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The Kirby Derby - Part II

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The Kirby Derby - Part II
E36 Scene 3.png
The five teams of racers are displayed on a scoreboard in the Grand Prix.
First aired Japan June 15, 2002
NA February 8, 2003
Episode # 36
Episode # (US) 33
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Wheel
Monster(s) featured No
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tokkori, Tiff, Tuff, Hana, Mayor Len Blustergas, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
The Kirby Derby - Part I Watermelon Felon
Episode order (US)
The Kirby Derby - Part I A Recipe for Disaster
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The Kirby Derby - Part II is the 36th (33rd in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series, and directly follows the plot of the previous episode The Kirby Derby - Part I. In this episode, the Grand Prix race commences between the five teams of King Dedede and Escargoon, Kirby and Tokkori, Tuff and Tiff, Mayor Len Blustergas and Hana, and Meta Knight in a twelve-lap run around Dream Land. Along the way, King Dedede sets off a bunch of traps both from his Royal Racecar and externally to try and hamper or destroy Kirby and the other racers. Meanwhile, Meta Knight appears to go along with Dedede, but pushes Kirby to learn how to fly his Starship, which was his ultimate goal. After Meta Knight sacrifices his vehicle to protect Kirby from another of Dedede's attacks, Kirby inhales one of the tires from the wreck to gain the Wheel Copy Ability and uses it to wreck King Dedede's car. The race ultimately ends with Mayor Len and Hana as the winners, and Kirby is awarded a pilot's license for his ship by Meta Knight after coming in second place in the race.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Wheel Copy Ability in the anime series.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "The Kirby Derby - Part II"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Kirby! You know how to fly!"
"Meta Knight! Now you see why I didn't want Kirby in the race!"
"No way! I won't lose!"
"It's a good thing we stopped for lunch! You get cranky when you're hungry!"
"You and I were married forty years ago today. That's why I wanted to win so badly!"
"Kirby's skills are growing by leaps and bounds!"
"Thanks for the advice!" (after being accused of cheating)
"Listen to that crowd booing us on to victory!"
Secondary characters
*garbled* "-trust us!"
"What's wrong?"
"Here comes Kirby!"
"Hey folks, get your Grand Prix box lunches, here!"
"I can't help it! I wanna give 'em all speeding tickets! Aww..."
(no dialogue)
"Won't this be interesting." *laughs* Appears only in the Japanese version. As such, his dialogue is translated from Japanese.
(Fololo) "Leaving Cappy Town, our course leads through the forest-"
(Falala) "-enters a rocky canyon-"
(Fololo) "-and winds through hills and fields-"
(Falala) "-all the way back to town!"
(Fololo) "It's a test of driving skills and stamina-"
(Falala) "-because all racers have to complete twelve laps!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"This'll be fun!"
"Changin' tires is easy!"
"Hey! Hi! Hello? I never get to see anything!"
"There's lots of things I do better than you!"
"Is everything alright, Mayor?"
(no dialogue)
"Last time, King Dedede challenged Kirby and company to a Grand Prix race! Little did Kirby know, that the King's car was really a monstrous machine supplied by Night Mare Enterprises! After Kirby discovered his old Starship, his armor-plated pit crew worked a mechanical miracle and finally got it up and revving! Our Star Warrior's road to victory took a troublesome turn...when Meta Knight entered the race! But with Dedede up to his usual pranks, our pink pace-setter has a rocky road ahead! Now, let's watch and see who will win this war on wheels!"
"It seems that Kirby has mastered control of his Starship." Appears only in the Japanese version. As such, his dialogue is translated from Japanese.
(no dialogue)
"You sure put me to shame!"
"We'll fix it!"
"We did it. We sabotaged Kirby's brakes like you told us to."
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Kirby and Meta Knight duel in the tunnel.

The episode begins with a narration which recaps the events of The Kirby Derby - Part I and shows clips from that episode in order to bring the audience up to speed. From there, the story resumes from just a short moment before the point it left off, in the midst of the Grand Prix race between the five racing teams of Kirby and Tokkori, Tiff and Tuff, Mayor Len Blustergas and Hana, King Dedede and Escargoon, and Meta Knight as they travel through a sheer-walled rocky canyon. Using the missile launcher on his Royal Racecar, King Dedede shoots at one of the cliff walls up ahead causing a rock slide to tumble down toward Kirby's Starship. After narrowly avoiding the rocks, Meta Knight and Tiff and Tuff check in on Kirby and Tiff tries to scold Meta Knight for letting Kirby join in, but to no avail. At that moment, King Dedede pulls back to gloat and to remind Meta Knight who he is supposed to be working for, and Meta Knight appears to comply, making the kids nervous.

After completing the first of twelve laps, King Dedede and Escargoon are in the lead, followed shortly by the rest of the pack. Kirby and Tokkori attempt to pull ahead of Meta Knight, but he slams into them with his vehicle, prompting Tokkori to retaliate. After passing through a tunnel, Kirby and Tokkori manage to recover and pull ahead, and Meta Knight commends Kirby secretly for his driving aptitude. Kirby then pulls up toward Dedede again, prompting the King to pull out his next weapon: the "hub-saw". He uses this to cut down some trees on the path to land on Kirby and Tokkori, but the two manage to avoid each falling tree. King Dedede next uses a bomb-tossing weapon and a powerful water hose to slow down the drivers behind. Lastly, he tosses out a field of cal-trips which succeed in stalling Kirby and Tuff's vehicles as Meta Knight slips past them. Tiff endeavors to clean up the cal-trips, but when Mayor Len's vehicle arrives, Hana offers to take her place and let them go ahead despite their flat tires, frustrating her husband in the process.

Kirby gains the ability to fly his Starship.

After making another lap with King Dedede still ahead, Tuff and Kirby stop to get their tires changed, and Mayor Len and Hana stop for lunch against Len's wishes. While they recoup, King Dedede and Meta Knight make two more laps, placing the rest of the drivers very far behind, but they get back in the race regardless. While racing near a cliff, King Dedede pushes Kirby's Starship off into the sea, but Kine the sunfish appears and helps Kirby back to shore by pushing his vehicle. Later on, another trap is sprung in the canyon which causes giant stone columns to appear on the race course. After navigating past this, Kirby and Tokkori have to dodge a falling brick trap as well. Tiff and Tuff catch up to King Dedede and berate him for his tricks, but he brushes them off with a cloud of black smoke followed by an oil slick. Later, after Kirby dodges yet another attack from Dedede, Meta Knight is ordered by Dedede to help them corner him. He complies, and Dedede uses his hub-saw to flatten Kirby's tire again. At the pit stop, Kirby's old crew is replaced by Sword Knight and Blade Knight who replace his tire again. They also secretly sabotage Kirby's brakes on Meta Knight's orders in order to truly test Kirby's mettle.

The winners of the race stand on the podium.

As the race continues, Mayor Len and Tuff get more and more frustrated at being behind, and Tokkori becomes impatient and takes the lever. As King Dedede and Meta Knight continue to lead the pack by several laps, King Dedede forces Tokkori and Kirby off the road again and they careen down a steep hill, unable to brake. At that moment, most of the drivers get out of their cars to observe, and King Dedede sets off one more trap to create a massive crevasse for Kirby's vehicle to fall into. After a brief snooze, Kirby wakes up and activates the thrusters on his Starship, taking flight. Seeing this, Tiff apologizes to Meta Knight for distrusting him. Kirby soon touches down and resumes the race on the ground, and the rest jump back in as well. King Dedede decides to stop playing around and activates a Gatling gun on his car to shoot Kirby down, but Meta Knight drives in and takes the fire instead, wrecking his vehicle in the process. Tiff then tells Kirby to inhale one of the tires that fell off of Meta Knight's vehicle and he does so, gaining the Wheel Copy Ability.

As King Dedede enters his final lap, he and Escargoon believe they have knocked Kirby out of the race and decide to take it easy. At that moment, however, Wheel Kirby speeds past them in a flash, completes a lap in seconds, and then does so again and again. As King Dedede and Escargoon panic and try to finish their lap, Wheel Kirby falls on them from behind and knocks them out of their car and out of the race. Wheel Kirby then gets up just behind the finish line and rolls slowly toward it, but is just barely passed by Mayor Len and Hana who manage to take the win, despite initially appearing to still have been five laps behind. It turns out they had managed to catch up by catching Wheel Kirby's draft and were obscured by his dust cloud in each pass. Kirby ends up taking second and Tuff takes third, with Meta Knight and King Dedede not finishing. After receiving the trophy, Mayor Len hands it to Hana, revealing that he wanted to win it for her as his 40th anniversary gift. Meta Knight then appears and hands Kirby a pilot's license for his Starship, which he promptly eats after admiring it for a moment. Once everyone is set to depart, King Dedede and Escargoon return in their wrecked car and try to challenge Mayor Len to twelve more laps for the trophy, but Kirby splashes them with champagne which causes their car to break down completely. The episode ends as everyone laughs at the two sore losers.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive scene where Kirby rapidly pushes the buttons in his Starship.
  • In the Japanese version, the opening narration is provided by Tiff, and is entirely different, including different shots than were used in the international versions.
  • In the Japanese version, arrangements of "A New Wind for Tomorrow" and "Green Greens" play during the race.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Kirby instinctively remembers how to fly his Starship is slightly different, as it shows Kirby rapidly pushing a bunch of different buttons on his dashboard before pulling the lever to take off.
  • In the Japanese version, a number of signs and other text displays at the race stands are different. Additionally, the trophy has an inscription instead of being blank in the international versions which reads "PGR - THE FIRST WINNER".
  • In the Japanese version, a short scene exists near the end where the N.M.E. Sales Guy and eNeMeE comment on the fact that Kirby can now pilot his Starship.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Kirby shouts "Wheel Kirby!" as he transforms.
  • In the middle of the race, King Dedede and Meta Knight are shown to have one lap remaining on the scoreboard. Later on after Kirby gains the Wheel ability, King Dedede and Escargoon are said to have just entered their final lap in the English version when in reality, they are almost done with their last lap. This appears to be a continuity mistake which is not present in the Japanese version.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 栄光のプププグランプリ 後編
Eikō no Pupupu Guran Puri Kōhen
The Glorious Pupupu Grand Prix Part 2
German Das Kirby-Derby, Teil 2 The Kirby-Derby, Part 2