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A Monster is a creature which often serves as the villain for a given episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, typically dispatched by Night Mare Enterprises. Monsters come in many types, and often overlap with enemies, Mid-Bosses and Bosses from the video game series, though many are original. The typical formula of episodes would involve Kirby pitted against one or more monsters that King Dedede sends after him, using a specific Copy Ability to take them down.

Not all monsters are inherently hostile. Some are temperamental, but usually friendly, and some actually become friends with Kirby, and will defend him. Some otherwise regular characters and entities also have the potential to transform into monsters, including Kirby himself.

List of monsters[edit]

The following is a list of each monster which appears in the anime series, along with details regarding their characteristics and so on. Enemies which appear in the Kirby of the Stars Pilot are not included in this list:

Season 1 (Episodes 1 - 26)[edit]

Appearance Monster Episode(s) Ability provided Original? Powers Weakness(es) Notes
E1 Scene 2.png
001 Kirby Comes to Cappy Town Fire Yescheck.png Octacon can change size at will, fly through the air, rapidly digest living creatures, and conjure hundreds of smaller Octacons from its tentacles. It can also breathe fire and hypnotize people. Octacon is weak to its own fire breath. Octacon would later cameo in Kirby Star Allies.
KRBaY Blocky1.png
002 A Blockbuster Battle Stone Xmark.png (re-designed) Blocky can change size and crush foes with its massive girth. It can also reform itself when broken. Blocky is weak to tumbling, and cannot swim. Blocky is composed of four primary pieces, each of which more closely resemble the video game version of Blocky.
003 Kirby's Duel Role Sword Xmark.png (re-designed) Bugzzy is adept with melee weapons; particularly swords. He is able to conjure large swords out of thin air. Bugzzy is weak to the Sword Beam. This role is a far cry from Bugzzy's video game counterpart, who fights like a wrestler and grants the Suplex ability.
004 Dark and Stormy Knight Sword Xmark.png Kracko is able to soar high above the ground and obscure himself with a massive thunderhead. He can send out lightning bolts with pin-point accuracy from great distances, and can also conjure a lightning sword that moves on its own. Kracko is weak to the Sword Beam. Kracko's powers are somewhat different from those of his video game incarnation. He cannot grant the Sword ability, for instance.
Great Sea Slug Monster.png
Great Sea Slug Monster
006 Un-Reality TV N/A Yescheck.png The Great Sea Slug Monster is able to crush buildings using its girth, and breathe a cone of fire. The monster does not actually exist, and is a rubber suit worn by Escargoon.
Dedede Stone.png
Dedede Stone
008 Curio's Curious Discovery Stone Yescheck.png Dedede Stone can grow from a small stone sarcophagus to a giant stone statue capable of autonomous movement and crushing things with its sheer size. Dedede Stone is weak to Kirby's Stone smash attack.
Slice n' Splice.png
Slice n' Splice
009 The Fofa Factor Cutter Yescheck.png Slice n' Splice is capable of cutting living things into smaller male and female equivalents, and can also swap the heads and bodies of living things. Slice n' Splice is weak to Cutter attacks. Slice n' Splice is the first monster which can speak in full sentences.
E9 Fofa.png
009 The Fofa Factor N/A Yescheck.png Fofa is capable of floating in the air. Fofa is not very physically strong. Fofa was a non-hostile monster who was split into Fololo & Falala by Slice n' Splice.
Anime Popon.png
011 The Big Taste Test N/A Xmark.png (re-designed) Popon can disguise itself seamlessly as other characters. When in true form, it can throw globs of its body at its foes, attacking them with boiling liquid. It can also rapidly regenerate and reassemble if split into pieces. Popon is weak to heat, and is easily roasted. Popon is the first monster who can disguise itself as another entity.
E12 Ghost Monster.png
Ghost Monster
012 Escargoon Squad N/A Yescheck.png The Ghost Monster is capable of flying through the air and passing through solid objects. Unknown. The Ghost Monster is the first enemy monster who does not battle Kirby and is not defeated. It is also the first monster to be successful in its assigned task; which was to collect King Dedede's overdue payment for N.M.E.
Anime Sasuke.png
013 Cappy New Year Parasol Xmark.png (re-designed) Sasuke is an extremely skilled mechanic and fireworks expert. It can also lob projectiles with great precision and carry heavy objects on its back. Sasuke is weak to Kirby's inhale. Sasuke is the first monster who can be inhaled directly by Kirby.
014 The Pillow Case, Flower Power None (causes sleeping sickness when ingested, but does not actually grant the Sleep ability) Xmark.png (re-designed) Noddy is capable of inducing bad dreams from inside a specially-prepared pillow case if someone uses it to sleep. It is also capable of inducing sleeping sickness in anything that eats it. Noddy is helpless when exposed. Noddys are spawned by the Pukey Flower.
Electronic Pet.png
Electronic Pet
015 Kirby's Pet Peeve N/A Yescheck.png The Electronic Pet is a hardy battery-powered robot dog which has several built-in weapons, including sharp claws, a static field, and a self-destruct mechanism. The Electronic Pet is weak to Kirby's charm. The Electronic Pet is the first monster that fails in its mission because it grew too attached to Kirby.
Honker Stomper.png
Honker Stomper
017 The Thing About the Ring N/A Yescheck.png Honker Stomper has the ability to find hidden treasures by sniffing them out, and can inhale through his nostrils with a power comparable to Kirby's. Honker Stomper is weak to pepper, irritating his nose. Honker Stomper is one of the few monsters disposed of by King Dedede, rather than defeated by Kirby.
E18 Scene 21.png
Pukey Flower
018 Flower Power Needle Yescheck.png The Pukey Flower can spawn Noddys, ensnare foes with its vines, and cause sufferers of sleeping sickness to awaken from the aroma of its flower. The Pukey Flower is weak to fire, slicing attacks, and its flower petals being plucked.
Needle Knuckle Joe.png
Needle Knuckle Joe
019 Here Comes the Son Needle Yescheck.png Needle Knuckle Joe has the power to shoot out needles at his targets, and regrow them quickly. Needle Knuckle Joe does not want to be a monster. Knuckle Joe involuntarily assumes this form when he lets his rage take over.
E20 Chilly.png
020 Dedede's Snow Job N/A Xmark.png Chilly is a living snowman who can conjure snowballs and regenerate quickly if packed in snow. Chilly is weak to Kirby's charm. He also is weak to anything that melts snow. Chilly is the second monster that fails in his mission because he grew too attached to Kirby.
Ice Dragon
020 Dedede's Snow Job Ice Xmark.png (re-designed) Ice Dragon is capable of changing size and changing the weather of large areas with its icy breath. It can also toss out snowflake blades and create entities like Chilly. It is immune to external sources of cold. Ice Dragon is vulnerable to icy attacks from inside its body.
021 A Princess in Dis-Dress N/A Yescheck.png Susshi can slam through walls, attack with giant leaps, and let out air-distorting roars. It is also resistant to attacks on its bulbous body. Susshi is weak to attacks on its tail.
022 Island of the Lost Warrior Tornado Yescheck.png Tornadon can use its propellers to conjure tornadoes to attack, and can spin around to conjure and control a larger vortex. Tornadon is weak to attacks from Tornado Kirby.
Green Caterpillar Monster.png
Green Caterpillar Monster
023 The Empty Nest Mess N/A Yescheck.png The Green Caterpillar Monster can weigh down its opponents and grab them with its jaws. Unknown This monster is the result of Escargoon using the insta-monster-mixture on a common garden caterpillar. After its transformation, it is not seen again.
024 Ninja Binge Ninja Yescheck.png Yamikage is a skilled ninja warrior, able to toss knives and throwing stars with expert precision, and can also conjure wind to blow opponents away and vanish using smoke. Yamikage is cocky, and easily surprised. Yamikage is the first monster Kirby fights who was a former Star Warrior.
Anime Drifters.png
025 Escargoon Rules Parasol Xmark.png Drifters have the ability to fly around and wrap themselves around their targets. Drifters are not particularly strong, and can be defeated by inhaling them or batting them away. They are also highly flammable.
026 Hour of the WolfWrath N/A Yescheck.png WolfWrath is one of N.M.E.'s most powerful monsters, able to attack quickly and viciously using its claws and teeth, shoot fireballs from its mouth, see in infrared, and paralyze opponents with its fangs. It can drink fire to replenish its strength, and is resistant to most attacks when at full strength. WolfWrath is weak to water, greatly reducing its constitution if exposed.

Season 2 (Episodes 27-51)[edit]

Appearance Monster Episode(s) Ability provided Original? Powers Weakness(es) Notes
Monster Lovely.png
027 The Flower Plot Cutter Xmark.png (re-designed) Lovely is a transformed flower which takes advantage of her apparent innocence to infatuate Whispy Woods. She can speak, rapidly drain nutrients from surrounding plant life, attack with her roots, and throw razor-sharp petals as boomerangs. Lovely is weak to Cutter attacks.
Ice Dragon Robot.png
Ice Dragon Robot
028 Labor Daze Ice Yescheck.png Ice Dragon Robot is a robotic replica of Ice Dragon which has similar powers. It attacks mainly using its girth and its freezing breath, and is piloted by King Dedede and Escargoon. Ice Dragon Robot is weak to heat.
Monster Monsieur Goan.png
Monsieur Goan
029 A Spice Odyssey N/A Yescheck.png Monsieur Goan is a master chef who can transform into a towering beast with multiple extendable arms. Monsieur Goan is weak to fire.

Season 3 (Episodes 52-76)[edit]

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Season 4 (Episodes 77-101)[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 魔獣
Brazilian Portuguese Monstro Monster