Gem Apple

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Gem Apple
Gem Apple.png
Official art of a Gem Apple.
Use Currency, unlocking stages, restoring Vigor, reviving Team Kirby, extending battle time.
Obtained Completing Heroic Missions, harvesting from Gem Apple Tree, buying from Magolor's Shoppe
Game(s) Team Kirby Clash Deluxe
Kirby Star Allies
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A Gem Apple is an item that can be collected, earned or purchased in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. It serves as the primary form of currency in the game, and can also be used in a multitude of other ways both before, and during gameplay.

Obtaining Gem Apples

Gem Apples are earned in-game by completing Heroic Missions. Additionally, they can be collected by harvesting the Gem Apple Tree in the village, or by scanning amiibo.

If more apples are desired, the player will need to purchase them using real money at Magolor's Shoppe. The price listings per bunch are on that page. Up to 3000 Gem Apples can be bought this way.

Gem Apple Tree

In the village, a Gem Apple Tree can be found, looked after by Bandana Waddle Dee. After the first battle is completed, the tree matures and yields 5 Gem Apples. From there, every 12 hours (real time), the tree yields another batch.

Buying enough Gem Apples at Magolor's Shoppe will cause the tree to grow further, yielding more apples per harvest. Growing the tree also makes its yield available right away.

The following is a table showing each level of tree growth, and the requirements:

Level Image Apples Purchased Yield per Harvest Notes
TKCD Tree Lv0.png
N/A 0 The initial state of the tree, before the first battle is fought.
TKCD Tree Lv1.png
0 5
TKCD Tree Lv2.png
50 8
TKCD Tree Lv3.png
400 14
TKCD Tree Lv4.png
1000 20
TKCD Tree Lv5.png
1700 30
TKCD Tree Lv6.png
3000 450


  • Gem Apples are primarily used as currency to buy items in Magolor's Shoppe. They are involved in all purchases, except for buying more Gem Apples.
  • Gem Apples are required to unlock most enemy encounters, and thus are required in order to move forward in the game.
  • If Team Kirby finds their Vigor to be too low, and are not willing to wait around, Gem Apples can be eaten to instantly recover all Vigor.
  • During battle, if all of the Kirbys are knocked out, Gem Apples can be spent to revive them. The cost increments based on how many times the revive is used during the fight, making repeated revivals costly.
    • Additionally, Gem Apples can be spent to add 30 more seconds to the clock if time runs out, in much the same way(added time does not count toward the score).
  • Gem Apples can be spent to recruit adventurers to help out in fights after the 24-hourly free recruitment is used.


  • The music that plays in the village will change as the Gem Apple Tree grows.
  • Gem Apples grow quickly on the tree but do not ripen until 12 hours after first appearing. Premature apples are smaller and green in color and are apparently worthless.
  • Gem Apples are edible. In one article on the Japanese Team Kirby Clash Deluxe website, Susie bought Gem Apples in Magolor's Shoppe and then ate them with sorbet/sherbet.[1] In Kirby Star Allies, this Gem Apple sherbet appears as Susie's signature food if she's put into the Cook ability's pot.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, Magolor has an attack called Gem Apple Bombs. Whether these are bombs in Gem Apple's shape or real Gem Apples is unknown.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェムリンゴ
Jemu Ringo
Gem Apple


  1. "中に入っタラ、ピンクのオンナノコが、売り物のジェムリンゴを勝手にシャーベットにシテ食べてるシ、ボクもうビックリしチャッタ。(There was a pink girl who entered my Shoppe and ate the Gem Apple she bought with sherbet. Even I was surprised.)" —Magolor (Team Kirby Clash Deluxe official website (JP) - Magolor News #9)