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Kabu (anime character)

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E1 Kabu.png
Screenshot of Kabu from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Last episode Kirby 3D
Main role Supporting character
Other appearance(s) Cameo in Kirby Air Ride
Voice actor(s) Jim Napolitano (English)
Nobuo Tobita (Japanese)
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This article is about the character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. For the video game enemy, see Kabu.
Kabu can see da future!
— Kabu in Kirby Comes to Cappy Town

Kabu, more formally Great Sage Kabu, is a supporting character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a massive stone idol who resides in the aptly named Kabu Canyon and is revered by the residents of Cappy Town, who often come to the canyon in large congregations to seek his council. Kabu is able to predict the future, and will relay this information to the people when they approach him. Kabu is often threatened by King Dedede and Escargoon, since the people respect his authority more than theirs.

Kabu is hollow, with his inside acting as a sanctuary. It is here that Kirby's Warp Star is eventually kept for safekeeping, and whenever Tiff calls for it, it flies out of Kabu's mouth to Kirby's aid, then returns when the crisis is over. Kabu summoning the Warp Star is usually accompanied by a specific animation sequence that is reused many times across the series, and often constitutes his only role in several episodes.


Kabu is a giant inanimate stone statue which somewhat resembles a Moai head, though more rounded and with a blockier face. The only part of Kabu that can move is his mouth, which also acts as an upper doorway through which Kirby and the Warp Star can pass through. Kabu sits at the heart of the precipitous Kabu Canyon surrounded by carved stone pillars and a deep pit, with brick walkway leading up to a large brazier lit in front of him. Inside Kabu is a chamber which acts as a sanctuary for Star Warriors, and comes complete with a small pedestal which the Warp Star can be set into, where it can be repaired by Kabu whenever it takes damage. When the Warp Star is called for by Tiff, it flies out of Kabu's mouth toward Kirby, and returns to Kabu once the crisis is over.

Kabu assists the people of Dream Land by providing them with knowledge about both past and future events, though he does not provide this assistance to King Dedede due to his antagonistic nature towards the great sage. Kabu also has the ability to telepathically communicate with anyone inside his sanctuary, having the power to show them visualizations and alter the content of their dreams. In Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I, the N.M.E. Sales Guy explains that there are thousands of Kabu statues across the universe, and their primary function is to act as places where Star Warriors can rest and recover.


The following is a complete list of all of Kabu's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode. In certain episodes, Kabu's only role is the Warp Star summoning sequence: these episodes are not counted as part of the table unless there is something unique about them.

Kabu's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Role details Selected quote Notes
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
E1 Kabu.png
Secondary character In this episode, Kabu is visited by the people of Dream Land, who seek his wisdom as to what is threatening the kingdom. He tells them that the entity responsible for eating Mayor Len's sheep is a monster being harbored by King Dedede. When the Dream Landers ask what they can do about this, Kabu tells them there is nothing they can do, but that a Star Warrior named Kirby will come to help them. Shortly after giving this proclamation, King Dedede and Escargoon drive in on their Armored Vehicle and threaten to blast Kabu with their mounted gun, but before they can carry this out, Kirby comes crashing into Dream Land on his starship. "I predict you will not push it." (in response to King Dedede's threat)
Kirby's Duel Role
E3 Kabu.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff and Tuff are addressed by Kabu while they are trying to hide with Kirby from Meta Knight. He tells them about eNeMeE and his conquest of the galaxy using monsters he has created, and how one particular monster he made could prove to be his undoing, implying that this monster is Kirby. "But eNeMeE made one grave mistake. One creature was produced that would not obey his orders, and eNeMeE fears it may defeat him."
A Dark & Stormy Knight
E4 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Kabu briefly addresses Tiff when she is hiding inside his sanctuary, and serves as the setting where Tiff and Meta Knight talk about the history of the Star Warriors, and Tiff's connection to Kirby. "Do not speak! We are not alone."
Cappy New Year
E13 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, aside from the "Warp Star" scene, Kabu can briefly be seen at the very end, observing the fireworks show that occurs after Kirby defeats the monster Sasuke. "Warp Star!"
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Kabu addresses the people of Dream Land once more, when they come to him asking about the asteroid approaching Dream Land. Kabu tells them of the destruction this asteroid will bring, and ultimately concludes that, if nothing changes, Dream Land will be destroyed. After this point, he falls silent. "I have seen the burning star you speak of! Its approach brings much destruction! I see wind storms and earthquakes! Fire and darkness!" This marks Kabu's first original speaking role in thirty episodes.
Tourist Trap
E48 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Kabu is visited by the Dream Land tour group, and the alien tourists proceed to graffiti the great sage and toss coins at him. Tiff promises Kabu that she will come back later to clean him up. "I could use some moisturizer, too."
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Kirby visits Kabu when he is convinced that he is no longer wanted in Dream Land, presumably to collect his Warp Star. Kabu tells him to wait, and asks him to reflect on his experiences in Dream Land, which causes Kirby to start crying. "Wait! Do not go! You are troubled, my friend, and your heart is filled with sorrow. One year has passed since you came to Dream Land!"
Crusade for the Blade
E60 Kabu.png
Secondary character In this episode, Tiff and her friends take a badly-wounded Meta Knight to Kabu's sanctuary to give him space to heal up. While there, Kabu tells the group about the history of the Galaxia, and how it came to belong in Meta Knight's hands. From there, Kabu and his canyon are the backdrop to the subsequent encounter with Sirica and the monster Kirisakin. "I, Kabu - the All-Knowing - shall show. Let us travel back into a time long-forgotten! Thousands of years ago, when the universe was young, Photron - the mighty ruler of the fire people - began to forge a great sword! He called this sword Galaxia. This was no ordinary sword, for it was created with a will and life of its own, and glistened with great mystical powers. eNeMeE sent the monster Kirisakin to steal the Galaxia sword. It was hidden in a dark cave and a great beast guarded it for years. Much time passed. Meta Knight and Garlude found themselves in the cave of Kirisakin. The mighty warriors had been sent to retrieve the sacred sword. Meta Knight saved Galaxia, and the evil empire of eNeMeE no longer possessed the power to control the universe!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Kabu is visited by the people of Dream Land, who want to ask if he knows about the buried treasure in Dream Land. Kabu tells them about the dread pirate whose ship was wrecked on the coast, and that among the wreckage was a treasure chest. "As I recall, dere was a pirate ship dat was caught in a terrible storm! Da ship was wrecked, and most of da crew and cargo lost. Among da debris dat washed ashore, was a chest with a skull and crossbones. It was hidden by a man with a little yellow bird.[sic]"
Mumbies Madness
E84 Kabu.png
Tertiary character In this episode, Kirby ends up in Kabu Canyon after narrowly avoiding an attack by the monster Mumbies. Kabu warns Kirby that this monster will continue to hunt him until it is destroyed. "Kirby! You must be careful! That monster will never stop attacking you!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Kabu.png
Secondary character In this episode, Kirby and his closest friends are forced to flee to Kabu Canyon after Kirby's Warp Star is damaged by a pulse from the Destroya. There, the group learns about Kabu's role as a sanctuary for Star Warriors, and of his ability to slowly repair the Warp Star if placed into his altar. Before too long, however, the sanctuary is attacked by a group of Air Riders, forcing Kirby to go out and battle them. "The Warp Star will need time to recover."
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part II
E97 Kabu.png
Secondary character In this episode, after Kirby defeats the Air Riders, he and Tiff wake up from the shared dream they had, which is revealed to have been a vision granted to them by Kabu for the purposes of training Kirby how to use different Air Ride Machines. After this point, Kabu is attacked, this time for real, by the Destroya from the previous episode. Kirby flies into it and uses the Crash ability to destroy it. "Kirby must learn to fly not just Warp Stars but other battle vehicles as well."
Cappy Town Down
E98 Kabu.png
Tertiary character After the "Warp Star" scene, Kabu can be briefly seen at the end of the episode, watching as the Halberd takes off. "Warp Star!"
Kirby 3D
E101 Kabu.png
Tertiary character Kabu's only scene in this episode is the "Warp Star" scene, but unlike previous instances, this one uses a new 3D version of the scene. "Warp Star!"

Episodes which only use the Warp Star scene[edit]

Other appearances[edit]

Kabu appears on the right on the Water course in Top Ride.

Kabu makes a cameo appearance as a decoration on the Water Top Ride course in Kirby Air Ride. He can be seen to the right just off the course.