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This article is about Meta Knight's signature sword, and should not be confused with Master.
Artwork of Meta Knight holding Galaxia from Kirby Star Allies

Galaxia is the main weapon of the masked swordsman, Meta Knight, used for his occasional battles with Kirby and against other enemies. While it has previously appeared in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, later games afterward would slowly adopt the Galaxia as Meta Knight's main weapon in the games, starting with official artwork in games like Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, and Super Smash Bros. Melee and Kirby Air Ride in actual gameplay.


Galaxia takes the appearance of a pronged, flame-like, golden sword with a red gem on its hilt. The sword has been shown to fire crescent-shaped shots, and can also be used as a melee weapon, much like an ordinary sword. Besides being used for melee purposes, Galaxia also has elemental powers. In Kirby: Squeak Squad, Galaxia can create an electrical charge around its owner and unleash fiery shots, and in Kirby Star Allies, it can also be imbued with different elemental powers from other player attacks. As shown in Kirby: Planet Robobot's Meta Knightmare Returns, Galaxia is also capable of destroying large objects and enemies, typically those that would be easily done in using the Robobot Armor.

In past appearances, the Galaxia has previously been shown with six prongs, which can be seen in official artwork starting in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. Kirby Air Ride, meanwhile, used a design with four prongs. The four-pronged Kirby Air Ride design has been used consistently in the Super Smash Bros. series since Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and in the Kirby series since Kirby Mass Attack (Kirby Super Star Ultra and Kirby's Epic Yarn inconsistently switch between six and four prongs). In games prior to Kirby Star Allies, the blade is flat across its width, but starting in said game, the blade's width comes to a peak.


In earlier games in the Kirby series, Meta Knight previously wielded a generic sword that varied in appearance, both in official artwork and in-game. Said sword is typically portrayed with a completely golden coloration, or features a silver blade and a golden hilt in some appearances.

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! was the first to introduce the Galaxia as Meta Knight's main weapon, and starting in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, official artwork typically retcons Meta Knight in remakes of past games to use the Galaxia. However, its appearance in Kirby & The Amazing Mirror remains unclear due to how inconsistently portrayed the sword was in the game, even in official artwork (see #Similar swords). Super Smash Bros. Melee was the first to depict Meta Knight using the Galaxia in-game, although as a trophy. Eventually, Kirby Air Ride would feature Meta Knight properly using the famous sword with its current appearance in gameplay.

While the Galaxia was given its current name in the anime, it was properly adopted into game appearances starting with Super Smash Bros. Brawl with Meta Knight's "Galaxia Darkness" Final Smash. In the Kirby series, Galaxia's name is used starting with Kirby's Epic Yarn, with the term "Galaxia Sword" being used to refer to both a piece of Furniture and an Area Patch used to unlock Battleship Halberd.

Game appearances[edit]

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land[edit]

In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Meta Knight fights with a golden sword much like in Kirby's Adventure, and official artwork for this game confirms it to be the Galaxia.

Kirby Air Ride[edit]

Kirby Air Ride is the first game to portray Galaxia with its current appearance in actual gameplay. It is wielded by Meta Knight and can be used like the Sword ability.

Kirby: Squeak Squad[edit]

In promotional artwork, it is confirmed that Galaxia is used by Meta Knight in his appearance in Kirby: Squeak Squad. Meta Knight uses it to fight much like its previous appearances, and it is also capable of using elemental powers, such as creating an electrical charge around the masked swordsman and unleashing fiery, crescent-shaped shots.

Kirby Super Star Ultra[edit]

In the remake Kirby Super Star Ultra, Meta Knight's sword that he uses in Kirby Super Star is retconned to be the Galaxia, and can be clearly seen in promotional art, as well as in Meta Knightmare Ultra's various in-game artwork and cutscenes.

Kirby's (Extra) Epic Yarn[edit]

The Galaxia Sword furniture item

For the first time in the Kirby series, Galaxia appears with its proper name as a furniture item in Kirby's Epic Yarn and its remake. The furniture piece, named the Galaxia Sword, depicts Galaxia rested upon a wooden stand. It features six prongs, similar to its older depictions. It can be obtained early in the Battleship Halberd stage.

A yarn replica of Galaxia appears in the patch animation for the Battleship Halberd stage. It swipes across the clouds to clear them for the Halberd to come into view and for Kirby to access the stage. This Galaxia replica features four prongs, making it much closer to the modern design that was used since Kirby Air Ride.

Finally, the only appearance of Meta Knight wielding the Galaxia in this game is in the "Ambushed!" cutscene, as this is the only time he can be seen in-game where he is not transformed into his yarn form just yet. Afterwards, in his yarn form he is forced to make use of different-colored yarn swords when encountered in his boss stage.

Kirby Mass Attack[edit]

Galaxia attacks multiple Kirbys in Kirby Quest.

In Kirby Mass Attack, Galaxia appears on the title screen logo for Kirby Quest. It also appears as a secret boss in Chapter 4, provided the player did not miss a single attack for the first eight battles of the chapter, and if they have beaten the chapter before. If these conditions are met, Meta Knight is then replaced with an oversized Galaxia as the boss for Stage 39. Galaxia has 2500 health, and will attack the Kirbys with meteors should the player miss an attack. Once defeated, the Galaxia is then granted to Kirby and allows him to consistently perform an 'Awesome' attack in which he wields the sword and deals 9999 damage towards Dark Matter.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land / Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe[edit]

In Kirby's Return to Dream Land and its remake, Meta Knight uses Galaxia in his moveset. An enlarged Galaxia is one of the many sword variations Kirby may use in the Ultra Sword Super Ability.

Kirby: Planet Robobot[edit]

In the fight against Star Dream, Meta Knight inserts Galaxia into a slot on the Halberd, and pulls it like a lever to release Kirby and the Robobot Armor to drill through Star Dream's defenses one last time. A similar instance happens before the fourth phase of Star Dream Soul OS begins.

In Meta Knightmare Returns, Meta Knight uses Galaxia on his adventures, much like his previous playable appearances. Notably, Galaxia is also able to destroy objects and enemies that are normally only able to be destroyed with the Robobot Armor. Meta Knight can also perform Galaxia Darkness, his Final Smash from Super Smash Bros Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

In Kirby Star Allies, Galaxia is used by Meta Knight the Dream Friend, and can also be infused with different elemental powers. These elemental powers also enhance Meta Knight's Shuttle Loop with different effects.

Kirby Fighters 2[edit]

In Kirby Fighters 2's Story Mode: The Destined Rivals, Meta Knight uses Galaxia when attacking alongside King Dedede in their tag-team duo fight. When Meta Knight is unlocked as a playable fighter after completing Chapter 4 of Story Mode, he uses Galaxia much like he did in his previous playable appearances.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

Meta Knight uses Galaxia as his main weapon for his boss battle in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. If Kirby uses a variant of the Sword ability to parry his Upper Calibur attack, Galaxia will be knocked out of Meta Knight's grasp. If Kirby picks up Galaxia, he'll be forced to use a back-up sword for the rest of the fight. Said back-up sword strongly resembles the generic sword Meta Knight wields in Kirby's Adventure.

Additionally, Kirby can use a replica of Galaxia with the evolved version of Sword, Meta Knight Sword.

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

The Galaxia does not directly appear in Kirby's Dream Buffet, instead appearing in various Character Treats depicting Meta Knight.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

SmashWiki has more information about this subject here.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the trophy of Meta Knight uses his design from the anime, making it the first appearance of Galaxia in any game appearance. In all of his playable appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series, starting with Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Meta Knight fights with Galaxia in his moveset, and Brawl is also where Galaxia's name was adopted into the games for the first time.

Galaxia also serves as the namesake of Meta Knight's Final Smash in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Galaxia Darkness.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Anime Galaxia.png
Meta Knight wielding the Galaxia in the anime.
Comparable to Sword
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My name is Galaxia. Only the most powerful of knights may wield my ancient magic. Meta Knight is the chosen one. Your mother Garlude knew well this truth. In sacrificing her life, Garlude made the ultimate sacrifice.
— Galaxia addressing Sirica in Crusade for the Blade

In the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Galaxia is Meta Knight's signature sword, and an ancient relic of great power. Galaxia appears prominently in the episodes Hour of the WolfWrath and Crusade for the Blade. In the latter episode, Galaxia is told by Kabu to have been forged thousands of years ago by Photron — the king of the Fire People — and imbued with a life of its own, but it was later stolen by the monster Kirisakin in order to safeguard it for eNeMeE. In order to recover this sword, the Star Warriors Meta Knight and Garlude (the mother of Sirica) fought Kirisakin to reclaim it, but Garlude ended up having to sacrifice her own life to toss the sword to Meta Knight, who among them was the only one who could wield it.

Galaxia is described as being so powerful that it could decide the fate of the universe, so Meta Knight takes extra care to ensure it does not end up in the hands of Night Mare Enterprises. The sword has the power to reject those it deems unworthy who try to wield it by shocking them with electricity. When not used for combat, the blade would typically retract into its hilt until Meta Knight called it forth. Though Meta Knight is described by Galaxia itself as the chosen one, it is clear that its true potential can only be unlocked when it is wielded by Kirby. Using this sword as a proper Copy Ability, Kirby gains the power to toss devastating Sword Beam attacks which can cleave in two even N.M.E.'s most formidable monsters.

In Crusade for the Blade, Galaxia directly speaks to Sirica, indicating that it is sentient. It has a deep male voice in the Japanese version of the anime, and a female voice in the English dub.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

In the Kirby novel series, Galaxia is Meta Knight's sacred sword that he has with him at all times. It is the most famous sword in the universe. While Meta Knight has been known to have a sword since the first novel, Galaxia was not officially named as such until Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess.

In Kirby: Meta Knight and the Puppet Princess, when Meta Knight and co. discover that Baron Gallic is the source of their problem, Sword Knight and Blade Knight remember dealing with him in the past. Meta Knight then draws it up into the air for it to be seen, awestriking everyone with its beauty. Sword and Blade then continue their tale by explaining that Baron Gallic used his Malice Stone to hypnotize them, and convinced them that their master Meta Knight was a universal threat. He manipulated them to get his hands on Galaxia, and nearly had them deliver the sword to him. However, Daroach was well aware of Gallic's tactics and stepped in to inform Meta Knight of Gallic's criminal nature, allowing Meta Knight to bring his men back to reason and have Galaxia returned before it reached Gallic's grasp. Much later in the story, when Meta Knight faces off against Baron Gallic, it is revealed that Galaxia is one of the many treasures he wanted to feed to the Malice Stone to power it up. Meta Knight puts a stop to this by shattering the Malice Stone, putting an end to Gallic's trickery forever.

Similar swords[edit]

The following section details other swords resembling the Galaxia, as well as different swords wielded by Meta Knight throughout the Kirby series that are not explicitly confirmed to be same as the Galaxia. This does not account for games that confirm Meta Knight to be using the Galaxia in official artwork that is not reused from any prior game.

Other swords wielded by Meta Knight[edit]

  • Kirby's Adventure features Meta Knight using a generic golden sword, resembling the one used by Sword Kirby. This is eventually retconned in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land official artwork to be the Galaxia.
    • Said sword also is used by Meta Knight as a back-up if the Galaxia is knocked off his hands during his battle in Kirby and the Forgotten Land.
    • A similar sword is also used by Meta Knight in Kirby Super Star, uniquely featuring a greenish yellow hilt due to his in-game palette. His official artwork also features the red gem on the hilt, a trait shared with the Galaxia. In the remake Kirby Super Star Ultra, it is eventually retconned as the Galaxia.
  • Kirby's Avalanche, as well as the SNES version of Kirby's Star Stacker, features Meta Knight using a generic sword with a silver blade and a golden hilt.
  • The sub-game Samurai Kirby in both Kirby Super Star and in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe has Meta Knight wielding a silver blade, used to slash through Kirby should he lose to him.
  • The flashbacks in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Crusade for the Blade show Meta Knight wielding a Spanish-style rapier, prior to him obtaining the Galaxia sword.
  • Kirby & The Amazing Mirror notably shows an inconsistency in portraying Meta Knight's sword in both official artwork and in the game. While Meta Knight's artwork clearly shows him using the Galaxia (as it is reused from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land), he still appears to wield a generic golden sword in-game.
    • When Kirby wields the sword to get the Master ability to fight Dark Mind, its appearance remains the same. Artwork for Master depicts the sword based on its in-game appearance, with it resembling the blade used in the Sword ability but golden and with a bluish green jewel on its hilt. The ending image of the game depicts a close-up shot of the Master sword after Meta Knight leaves it in the Central Circle, erroneously showing the blade as silver.
    • The Pause subscreen for Master will also show its ability icon on the top-left corner of the screen to resemble the Galaxia, which implies it to be the same sword as such, however this is not to be taken as an explicit confirmation especially with the inconsistent portrayal of Meta Knight's sword in the game.
  • Meta Knight in his yarn form does not use Galaxia during his boss fight in Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn, instead using a series of yarn-based swords of different colors that are released by a rotating mechanism with an angry face in the background.
    • Meta Knight also uses a generic beige-colored yarn sword during gameplay of the sub-game Slash and Bead, despite its description making mention of Meta Knight using his "famous sword". For unknown reasons, the title screen of Slash and Bead also depicts Meta Knight's yarn sword as green, the same color as the one he uses in official artwork.
  • In the novel Kirby: Meta Knight and the Knight of Yomi, the Galaxia was taken from Meta Knight by Beryl, and is replaced with a different sword when he arrives in Yomi. This sword is described as having no substance and is not apt for battle.
  • In the final battle against the Moon Warriors in Kirby Fighters 2, Waxing Crescent Masked Meta Knight uses a unique sword, with its golden blade featuring an embedded crescent and two prongs. Its hilt is colored silver and red with an azure gem, while the rest of the handle is colored red and features a large tuft of red bristles at the end.

Swords resembling the Galaxia[edit]

  • Dark Meta Knight wields a silver sword with a blue gem on its hilt, resembling Galaxia. In official artwork and appearances since Kirby: Triple Deluxe, said sword consistently has six prongs and a flattened blade, which is more in line with past portrayals of the Galaxia.
    • In his battle as "Dark Meta Knight's Revenge" in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, his "Blade Burst" attack can summon blades resembling his own version of the Galaxia sword from the ground.
  • Magolor Soul's Ultra Sword attack in Kirby's Return to Dream Land and its remake has him use two Galaxia-shaped swords. These are colored silver with a green gem on its hilt.
  • When Meta Knight was first mechanized into the cyborg warrior Mecha Knight in Kirby: Planet Robobot, his Galaxia is replaced with a more powerful laser sword. It features a flashing laser blade roughly forming Galaxia's familiar shape as well as a crescent-shaped hilt with a red triangle in its center. This sword is also used by Stock Mecha Knight.
  • Void Termina's Lonely Sizzle/Blizzard/Zap attack makes the giant swords he wields strikingly resemble the Galaxia, when imbued with an element. This can be clearly seen in the Sizzle and Blizzard variations of this attack.
  • Parallel Meta Knight and Phantom Meta Knight also wield their own versions of the Galaxia, as they are clones of Meta Knight. The former's sword takes on a dark gold appearance with a red gem, while the latter is depicted with a more neon-like coloration for consistency with Phantom Meta Knight's appearance.


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