back. Sasuke is weak to Kirby's inhale. Sasuke is the first monster who can be inhaled directly by Kirby.
Noddyartwork.png 014 The Pillow Case, Flower Power None (causes sleeping sickness when ingested, but does not actually grant the Sleep ability) No (re-designed) Noddy is capable of inducing bad dreams from inside a specially-prepared pillow case if someone uses it to sleep. It is also capable of inducing sleeping sickness in anything that eats it. Noddy is helpless when exposed. Noddys are spawned by the Pukey Flower.
Electronic Pet.png 015 Kirby's Pet Peeve N/A Yes The Electronic Pet is a hardy battery-powered robot dog which has several built-in weapons, including sharp claws, a static field, and a self-destruct mechanism. The Electronic Pet is weak to Kirby's charm. The Electronic Pet is the first monster that fails in its mission because it grew too attached to Kirby.
Honker Stomper.png 017 The Thing About the Ring N/A Yes Honker Stomper has the ability to find hidden treasures by sniffing them out, and can inhale through his nostrils with a power comparable to Kirby's. Honker Stomper is weak to pepper, irritating his nose. Honker Stomper is one of the few monsters disposed of by King Dedede, rather than defeated by Kirby.
E18 Scene 21.png 018 Flower Power Needle Yes The Pukey Flower can spawn Noddys, ensnare foes with its vines, and cause sufferers of sleeping sickness to awaken from the aroma of its flower. The Pukey Flower is weak to fire, slicing attacks, and its flower petals being plucked.
Needle Knuckle Joe.png 019 Here Comes the Son Needle Yes Needle Knuckle Joe has the power to shoot out needles at his targets, and regrow them quickly. Needle Knuckle Joe does not want to be a monster. Knuckle Joe involuntarily assumes this form when he lets his rage take over.
E20 Chilly.png 020 Dedede's Snow Job N/A No Chilly is a living snowman who can conjure snowballs and regenerate quickly if packed in snow. Chilly is weak to Kirby's charm. He also is weak to anything that melts snow. Chilly is the second monster that fails in his mission because he grew too attached to Kirby.
KRBaY Big Ice Dragon artwork.png 020 Dedede's Snow Job Ice No (re-designed) Ice Dragon is capable of changing size and changing the weather of large areas with its icy breath. It can also toss out snowflake blades and create entities like Chilly. It is immune to external sources of cold. Ice Dragon is vulnerable to icy attacks from inside its body.
Susshi.png 021 A Princess in Dis-Dress N/A Yes Susshi can slam through walls, attack with giant leaps, and let out air-distorting roars. It is also resistant to attacks on its bulbous body. Susshi is weak to attacks on its tail.
Tornadon.png 022 Island of the Lost Warrior Tornado Yes Tornadon can use its propellers to conjure tornadoes to attack, and can spin around to conjure and control a larger vortex. Tornadon is weak to attacks from Tornado Kirby.
Green Caterpillar Monster.png
Green Caterpillar Monster
023 The Empty Nest Mess N/A Yes The Green Caterpillar Monster can weigh down its opponents and grab them with its jaws. Unknown This monster is the result of Escargoon using the insta-monster-mixture on a common garden caterpillar. After its transformation, it is not seen again.
Yamikage.png 024 Ninja Binge Ninja Yes Yamikage is a skilled ninja warrior, able to toss knives and throwing stars with expert precision, and can also conjure wind to blow opponents away and vanish using smoke. Yamikage is cocky, and easily surprised. Yamikage is the first monster Kirby fights who was a former Star Warrior.
KRBaY Drifters.png 025 Escargoon Rules Parasol No Drifters have the ability to fly around and wrap themselves around their targets. Drifters are not particularly strong, and can be defeated by inhaling them or batting them away. They are also highly flammable.
WolfWrath.png 026 Hour of the WolfWrath N/A Yes WolfWrath is one of N.M.E.'s most powerful monsters, able to attack quickly and viciously using his claws and teeth, shoot fireballs from his mouth, see in infrared, and paralyze opponents with his fangs. WolfWrath can drink fire to replenish his strength, and is resistant to most attacks when at full strength. WolfWrath is weak to water, greatly reducing his constitution if exposed.

Season 2 (Episodes 27 - 51)[edit]

Appearance Monster Episode(s) Ability provided Original? Powers Weakness(es) Notes
Monster Lovely.png 027 The Flower Plot Cutter No (re-designed) Lovely is a transformed flower which takes advantage of her apparent innocence to infatuate Whispy Woods. She can speak, rapidly drain nutrients from surrounding plant life, attack with her roots, and throw razor-sharp petals as boomerangs. Lovely is weak to Cutter attacks.
Ice Dragon Robot.png 028 Labor Daze Ice Yes Ice Dragon Robot is a robotic replica of Ice Dragon which has similar powers. It attacks mainly using its girth and its freezing breath, and is piloted by King Dedede and Escargoon. Ice Dragon Robot is weak to heat.
Monster Monsieur Goan.png 029 A Spice Odyssey N/A Yes Monsieur Goan is a master chef who can transform into a towering beast with multiple extendable arms. Monsieur Goan is weak to fire.
E30 Scene 22.png 030 Hatch Me If You Can Fire No Galbo is a massive limbless reptile-like creature which can breathe fire, eat almost anything, and rapidly recover from external injury. Galbo is weak to fire attacks from within. Two Galbos appear in the episode; one a hatchling and the other its parent. The hatchling defends Kirby against the hostile parent.
Walker.png 031 Abusement Park Mike No Walky is a small creature with the ability to amplify others' voices and play music. Walky is not particularly strong or able to defend itself. Walky is the first monster which runs in fear from Kirby, rather than actually being defeated by him.
Hardy.png 032 A Dental Dilemma Tornado Yes Hardy is a robot dentist which can quickly and efficiently fix up teeth. Hardy is not great at fighting. Hardy is one of the few monsters which was arguably not a villain, but was defeated regardless.
Firelion1.png 033 Junk Jam Fire No (re-designed) Fire Lion is a beast made entirely of fire which can breathe a cone of flame and shoot fire balls, as well as hover in the air. Fire Lion is weak to water. Fire Lion looks slightly different in the episode proper than it does in its official artwork.
Cobgoblin.png 034 A Recipe for Disaster N/A Yes Cobgoblin can grab opponents using its leaf hair and pummel them with exploding corn kernels. Cobgoblin is weak to the Cook Copy Ability.
Broom King art.png 038 A Novel Approach Cleaning (from smaller brooms) Yes Broom King can control smaller brooms, throw dust and trash at opponents, fly around, and disguise himself as other characters. Broom King is weak to the Cleaning ability. Broom King is the second monster to disguise himself as another character.
Erasem.png 039 Escar-Gone None Yes Erasem causes those it possesses to be forgotten by everyone. Erasem can be forced out by causing its host pain. Erasem is one of the few monsters which is not actually defeated. It also is one of the few entities in the show which explicitly breaks the fourth wall.
Mini monsters.png
Mini-monster horde
040 Monster Management None Yes The mini-monsters attack using their sheer numbers to overwhelm opponents. The mini-monsters are not very strong individually and are easily inhaled en-masse. These monsters made a small cameo in the episode A Blockbuster Battle.
Masher.png 040 Monster Management N/A No (re-designed) Masher is described as N.M.E.'s most powerful monster. It can take a heavy beating, strike quickly and accurately with its giant flail, and fly through the air using jets in its feet. Masher is weak to sustained blows from Fighter attacks.
Fridgy.png 041 Prediction Predicament - Part I N/A Yes Fridgy can attack using ice blasts from its trunk and by slamming with its girth. Fridgy is weak to fire.
Monster Amon.png 043 Sheepwrecked Needle Yes Amon is an intelligent wolf-like sheep who can command other sheep and fire his horns at his opponents. Amon is temperamental and proud, which leads him to surrender when his sheep leave him. Amon is the first monster in the series to surrender voluntarily rather than be defeated.
Particle ghost.png
Particle ghost
045 Scare Tactics - Part I,
Scare Tactics - Part II
N/A Yes The particle ghost is an ethereal force consisting of hundreds of small glowing lights. It can affect objects inside the Haunted mansion. Unknown. The name of this monster is conjectural.
046 Scare Tactics - Part II N/A Yes Shaabon is a strange ghost-like creature that resides within a painting. It scares passers-by by blowing blue bubbles at them, but does not actually seem to be dangerous. Unknown. This creature is not named in the show, but has an external name in Japanese (シャーボン - Shābon), which can be translated as "Bubbles". It was designed by Tsubasa Osada (長田つばさ) of Kyoto prefecture for the Kirby of the Stars: Guest Character Contest, which it won in and was consequently added to the episode as a result.[1]
KRBaYArtGabon.png 046 Scare Tactics - Part II None No Gabon attacks its opponents by throwing bones at them which will then return to its user. Gabon is very weak against Fire.
Domestic Servant Robot.png 047 Pink-Collar Blues N/A Yes The Domestic Servant Robot can perform household tasks with great efficacy. It also has a battle mode and can fire lasers. The Domestic Servant Robot can be defeated by pinning it down and loosening its bolts in order to crush it.
E48 Scene 22.png 048 Tourist Trap Fire Yes Flame Feeder can fly and lob fireballs at its opponents. It is also immune to fire, and is strengthened by any fiery attacks. Flame Feeder is very weak to the Ice ability.
Dedede Doll.png 050 Don't Bank on It None Yes The Dedede Doll can be controlled remotely by King Dedede. The Dedede Doll is not particularly strong, and is inhaled easily. Also, any damage it takes is conferred onto King Dedede himself.
Danger art.png 051 Kirby Takes the Cake Bomb Yes Dangerous Bomb has the power to create and toss large bombs at his opponents. Dangerous Bomb does not distinguish between friend and foe. He is also weak to his own bombs.

Season 3 (Episodes 52 - 76)[edit]

Appearance Monster Episode(s) Ability provided Original? Powers Weakness(es) Notes
Figure Monsters.png
Figure Monsters
052 Snack Attack - Part I,
Snack Attack - Part II
N/A Yes The Figure Monsters are a series of toys which grow in size and come to life when exposed to moonlight and cause mischief. They look fairly generic, and are blocky in appearance, with only two glowing yellow eyes for faces. The Figure Monsters are very weak, and will disintegrate if they are hit with anything at all.
E53 Scene 9.png 053 Snack Attack - Part I,
Snack Attack - Part II
Fighter Yes The Martial Arts All-Stars are five toy fighters who battle with unique fighting styles. They can grow from the size of trinkets and come to life, and can fire energy beams. The Martial Arts All-Stars can be defeated using Fighter techniques.
Windwhipper.png 054 One Crazy Knight Mirror Yes Windwhipper attacks using rotor blades which it shoots from its arms, and can also use its main turbine to create a reflective surface. Windwhipper is weak to Mirror ability attacks.
Togeira.png 055 Sweet and Sour Puss Needle Yes Togeira is a powerful monster that is fueled by rage it siphons from its host. Once charged, it launches explosive homing needle missiles at its target and can regrow these needles very quickly. Togeira is weak to its own attacks.
Anime Scarfy.png 056 Dedede's Pet Threat N/A No (re-designed) Scarfy has a voracious appetite and can reduce creatures to bones in seconds by eating them. Scarfy can also multiply rapidly and cannot be inhaled. Scarfy can be pacified using Hammer attacks.
Belly Buster.png 057 A Half-Baked Battle N/A Yes Belly Buster attacks by tossing inedible pies at its opponents. In its true form, it swallows its enemies to digest them. Belly Buster is weak to Bomb attacks from within itself.
Teacher Creature.png 058 eNeMeE Elementary Fighter (from projectiles) Yes Teacher Creature takes on two forms: the first is an inanimate hat that possesses those who wear it, and the second is an animate form that attacks using body slams and teacher's implements. Teacher Creature is weak to Fighter attacks.
Garnie.png 059 The Meal Moocher N/A Yes Garnie attacks using its pincers to grab and snip, and by stomping on its opponents. Garnie is weak to the Cook Copy Ability.
KRBaY Kirisakin artwork.png 060 Crusade for the Blade N/A Yes Kirisakin is a formidable monster that uses its claws to swipe relentlessly at its foes. It can regrow these claws rapidly if they break. Kirisakin is weak to strikes from the Galaxia.
KRBaY Max Flexer artwork.png 061 Fitness Fiend Mike Yes Max Flexer attacks his foes by subjecting them to a deadly fitness routine involving dangerous machines. Max Flexer is weak to the Mike ability.
Head Cold Monsters.png 063 Something to Sneeze At N/A Yes The Head Cold Monsters infect whoever ingests them with the cold. Unknown
Masher 2.0.png 065 Masher 2.0 N/A Yes Masher 2.0 is a large mechanical monster that is granted with the ability of flight through large retractable wings, and a jet-pack. It attacks with a giant flail and is also capable of firing a destructive beam, however, this attack is rare, and is only used for last resort. Masher 2.0 is vulnerable to attacks using the amplification gauntlet combined with the medallion Knuckle Joe was left by his father. Masher 2.0 is the only monster in the series that returns reconstructed after being defeated beforehand.
E67 Scene 25.png 067 The School Scam Fighter Yes Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk are three juvenile delinquents who can combine together to form a monster. In this form, they have the power to charge, attack with their mohawk, and spew junk out of their mouth. Dirk, Kirk, and Smirk can be defeated with enough hits from the Fighter ability.
Delivery Man.png 068 Delivery Dilemma Jet Yes The Delivery Man can deliver things in seconds using his motorbike. While attacking, he will run his opponent down with his vehicle, swipe his leg at them, or fire missiles at them. The Delivery Man can be defeated using the Jet Cracker technique.
Moggy.png 070 Buccaneer Birdy N/A Yes Moggy attacks by digging through the earth to ambush its opponent and swipes at them using its claws. Moggy is weak to the Mirror Copy Ability.
Anime Squishy.png 073 Dedede's Raw Deal Spark No (re-designed) Squishy has the power to grow into a giant monster which attacks using its tentacles and by shooting balls of lightning. It also has the ability to fly. Squishy is weak to Spark attacks.
Mosugaba.png 074 Caterpillar Thriller N/A Yes Mosugaba is a giant moth that attacks by spreading hyper-allergenic dust using its wings. Mosugaba can be calmed by the Island Sisters' singing.
Monster Moro.png 075 Fossil Fools - Part I,
Fossil Fools - Part II
N/A Yes Doctor Moro is a mad genetic engineer who can create Chimera Dinosaurs using DNA from other characters. Doctor Moro is weak to the Crash ability. Doctor Moro is one of the few monsters who does not fight directly.
E76 Scene 25.png 076 Fossil Fools - Part I,
Fossil Fools - Part II
N/A Yes The Chimera Dinosaurs are giant dinosaur-like creatures created using DNA samples from other characters. Each of them have different abilities, but the Kirby-saurus is the most potent, being able to use Kirby's inhale and Copy Abilities. The Chimera Dinosaurs are weak to the Crash ability.
Syringe Mosquitoes.png
Syringe Mosquitoes
076 Fossil Fools - Part II N/A Yes The Syringe Mosquitoes are tiny winged syringes that attack in swarms and suck the blood from their targets. Unknown. The name of these monsters is conjectural.

Season 4 (Episodes 77 - 101)[edit]

Appearance Monster Episode(s) Ability provided Original? Powers Weakness(es) Notes
KRBaY Paint Roller artwork.png
077 Dedede's Monsterpiece Paint No Paint Roller attacks by creating paintings that come to life shortly after completion. Paint Roller can be destroyed using an explosion of paint.
Escar-droid 2 Form 3.png
078 Right Hand Robot Bomb Yes Escar-droid was built to act as a servant for King Dedede, but it ends up getting hijacked by Night Mare Enterprises and turned into a fighter jet capable of firing homing missiles. Escar-droid is weak to Bomb attacks and its own missiles.
E79 Scene 24.png
079 Goin' Bonkers Hammer No (re-designed) Monster Bonkers is a gigantic ape who attempts to abduct Tiff and swipe at Kirby with his claws, though he never actually lands a hit. Monster Bonkers is not evil at heart, and is restored after remembering his former self.
Red Viper.png
080 Power Ploy N/A Yes Red Viper attacks by pummeling its opponents and then trying to swallow them whole. Red Viper becomes vulnerable if grabbed by its tail.
Trash Basher.png
081 A Trashy Tale N/A Yes Trash Basher attacks by spewing huge amounts of garbage at its opponents. Trash Basher is weak to Cleaning attacks.
082 Cooking Up Trouble Spark Yes SlicerDicer is a robot that is assembled from parts that are each separately able to be used to prepare food. Once assembled, the robot can be piloted to launch prepared meals at opponents and attack them with swipes and stomps. SlicerDicer is weak to Spark attacks.
083 Teacher's Threat Sword Yes Rekketsu is skilled in swordplay, and can also stretch his arms out to attack. Rekketsu is weak to the Sword Beam.
Anime Mumbies.png
084 Mumbies Madness None No (re-designed) Mumbies is a potent monster who seeks out and tries to destroy Star Warriors by chomping them, blasting them with laser shots, and using its hypnotic gaze on them. Mumbies is weak to sunlight, and will disintegrate if exposed for too long.
085 A Sunsational Puzzle N/A Yes Ozomashii is ethereal and attacks by shooting deadly rays of ultraviolet light. Ozomashii is weak to sustained attacks across its body.
086 A Chow Challenge N/A Yes Ebifryer attacks using its claws and fire breath. Ebifryer is weak to its own fire breath.
KRBaY E087 Monster Crowemon firing laser screenshot.png
087 Waste Management Wing (presumably, see article for details) Yes Crowemon is an intelligent crow who briefly transforms into a monster after drinking insta-monster mixture. In his monster form, Crowemon gains the power to possess other birds and attack using laser beams from his eyes. Crowemon is weak to sustained physical blows.
088 Shell-Shocked N/A Yes Maimaigon is a transformed version of Escargoon who attacks using his tongue and by firing lightning from conduits on his shell. Maimaigon is weak to the Hammer Throw technique.
E89 Anige.png
089 Tooned Out Spark Yes Anige is a computer monster that uses motion capture technology to control King Dedede and Kirby like puppets. He can also attack by shooting lightning from his camera pieces. Anige is weak to Spark attacks. Anige appears initially disguised as another character named Dis Walney.
Anime Wheelie.png
091 Born to Be Mild - Part II N/A No Wheelie is a giant wheeled monster that attacks by ramming its opponents. Wheelie is weak to oil slicks and cal-trops. Wheelie is the monster form of the villain Fang.
E92 Fryclops.png
092 Hunger Struck N/A Yes Fryclops has the power to conjure large amounts of food, and attacks using his sizzling wok. Fryclops is weak to strikes from Cook Kirby.
KRBaY Chuckie.png
093 D'Preciation Day N/A No (re-designed) Chuckie attacks by using slams with its box and head, and can hide in its box to avoid being inhaled. Chuckie is weak to Parasol attacks.

Training Clown.png

Anime Mr. Frosty.png

Anime Yaban.png

Anime Jukid.png

Anime Whiskers.png

KRBaY Boomer.png

KRBaY Dogon.png

Anime Poppy Jr.png

Anime Hot Head.png

Young Monsters of the Future
094 Cowardly Creature N/A Various The Young Monsters of the Future do not demonstrate any powers, as they are only briefly seen. Unknown. Aside from the training clowns, each member of this group is an enemy from the Kirby games. They are, in order shown: Mr. Frosty, Yaban, Jukid, Whiskers, Boomer, Dogon, Poppy Bros. Jr., and Hot Head.
E94 Phan Phan.png
094 Cowardly Creature N/A No Phan Phan is very large and strong, and it can pick up and throw objects with its large trunk. However, it is not aggressive, although its clumsy nature can make it a nuisance. Phan Phan is extremely timid, and cannot bring itself to fight back against attackers unless influenced by another force. Phan Phan is a gentle albeit clumsy monster who befriends Kirby and becomes a permanent resident of Dream Land, taking refuge in Whispy Woods Forest. It is much larger than it is in the games.
Anime Whippy.png
094 Cowardly Creature Throw Yes Whippy is a malevolent ringmaster-like clown who can use his whip to hypnotize passive monsters by grabbing them and electrocuting them, turning the monster aggressive. He can also use his whip to attack from afar. Whippy is seen juggling objects in his spare time, and is seen supplying Phan Phan with giant spiked balls to throw. Whippy is a bit of a lightweight and is easily caught by Kirby's inhale. Whippy is seen training younger monsters at N.M.E. to make them malicious.
Demon Frog.png
095 Frog Wild N/A Yes The Demon Frog is a small creature capable of possessing any who it pleases. Once possessed, the Demon Frog's victim will be transformed into a monstrous version of their original self under the control of it. The Demon Frog's weakness is the Heavy Anaconda. The Demon Frog is not defeated by Kirby. It is instead defeated by the Heavy Anaconda, who swallows it.
Devil Kirby.png
095 Frog Wild N/A No (re-designed) Devil Kirby is the possessed monster version of Kirby who has a strong thirst for destruction. He attacks by pounding, throwing, punching, and using random objects. Devil Kirby is weak to Tiff's pleading, since he cannot fully be possessed due to his past kind and heroic nature. Devil Kirby is not a monster himself, as the Demon Frog is the one controlling him.
Devil King Dedede.png
095 Frog Wild N/A No (re-designed) Devil King Dedede is the possessed monster version of King Dedede who is brawny and able to stomp the ground and make it tremble. He makes most of his other offensives using his hands. Devil King Dedede is weak to the Heavy Anaconda, as it causes the Demon Frog to lose possession over him. Devil King Dedede is not a monster himself, as the Demon Frog is the one controlling him.
Heavy Anaconda.png
095 Frog Wild N/A Yes The Heavy Anaconda is a large snake that makes its offensive by swallowing its targets. The Heavy Anaconda is weak to Fire attacks.
KRBaY Heavy Lobster artwork.png
099 Combat Kirby N/A No Heavy Lobster is resistant to missiles and the Cook Copy Ability, and attacks using laser blasts from its claws. Heavy Lobster is weak to the Ice ability.
Anime Nightmare.png
100 Fright to the Finish N/A No (re-designed) eNeMeE is an ethereal being capable of changing in size, hypnotizing people, and creating monsters. He is immune to all physical and energy-based attacks and can infiltrate the dreams of his victims to give them nightmares. eNeMeE is weak to the Star Rod.
KRBaY E101 Lobzilla arriving screenshot.png
101 Kirby 3D Kabuki Yes Lobzilla is a small lobster that can attack with his sharp claws, and exhale icy breath to freeze objects. He is also able to grow in size to become a much larger flying lobster, and in this form, he can exhale smaller baby lobsters. Lobzilla is weak to the Kabuki ability, which Kirby obtains through his own baby lobsters.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔獣
(More literally as "demon beast")
Italian Monstro Monster
Brazilian Portuguese Monstro Monster