Frog Wild

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Frog Wild
Devil Kirby Destroys Vase.jpg
Devil Kirby destroys a vase
First aired Japan August 16, 2003
NA November 4, 2006
Episode # 95
Episode # (4Kids) 97
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Fire
Monster(s) featured Devil Frog, Devil Kirby, Heavy Anaconda
Character(s) featured Kirby
Episode order
Cowardly Creature Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
Episode order (4Kids)
Cowardly Creature Cappy Town Down
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Frog Wild is the 97th (95th in Japan) episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, where Kirby turns traitor upon being possessed by a Devil Frog.

Plot synopsis[edit]

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At the start of the episode, Kirby is seen chasing a butterfly. A frog that he meets in a few seconds then swallows the butterfly. Kirby and his new "friend" then have a chat. Tiff and Tuff arrive, stating that Kirby needs to come home and that Hana needs his help folding laundry, then run off without realizing his sudden change. Kirby begrudgingly follows.

While Tiff and Tuff set the table for dinner at Cappy Town Mayor Len's house, Kirby turns traitor and makes his first strike at Hana's house, ruining the laundry she just washed. Tiff, Tuff, and Len cannot believe this, until Professor Curio falls prey to the monster. Curio tells his story, and then Tuggle and his store soon become luckless enough to fall prey to the traitor. The traitorous Kirby then goes to a Cappy's house and sprays paint as soon as she peeks out (therefore giving her a makeover, as she put it). Kirby then goes to fortune teller Mabel's house while she is telling fortunes, then dismays her by destroying her crystal ball ("You broke my ball!"). While Len and his friends Tiff, Tuff, Hana, Curio, and Tuggle talk, the traitor steals Len's car and crashes the gas station. Tiff still cannot believe Kirby would do this.

Soon, King Dedede notices what is going on, much to his dismay (since Kirby is now besting him at what the former does best) and decides to protect his position by killing Kirby. In the meantime, Devil Kirby destroys Kawasaki's restaurant (revealing his true form) and proceeds to attack King Dedede when the Dream Land monarch approaches him. Kirby steals King Dedede's limousine while the others give chase. Kirby crashes the Limousine into the police station.

At night, the Cappies are in a panic, and the grown ups hide in prison cells. King Dedede rushes to his throne (in his Castle and summons the N.M.E. Sales Guy. The Sales Guy reveals in his analysis of the damage that the Devil Frog is the culprit. It escaped when it jumped on King Dedede and Escargoon. Then, we find that the Devil Frog jumped on top of Kirby, which turned him into Devil Kirby. However, the Sales Guy does promise a new monster called the Heavy Anaconda because it can destroy the Devil Frog. Dedede then orders the Heavy Anaconda, but then, the Waddle Doo general bursts in, revealing that Devil Kirby has started attacking Castle Dedede. Waddle Doo then tries to counterattack to the best of his ability, but Kirby defeats him. King Dedede then goes after the Demon Frog, but misses, and his traitorous rival stomps him into the floor. Tiff (who had just arrived) then demands that Kirby stops (he fails the first time, at which point Meta Knight notes that Kirby is not gone forever, but manages to do so the second time, freeing his mind), but Dedede grabs the Devil Frog and attaches the frog to the back of his head, transforming into Buff Dedede. Dedede then pummels his rival while the others say that transforming into a monster was the worst thing to do. The Heavy Anaconda arrives and destroys the Devil Frog (swallowing Dedede in the process). Escargoon then pleas for Kirby to help save his boss, though Tiff and Tuff claim that King Dedede himself is at fault, and Meta Knight states that King Dedede himself does not deserve a terrible fate, and they cannot leave the monster here. The Heavy Anaconda then attacks, but Tiff summons a Warp Star that Kirby uses to escape. She then tosses a torch in Kirby's direction. Kirby then transforms into Fire Kirby and uses his Burning and Fireball Spin moves to destroy the Heavy Anaconda, saving King Dedede. Meta Knight then states that Kirby only gets angry when the justice of the Universe has been crushed underfoot, and hints toward a "greater enemy."


  • Buff Dedede returns when King Dedede enters his second phase in Kirby Star Allies.
  • The English Title comes from the expression "hog wild" and is reused in an episode (Season 2 Episode 13) of the Nickelodeon Show "The Loud House".
  • The way Mabel reacts when Devil Kirby destroys her crystal ball is a reference to the famous Scream painting.
  • Apparently, Devil Kirby has his own hammer, as seen in the scene which shows him dismantling Tuggle's store.
  • Two characters noticed that Kirby has changed. Hana said that something must have gotten into him, which turned out to be literally correct. Mabel noticed that Kirby was not "his perky pink self" before she was attacked.