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Island of the Lost Warrior (place)

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Island of the Lost Warrior (place)
E22 Scene 3.png
Screenshot of the entirety of the island of the Lost Warrior from the episode Island of the Lost Warrior.
First episode Island of the Lost Warrior
Inhabitant(s) Kit Cosmos
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The island of the Lost Warrior[conjectural title] is a deserted island off the coast of Dream Land in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a small tropical jungle island home to Kit Cosmos, a Star Warrior who was stranded there during the war with Night Mare Enterprises.

The island is vaguely triangular in shape, and has no significant elevation differences throughout. It is mostly covered in thick jungle, though there are few if any large animals living on the island aside from Kit Cosmos. Available edible material includes papayas and small fish which can be found in shallow pools around the island. Near the middle of the island is a cliff, which holds Kit Cosmos's home carved into a grotto on the side. The island also has many traps of various kinds set up by Kit Cosmos to deter intruders.