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Grasshopper Eavesdropper

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Grasshopper Eavesdropper
Grasshopper Eavesdropper.png
Screenshot of a close-up of the Grasshopper Eavesdropper
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It's time to use the Grasshopper Eavesdropper!
— King Dedede, in War of the Woods

The Grasshopper Eavesdropper is a robotic grasshopper that is used as a remote surveillance droid by King Dedede and Escargoon in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a remote-controlled green robot with the size, shape, and movement abilities of a grasshopper that relays the images that it sees back to a television screen, whether that be the main screen in the Castle Dedede throne room or a smaller screen on the Armored Vehicle or Royal Racecar. The remote used to control the Grasshopper Eavesdropper is shaped like a video game controller and has its own screen which shows what the robot sees, and as seen in The Flower Plot, if the buttons and levers are pressed too haphazardly, it will cause the robot to short-circuit and explode.

In addition to being used as a spy, the Grasshopper Eavesdropper can also be used as an explosive, as seen in War of the Woods when it detonates on the cliff above Eastern Forest causing it to flood.


The Grasshopper Eavesdropper is used in the following episodes: