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Kabu Canyon

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Kabu Canyon
Kabu Canyon.png
Screenshot of an overhead view of Kabu Canyon from the episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town.
Inhabitant(s) Kabu
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Kabu Canyon[1] (also referred to as Kabu Valley[2]) is a location seen in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is located in Dream Land, not far from Cappy Town. It is the home of the mighty sage Kabu, and is where the residents of Cappy Town travel to seek his council.

Kabu Canyon is characterized by its steep rocky terrain and jagged landscape, complete with many deep pits around the narrow causeway. High up on the canyon walls is a thick canopy of jungle-like vegetation which serves to shroud the area below in darkness even during the day, though the area down in the canyon itself is largely devoid of vegetation. Around Kabu, a shrine has been constructed with a massive fire pit that is used to light the area.

Aside from the many times the Warp Star scene is used, Kabu Canyon is not often a location which the characters of the show find themselves in, but Kirby and his friends will retreat to the canyon and take shelter inside Kabu whenever their comrades have been injured or they otherwise need to get away from a powerful enemy. Kabu Canyon is most prominently featured in the episodes Kirby's Duel Role, Crusade for the Blade, and the two-part Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I and Part II.



  1. "Tiff and Tuff took Kirby to Kabu Canyon!" --Tokkori in Kirby's Duel Role
  2. "First we'll visit Kabu Valley, followed by Whispy Woods, and then a real-live active volcano!" --Escargoon in Tourist Trap