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Professor Curio
Artwork of Professor Curio from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode A Blockbuster Battle
Main role Supporting character
Voice actor(s) Maddie Blaustein (English)
Takashi Nagasako (Japanese)
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Professor Curio is a Cappy from Cappy Town who appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is also known as Mr. Curio or just Curio. He first appeared in A Blockbuster Battle, but did not have a starring role until Episode 8: Curio's Curious Discovery.


Professor Curio is a well respected and elderly gentlemen who lives in Cappy Town. Curio runs an antique shop/museum where he displays his artifacts of ancient Dream Land and a long lost Cappy civilization. Besides collecting ancient artifacts, Curio also finds solace by learning about the past in his free time as well. His museum and its artifacts are often destroyed by various events within the episodes, so he often has to spend hours sprucing it up. He enjoys working to piece together the past, however hard it may be.

Despite his passion for his work, Curio is not very skilled in social interactions, and often stumbles and stammers when he speaks. He is also easily taken advantage of, as evidenced in Episode 8 when King Dedede and Escargoon pressure him to forge archaeological findings to boost the King's royal legitimacy. He is somewhat reserved and cowardly most of the time, but finds bravery when King Dedede pushes him too far in Episode 8, going so far as to even run up to the giant monster Dedede Stone and attack it with a pickaxe.

Physical Appearance[edit]

Curio is a Cappy who wears a brown coat with a red bowtie. Since he is elderly, he has grey hair, grey eyebrows, and a grey moustache and beard. His mouth is hidden under his facial hair. His gear includes a satchel which he stores artifacts in.


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The following is a complete list of all of Professor Curio's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

Professor Curio's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Selected quote Notes
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 Curio.png
Secondary character "I think I'll lay down for a moment..." *faints*
Dark and Stormy Knight
E4 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I have finally reconstructed the rare Triceratops Cappiensis!" (just before the fossil gets zapped)
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 Curio.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Un-Reality TV
E6 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Oh, well I uhh..." (after being caught watching T.V. by Tiff)
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Curio.png
Secondary character "It appeared only once a century. It would come to Cappy Town to lay a single egg. After the egg hatched, Dyna Blade would leave Cappy Town only to reappear 100 years later, century after century. Dyna Blade last appeared to a caravan of immigrants during the age of the pioneers, and now, the time of the Dyna Blade is here again."
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 Curio.png
Primary character "Oh let them get themselves out! I'm through digging up fakes, especially dangerous ones!" This marks Curio's first leading role.
The Fofa Factor
E9 Curio.png
Tertiary character (unintelligible, mixed with other members of crowd)
Hail to the Chief
E10 Curio.png
Secondary character "It'll take days to clean up this mess! Those vandals painted everything in my shop!"
Cappy New Year
E13 Curio.png
Secondary character "In some places, everyone pauses a moment to reflect on the year passed."
The Pillow Case
E14 Curio.png
Tertiary character (hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
A Fish Called Kine
E16 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I think these two make a charming couple!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 Curio.png
Secondary character "Artifacts such as these cannot be bought and sold!"
Here Comes the Son
E19 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Hrmm..."
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 Curio.png
Tertiary character "Get with it, Blustergas! This is a snowboard!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 Curio.png
Tertiary character "She's the prettiest princess who's ever been here!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Curio.png
Secondary character "It's true Dyna Blade was upset when it first came here, but that was because it had lost its egg."
Ninja Binge
E24 Curio.png
Secondary character "The ninjas were skilled martial artists. They could outrun the wind, leap over buildings...they could even make themselves invisible."
Escargoon Rules
E25 Curio.png
Tertiary character "I'd imagine it all the time..." (in response to Escargoon joking about Curio having a proper museum)