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Professor Curio

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Professor Curio
Artwork of Professor Curio from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode A Blockbuster Battle
Last episode Kirby 3D
Main role Supporting character
Similar characters Doctor Yabui, Biblio
Voice actor(s) Maddie Blaustein (English)
Takashi Nagasako (Japanese)
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Professor Curio (also referred to as Mr. Curio or just Curio) is an elderly Cappy and resident of Cappy Town who serves as the town's archaeologist, paleontologist, and historian. He has a deep love and passion for his work, and is arguably the most academically accredited individual in Dream Land, but due to the general lack of interest from the other Cappies in his pursuits, he is left in a poor financial state to look after his fragile relics in a cluttered "shop" which doubles as his own home. Curio is a frequently-recurring character in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, though his appearances are usually incidental, with his only two major roles being in Curio's Curious Discovery and Mumbies Madness.

Characteristics and Role[edit]

Professor Curio is a medium-height and medium-girth Cappy whose most distinguishable features are his dark olive overcoat, red bowtie, and bushy gray facial hair which covers his mouth. He also possesses a ring of short spiky hair around the top of his head - highlighting his bald scalp - and thick eyebrows. Aside from these features, Professor Curio is also often seen carrying various implements or wearing additional articles of clothing as is appropriate for whatever role he is filling.

Professor Curio is one of the town's elder citizens, but unlike Mayor Len Blustergas and Chief Bookem, he is unmarried, and not particularly sociable. Due to this, along with his choice of occupation and study precluding a largely solitary lifestyle, Curio is socially awkward and tends to speak in an encyclopedic manner when not stammering from discomfort. Despite this insecurity, Curio usually has little issue socializing with other villagers, and throughout the show, he develops a tutor and pupil relationship with Tiff, who looks to him as a role model and also helps him when he is in trouble.

Professor Curio runs an antique collection on the outer edge of Cappy Town which he insists is not a museum, though it is still open for individual visitors to come in and have a look. One of the regular running gags of the show involves the relics in the shop getting ruined by some unfortunate calamity or other happenstance, though things will always be back in order in time for the next episode. Due to the general lack of interest in his work by the other villagers, Curio is relatively poor, relying solely on his academic work to scrape together a meager income. This state of affairs leads him to be tempted by King Dedede to forge archaeological discoveries that exonerate Dedede in exchange for a bribe in Curio's Curious Discovery, though Curio later reneges on this deal for the sake of his personal honor. In Mumbies Madness, Professor Curio is tricked by King Dedede into releasing and harboring the monster Mumbies, though Curio later comes to his senses and tries to seal the monster away in a macabre-looking ritual, which leads to a misunderstanding between him and Tiff and Tuff, who accidentally stop him and allow Mumbies to escape again, where it is eventually destroyed by Kirby.


The following is a complete list of all of Professor Curio's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

Professor Curio's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Selected quote Notes
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 Curio.png
Secondary character "I think I'll lay down for a moment..." *faints*
Dark and Stormy Knight
E4 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I have finally reconstructed the rare Triceratops Cappiensis!" (just before the fossil gets zapped)
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Un-Reality TV
E6 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Oh, well I uhh..." (after being caught watching T.V. by Tiff)
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Curio.png
Secondary character "It appeared only once a century. It would come to Cappy Town to lay a single egg. After the egg hatched, Dyna Blade would leave Cappy Town only to reappear 100 years later, century after century. Dyna Blade last appeared to a caravan of immigrants during the age of the pioneers, and now, the time of the Dyna Blade is here again."
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 Curio.png
Primary character "Oh let them get themselves out! I'm through digging up fakes, especially dangerous ones!" This marks Curio's first leading role.
The Fofa Factor
E9 Curio.png
Tertiary character (unintelligible, mixed with other members of crowd)
Hail to the Chief
E10 Curio.png
Secondary character "It'll take days to clean up this mess! Those vandals painted everything in my shop!"
Cappy New Year
E13 Curio.png
Secondary character "In some places, everyone pauses a moment to reflect on the year passed."
The Pillow Case
E14 Curio.png
Tertiary character (hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
A Fish Called Kine
E16 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I think these two make a charming couple!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 Curio.png
Secondary character "Artifacts such as these cannot be bought and sold!"
Here Comes the Son
E19 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Hrmm..."
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Get with it, Blustergas! This is a snowboard!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 Curio.png
Tertiary character "She's the prettiest princess who's ever been here!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Curio.png
Secondary character "It's true Dyna Blade was upset when it first came here, but that was because it had lost its egg."
Ninja Binge
E24 Curio.png
Secondary character "The ninjas were skilled martial artists. They could outrun the wind, leap over buildings...they could even make themselves invisible."
Escargoon Rules
E25 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I'd imagine it all the time..." (in response to Escargoon joking about Curio having a proper museum)
Labor Daze
E28 Curio.png
Secondary character "The danger inherent in learning a lesson is that what is readily apparent at the outset becomes obscure as time passes, and what was once clear inexorably fades from memory."
A Spice Odyssey
E29 Curio.png
Secondary character "Mmm... the flavors are fascinating. I wonder what that delightfully tangy taste is?"
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 Curio.png
Secondary character "Hmmm...I'm not absolutely certain, but this may be the world's largest cue-ball!" *laughs*
Abusement Park
E31 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Yo-yo! Curio!"
Junk Jam
E33 Curio.png
Secondary character "What if we float it away in big balloons?"
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 Professor Curio.png
Tertiary character "Racing isn't a real sport!"
Watermelon Felon
E37 Professor Curio.png
Tertiary character "I hate to say it, but since Kirby's been here, a great many precious Cappy artifacts have been destroyed beyond repair."
A Novel Approach
E38 Curio.png
Tertiary character "It's wonderful to see so many Cappies suddenly enthusiastic about reading!"
E39 Curio.png
Tertiary character "And look at this one! Here we are fossil hunting, but I sure don't remember it!"
Monster Management
E40 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Ahh! That urn is an antique you uncultured brute!"
Prediction Predicament - Part I
E41 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Good-bye, my beloved Cappy Town. I shall miss you."
E43 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I have to get my shop in sheep-shape!"
Scare Tactics - Part I
E45 Curio.png
Tertiary character "You're brave now, but soon, we'll have you blubbering!"
Pink-Collar Blues
E47 Curio.png
Secondary character "Some scholars believe that Waddle Dees roam freely unless somebody gives them a meal and a place to sleep."
Tourist Trap
E48 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Careful! That's the only surviving toilet bowl from the ancient Cappy World! Oh... Years of toilet restoration flushed away!"
Cartoon Buffoon
E49 Curio.png
Secondary character "He has all the qualities of an ancient warrior!"
Don't Bank on It
E50 Curio.png
Tertiary character *hypnotized* "Good morning, one and all! Isn't our King Dedede wonderful?"
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 Curio.png
Tertiary character "That's right! We're busy so uhh..."
Snack Attack - Part I
E52 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Hmm...let's see now...soon I'll have a battalion of troopers!"
Snack Attack - Part II
E53 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Stop! These pieces are priceless!"
One Crazy Knight
E54 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 Curio.png
Tertiary character "How can we be sure this isn't another one of his tricks?"
A Half-Baked Battle
E57 Curio.png
Tertiary character "These pies are worse than Kawasaki's!"
eNeMeE Elementary
E58 Curio.png
Secondary character "As you know, I'm the leading authority on ancient Dream Land history! We're told this dates back to an ancient Cappy civilization. Hah! I tell you this ancient civilization never existed! In fact it's nothing but hogwash!"
The Meal Moocher
E59 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Maybe I should get in on this. Learning how to cook can't be that hard."
Fitness Fiend
E61 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Well he certainly is king-sized."
Mabel Turns the Tables
E62 Curio.png
Secondary character "I should have listened to Mabel!"
Something to Sneeze At
E63 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
The Chill Factor
E66 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I've never heard of such a thing, but perhaps they're not penguins exactly, but a related species."
The School Scam
E67 Curio.png
Secondary character "I've been holding the fort while Tiff was out, but an archaeological emergency has popped up, so unfortunately this is my last class."
Delivery Dilemma
E68 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I only wish I could get my artifacts delivered to me as quickly as my lunch was!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 Curio.png
Secondary character "About two hundred years ago, fearsome pirates roamed the seas looting and plundering. Of all the pirates, one was more terrible than all the rest put together! He was so fearsome and cunning, he could defeat entire fleets with a single ship! As a sign of his daring, this brazen buccaneer carried on his shoulder a bird: A royal bird, which he has stolen from a great king from across the sea. I am certain that you are a descendant from this bird!"
A Whale of a Tale
E71 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I had a gut feeling that's where we were."
Waddle While You Work
E72 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Would you rather they all worked for Dedede?"
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 Curio.png
Tertiary character "That's a very logical system."
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Who said medicine is a science?"
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 Curio.png
Secondary character "We'll have a dinosaur egg in no time at all!"
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 Curio.png
Tertiary character "That dinosaur is definitely real!"
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 Curio.png
Tertiary character "We don't have any culture!"
Right Hand Robot
E78 Curio.png
Tertiary character "It's probably going to be a quiet day." Appears only in the Japanese version, so his dialogue is translated from that version.
Goin' Bonkers
E79 Curio.png
Tertiary character "What if he's from another planet run by apes?!"
Power Ploy
E80 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Hmm... Very interesting. There is nothing natural here! It's all chemicals!"
A Trashy Tale
E81 Curio.png
Tertiary character "They oughta' be fined for such a mess!"
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 Curio.png
Secondary character "The women seem to admire that sort of thing."
Teacher's Threat
E83 Curio.png
Tertiary character "What's the use of principals if we don't have a teacher?"
Mumbies Madness
E84 Curio.png
Primary character "It wasn't until I re-examined that book today that I realized what the King had done! I can't believe he tricked me!"
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Why this is no ordinary air conditioner! These things have been producing harmful CFC gases that destroy ozone!"
A Chow Challenge
E86 Curio.png
Secondary character "I'm positive I'll have a stomach ache after lunch..."
Waste Management
E87 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Our trash will be gone in no time!"
E88 Curio.png
Tertiary character "How about this one?"
Tooned Out
E89 Curio.png
Tertiary character "The hero of my show is a dashing young collector of antiquities named Curio Jones!"
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
D'Preciation Day
E93 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Happy Diss-Day!"
Cowardly Creature
E94 Curio.png
Tertiary character "It left these footprints all over town!"
Frog Wild
E95 Curio.png
Secondary character "He's as dangerous as a monster."
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Look! I've never seen that!"
Cappy Town Down
E98 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Maybe we should just get rid of Kirby!"
Fright to the Finish
E100 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Ahh! That's the part I need! I think it's fixed!"
Kirby 3D
E101 Cappies.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)


  • In the Japanese version, many comments are made about the fact that Professor Curio is an elderly bachelor, having apparently never married.