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Demon Frog

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Demon Frog
Demon Frog.png
Screenshot of the Demon Frog from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode Frog Wild
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The Demon Frog is a small monster frog that appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Frog Wild. It possesses Kirby and uses him to cause destruction in Cappy Town and then Castle Dedede until King Dedede takes the Demon Frog for himself and turns into the monster Devil King Dedede. A helpless Kirby is beat upon by him until the previously ordered Heavy Anaconda arrives. It swallows King Dedede after the Demon Frog loses control over him which results in the Demon Frog's defeat, as it is also swallowed by the Heavy Anaconda in the process.


Majesty, that frog is a hoppin' horror show!
— Escargoon, in Frog Wild

The Demon Frog is a small green creature with a pale underbody which almost exactly resembles that of a true frog, except for a few extra qualities: its bulbous eyes are orange with light purple outlining, and it sports a purple star mark above its nose. It also bears two bat wings on its back, though it never shows any signs of flight capabilities.

The Demon Frog is capable of possessing any victim who it attaches itself unto, turning them into a monster by sinking into them. Its small size also allows it to possess whoever it desires unnoticed. In the Japanese version, the N.M.E. Sales Guy explains that it increases its victim's malice by one million-fold, which results in their monster-like form and behavior.

Devil Kirby[edit]

Devil Kirby
If the Demon Frog really is inside Kirby, then there's no way he can be held responsible for attacking Cappy Town, because it was really the Demon Frog forcing him to do it.
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, in Frog Wild

Once the Demon Frog secretly possesses Kirby, he is transformed into the monstrous Devil Kirby[Japanese title]. His eyes glow red and curve upwards, and his mouth extends across his face in an evil smile. He gives out an evil laugh upon occasion, and he also later on gains two bat wings on his back which resemble those of the Demon Frog's.

Unlike Devil King Dedede, Devil Kirby does not look significantly different from his usual self until he gains his evil face and wings, and is defined by his desire to cause mayhem and destruction. He shows no regret destroying most of Cappy Town, and has no struggle at all dealing with the Waddle Dees of Castle Dedede. Due to Kirby's kind and heroic nature, the Demon Frog is unable to fully integrate itself into him, which allows Tiff to break the frog's hold on Kirby by calling out to him.

Devil King Dedede[edit]

Devil King Dedede
You puny peewees better be scared, 'cuz I'm the baddest dude on the whole planet!
— Devil King Dedede, in Frog Wild

After King Dedede reclaims the Demon Frog, he uses it on himself to become the monster Devil King Dedede[Japanese title], and becomes an enlarged brawny version of his original self. His eyes glow red and curve, just as Devil Kirby's, and he gains six large sharp teeth. He bears two bat wing marks on his chest, and he wears his now torn robes around his large arms.

Devil King Dedede is very large and burly, which allows him to shake and crack the ground with a single stomp. Along with himself, his mallet also grows in size, however, he is never able to cause damage with it. Once the Heavy Anaconda arrives, the Demon Frog is given a fright and King Dedede is shrunk back to his original self.

Role in Frog Wild[edit]

Main article: Frog Wild
If that frog's around, I bet it's causing Kirby's naughty behavior.
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, in Frog Wild
Kirby meets with the Demon Frog moments before it possesses him.

Months prior to the events of the episode, the Demon Frog is ordered by King Dedede from Night Mare Enterprises. However, it quickly escapes Castle Dedede and is later forgotten by King Dedede and Escargoon completely. During the events of the episode, the Demon Frog secretly takes possession of Kirby and uses him to wreak havoc on Cappy Town and afterwards Castle Dedede. While there, the Demon Frog is recaptured by King Dedede who purposely allows it to take possession of him and turn himself into Devil King Dedede. Once transformed, he bashes upon a now helpless and clueless Kirby, and prepares to smash him with his mallet. However, King Dedede's previously ordered monster, Heavy Anaconda appears on the scene and swallows both King Dedede and the Demon Frog after it loses control over him. While King Dedede is eventually rescued from the anaconda's belly, the Demon Frog is presumably defeated when it is swallowed, as it is not seen again.


  • In most foreign dubs, the Demon Frog croaks like a normal frog. However, in the original Japanese version, it is given a voice actor and sounds much higher pitched.
  • Devil King Dedede is very similar in appearance to King Dedede's "swole" form in Kirby Star Allies.
    • Devil Kirby's face is also referenced in The Ultimate Choice when the "Soul Melter" difficulty is selected.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デビル・フロッグ
Debiru Froggu
Devil Frog
Italian Demon Frog -