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Caterpillar Thriller

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Caterpillar Thriller
E74 Scene 21.png
Kirby is sent into a sneezing fit by the giant Mosugaba.
First aired Japan March 15, 2003
NA October 2, 2004
Episode # 74
Episode # (US) 74
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured No
Monster(s) featured Mosugaba
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, King Dedede
Episode order
Dedede's Raw Deal Fossil Fools - Part I
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Caterpillar Thriller is the 74th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede hatches a plan to try and give Kirby hay fever so he cannot inhale or fight back, but fails to do so using ordinary allergens, though he does succeed in making the rest of the kingdom suffer from allergies. In order to get something more potent, he requests a pollen monster from Night Mare Enterprises, but they instead send him a pair of tiny caged girls who sing a song bringing a giant caterpillar named Mosugaba from across the sea to Dream Land. Once the caterpillar arrives, it proceeds to encase itself in a cocoon affixed to Castle Dedede in order to metamorphose. King Dedede - not knowing this was the monster he ordered - tries to destroy the cocoon, but he fails, and Mosugaba emerges as a giant moth and spreads its dust, making everyone even more sick, including Kirby. Escargoon then gets fed up with his allergies and hands Tiff and Tuff the key to the Island Sisters' cage so they can calm Mosugaba down and return home with the giant moth, foiling King Dedede's plan.

This episode is heavily based off of the Japanese monster film Mothra.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Caterpillar Thriller"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"Poyo! Poyoy! Ehh...poyye, poyooyo!"
"If we're all getting allergies this year, that means the pollen's worse than usual! Look! You can even see it!"
*laughs* "Everybody's sick 'cept me!"
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
"S'cuse me! Me and the Waddle Dees all got stuffy heads, and that ain't much fun when you're all head like us!"
"Here's your salmon, Gus! I hate feelin' sick! Especially when my runny nose drips in the food!"
"Cappy Town's turning into one big sick ward!" *sneezes*
"Try not to breathe too much! In fact, you might try holding your breath entirely until all the pollen is gone!" *sneezes*
"Yeah, well maybe you feel fine 'cause you have to have somethin' in your head to get a head cold!"
"Eugh! That's disgustin'!"
"Oh, Darling!"
"Mosugaba truly wants to live in peace."
"It is only attacking to set us free!"
"But we can sing to Mosugaba and calm him down!"
"Warp Star!"
"I thought this was a caterpillar!"
"My ears are clogged up. My head aches." *sneezes*
"My sinuses are stuffy!" *sneezes*
"If that cocoon can withstand the flames for just a bit longer..."
"Actually, there's a special dust that'll do the trick for ya, and there's a monster who can get it for ya free!"
"I have a scratchy throat and my eyes are watery." *sneezes*
"I don't feel so well." *sneezes*
*sneezes* "Well it sure got my beak backed up!"
"Maybe there's somebody who's spreading extra pollen around on purpose." *sneezes*
"How come?"


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede tries and fails to make Kirby sick by feeding him pollen.

The episode begins on a distant island, where two small twin girls sing together on a flower, as a giant caterpillar eats vegetation nearby. After a brief moment, the skies go dark, and a large hand descends to grab the girls and then take them away into the sky. Meanwhile, at Castle Dedede, King Dedede is walking around the castle and notices that everybody except him is sneezing. King Dedede makes light of their predicament, hinting that he may be aware of what is responsible. The same sneezing situation is present down in Cappy Town, and is starting to interfere with daily activities. Everyone presumes they have a cold, but Tiff shows up and tells them that there is pollen in the air that is causing allergies, and has Doctor Yabui confirm it, though he also loses their trust by suggesting they stop breathing to get rid of the symptoms. Tiff then points out that the pollen must be particularly concentrated, and notices that it can be seen in the air.

Later that night, King Dedede is seen disturbing cedar trees to extract their pollen. He tries to use the pollen to make Kirby sick by driving over to his house and dumping him into a pile of it, but he remains completely unaffected, forcing Dedede to pull back. Once he returns to the castle, King Dedede contacts Night Mare Enterprises and asks them to send a monster with more potent pollen, and the N.M.E. Sales Guy instead recommends a monster that sheds "special dust". He informs King Dedede that this monster cannot be called through normally, but instead must be summoned from its home island, so he sends Dedede the twin girls that were captured earlier, now locked up in a tiny cage. King Dedede promises to set the sisters free if they agree to summon the monster, so they begin to sing, which causes Tiff and Tuff to wake up and comment on it. From across the sea, the giant caterpillar Mosugaba hears the song and swims to Dream Land, arriving at the Cat's Eye Lighthouse.

Mosugaba forms a cocoon around itself after affixing to Castle Dedede.

Hearing the monster arrive, Kirby runs out of his house and sees Mosugaba eating the pollen-filled cedar trees from earlier. Kirby approaches and tries to speak to the caterpillar, but it ends up spitting silk at him, which encases Kirby completely and sends him tumbling. From there, Mosugaba makes its way to Castle Dedede, causing the guards to go on high alert. King Dedede sees the caterpillar and orders his guards to fire at it, apparently not recognizing it as the monster the Island Sisters were calling. Captain Waddle Doo orders the cannons to fire, but they do nothing to the giant caterpillar, and it proceeds to climb onto the castle. From there, Mosugaba spits out a continuous stream of silk, encasing itself in a massive cocoon and affixing itself to Castle Dedede. At this moment, Kirby (having mostly freed himself from the silk) and Tokkori arrive on the scene. As day breaks, Escargoon uses Channel DDD to broadcast the news of the giant cocoon to Cappy Town, and everyone shows up to have a look at it. After Tiff explains that it is going to transform into a butterfly, King Dedede and his Waddle Dees show up with torches and wood and light the cocoon on fire to get rid of it. Despite this attempt to kill it, the cocoon hatches and Mosugaba emerges as a vibrant moth. It proceeds to flap its wings, spreading dust out that makes everyone sick, including King Dedede. Kirby tries to inhale this dust, but he ends up choking on it.

Kirby returns the Island Sisters to Mosugaba so they can go home.

Seeing Kirby struggle, King Dedede realizes that this was the monster he ordered, and tries to stick around to finish the job, but the power of the dust forces him and everyone else to fall back. To help Kirby, Tiff calls for the Warp Star, but despite this, Kirby still struggles against Mosugaba. Escargoon then decides he has had enough of the hay fever and helps Tiff and Tuff by giving them the key to the Island Sisters' cage. Tiff and Tuff then run into the castle and free the trapped sisters, who reveal that Mosugaba is not inherently hostile and promise to sing to calm it down. Tiff and Tuff take them outside and they start to sing, bringing Mosugaba back down and causing it to perch on the castle. After the Island Sisters apologize for all the trouble, Kirby places them on Mosugaba, and they proceed to return home atop the giant moth. King Dedede cries out for the moth to return amidst a sneezing fit, but he is left unheeded. The episode ends as Mosugaba disappears over its island in the South Seas.

Dialogue differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, the song that the Island Sisters sing is different, and features lyrics. More information on these lyrics can be found on the song's page.
  • In the Japanese version, Doctor Yabui does not suggest anything unreasonable, and as such, the Cappies do not leave his office speaking ill of him.
  • In the Japanese version, Meta Knight comments on the cocoon by wondering if the heat from the fire will hasten Mosugaba's emergence.


  • This episode marks the first time that Escargoon has directly gone against King Dedede and helped Kirby subdue a monster.
  • Two arrangements of the Japanese version of Mosugaba's song would later be ported over in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, under the names "More Dig and Dash" and "Evade and Dig and Dash." It was previously rearranged twice for Kirby Mass Attack as "Desert Scorcher" and "Lifted Upward."
  • King Dedede and Escargoon's insults toward each-other near the beginning of the episode are a reference to the events of the earlier episode Something to Sneeze At.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モスガバーの逆襲!
mosugaba no gyakushū
Mosugaba Strikes Back!
Brazilian Portuguese Terror de Lagarta Caterpillar Terror