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WiKirby:Featured content policy

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KF2 Score-Bonus Sticker icon.png
Look for this icon to spot featured content.

When an article or image is deemed exceptionally high of quality, it can be made eligible for featured status. When a piece of content is featured, it is displayed on the front page of the wiki and given a special badge. The following is WiKirby's featured content policy.

Good pages

SKC General Mission Icon.png
This icon is used to mark good content.

Before an article or file may be considered for featured status, it must be marked as "Good" using the Good template. Only Autopatrol users and above have the authority to mark a file as good, and only Patrollers and above can mark articles as Good, but other users may make suggestions to said users on the appropriate talk pages. In order to qualify as good, the following criteria should be used:


A good article has the following qualities:

  • completeness of information (no substantial info is missing).
  • sound of format (no improvement notice templates are present).
  • sufficient length (at least 1000 bytes long).
  • properly categorized.
  • not an orphaned page (at least one article links to it).
  • An official (non-conjectural) name (see naming policy for details).

Subpages of articles being considered do not have to be sound of format as well, so long as the main article touches adequately on all the points it needs to. Subpages in themselves should not be deemed good.


A good file has the following qualities

  • a high quality image with no significant aberrations OR a high-quality audio file with no significant distortion.
  • sound of format (no improvement notice templates are present).
  • has complete documentation with source (where applicable).
  • properly licensed.
  • properly categorized.
  • used in at least one article.

Good categories

The Good template will automatically sort a page or file into the corresponding Good category when placed on a page; therefore, there is no need to manually categorize good pages into their respective categories. On the off chance that good content has not been categorized or has been incorrectly categorized, it should be fixed as soon as it is noticed.

Featured articles

Main article: WiKirby:Featured Article Nomination

Once an article is deemed "Good", it is eligible for featuring on the main page if it possesses the following additional qualities:

  • at least 5000 bytes in length
  • not a list page, disambiguation page, or subpage
  • has an opening abstract of sufficient length, preferably consisting of at least two paragraphs.

Once an article possesses these qualities, it may be put up for nomination. Nominated articles will then be voted up or down by the community. After two (2) weeks, an unchallenged article will pass and be featured on the front page. While an article is being considered for Featured status, the {{FANomination}} template should be placed on the top of the article in question with the date when the feature voting period ends inset.

Featured images

Main article: WiKirby:Featured Picture Nomination

Images may also be featured on the main page (no audio allowed). Once marked as "Good", the following additional parameters should be followed:

  • the image in question is at least 600 pixels wide and 400 pixels tall.

Once an image possesses these qualities, it may be put up for nomination. Nominated images will then be voted up or down by the community. After two (2) weeks, an unchallenged image will pass and be featured on the front page.

Featured videos

Unlike other featured content, featured videos cycle through on the front page at random, and are there permanently. To nominate a video, an editor can recommend it to an administrator+ on their talk page. The administrator will then decide if it is worthy to add to the rotation.

For more information about appropriate videos, see the video policy.

Other distinctions

SKC Objective Complete Icon.png
This icon is used to mark pages with other special distinctions, such as milestones.

Some pages may have an additional distinction, which is marked using the icon to the right. There is no formal process by which this icon is applied, but it should only be used by Administrators+ to mark deserving pages, and is typically used for certain milestones, such as the 2000th and 3000th articles on the wiki.

"Did you know that..." section

Much like featured videos, editors can request that trivia points be added to the "Did you know that..." section by recommending them to an administrator+ on their talk page. Trivia points recommended should be verifiable and suitably interesting to non-expert readers.

Unfeaturing an article

Main article: WiKirby:Featured Article Nomination/Unfeature

If an article fails to maintain the requirements of featurement, it can be nominated for unfeaturement. If an article is nominated for unfeaturement, it is suspended from the queue immediately, and two weeks are given for voting to determine the article's fate. During this time, any issues the article may have should be addressed quickly if possible. Such nominations follow all the same regulations as featurement nominations. If the nomination does not receive more opposition than support, the article is removed from the queue with its featured status removed, and it cannot be nominated for featurement again within 30 days.

Revoking Good status

If an article no longer meets the requirements for maintaining Good status, and its issues cannot be immediately solved by the user, the Revoke Good template should be applied to the top of the article along with a valid reason. From there, a discussion should be held on that article's talk page to determine what can be done to avoid revoking the article's Good status if anything. If after one (1) week, no action is taken to fix the issues present on the article and those issues are determined significant enough, its Good status should then be revoked. After that, at least one (1) more week should pass before it can be returned to Good status, assuming the issues are thereafter fixed.

Feature fast-track

In special cases, administrators+ may automatically feature an article or image with the appropriate qualities. Such actions should always be justifiable and given at least one day notice.