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Frog Wild

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Frog Wild
E95 Scene 2.png
Kirby encounters the Demon Frog.
First aired Japan August 16, 2003
NA November 4, 2006
Episode # 95
Episode # (US) 97
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Fire
Monster(s) featured Demon Frog, Heavy Anaconda
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
Cowardly Creature Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
Episode order (US)
Cowardly Creature Cappy Town Down
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Frog Wild is the 95th episode (97th in the 4Kids broadcast) of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Kirby becomes possessed by the Demon Frog and wreaks havoc upon Cappy Town, and afterwards strikes Castle Dedede. While there, Tiff is able to call out to him and cause the Demon Frog to lose possession over him. King Dedede claims the Demon Frog afterwards and attaches it to himself, enlarging himself into a monstrous form. A helpless Kirby is pounded upon by him until the monster, Heavy Anaconda arrives, which was ordered by King Dedede previously. The Heavy Anaconda gives the Demon Frog a fright, which causes it to lose possession over King Dedede. He shrinks back to his original size and the Heavy Anaconda swallows him whole. After this, the Heavy Anaconda chases down Kirby, but fails after Kirby jumps onto the Warp Star. Kirby strings the Heavy Anaconda around one of Castle Dedede's towers and inhales a torch thrown by Tiff to gain the Fire Copy Ability. He then defeats the Heavy Anaconda by throwing himself inside of it and lighting it ablaze, freeing King Dedede, though the King is much traumatized by the experience.

This episode marks the last traditionally-paced episode of the series before the five-episode finale. The episode's English title is a play on words of the expression "hog wild".


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Frog Wild"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
*evil laughter*
"Yeah, anyone who knows Kirby knows that he wants to help us, not hurt us!"
"Forget it, Kirby ain't no threat to you Cappies! Why, he's as harmless as a horse-fly!"
"Maybe they're just afraid of Kirby because he's a dynamic-demonic ball of fire, and you're just a big bellied out of shape ball of blubber!" *gets smashed with mallet*
Secondary characters
"He gave my friend a makeover!"
"You don't have to have the hash, I can cook anything you want me to! Ah! You just name it!"
"He's public enemy number one!"
(no dialogue)
"Sound the call for reinforcements!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue) Appears only in the Japanese version.
"He's like a monster!"
"I don't know what's gotten into Kirby, but something has!"
"Warp Star!"
"What is wrong, Kirby? You do not seem to be your perky-pink self today."
"Kirby totaled my car..." *cries*
(no dialogue)
"We must find a way to make that Demon Frog leave Kirby."
"Don't you recall the monster you ordered a couple months back?" *imitates frog noises*
*crying* "Oh no... how could you? My relics are just a pile of rubble now! Why did he come in here and smash them all! Why Kirby?"
"He smashed up my place, too!"
"I always knew Kirby was trouble, but this takes the cake! That boy's gone ballistic!"
"This doesn't look too good for Kirby."
*crying* "I'm always nice to Kirby! Why would he wanna do 'dis?"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Kirby follows after the kids, who are unaware of his evil intentions.

The episode begins as Kirby is frolicking with two butterflies. After Kirby chases the butterflies to a nearby pond, a mysterious frog appears from the pond and slurps up one of the butterflies, which draws Kirby's attention to the frog. Tiff and Tuff nearby are searching for Kirby, who they spot by the body of water, alone. They tell him that he is needed by Hana to help with her laundry, they then start to hurry back, however, Kirby stands his ground with an unusually dour expression on his face. He finally joins the kids, only to express an evil look upon his face, both expressions unnoticed by Tiff and Tuff. The three arrive at Mayor Len Blustergas's villa and Kirby is called upon by Hana to help her with the laundry. Inside Mayor Len's villa, Tiff and Tuff are helping Mayor Len Blustergas's butler set the table when they hear Hana suddenly cry out in distress. They run outside and find her covered in laundry, after the laundry is pulled off of her, she claims that Kirby attacked her and ruined her laundry. Kirby arrives at Professor Curio's museum and soon after begins destroying his artifacts without a trace of hesitation. Tiff, Tuff, and Chief Bookem overhear this chaos and rush to Professor Curio's museum, only to learn that Kirby was the source of this attack as well.

Kirby strikes multiple other Cappies, which afterwards leads Tiff, Tuff, and the victims gathered together in discussion regarding Kirby's attacks upon them. Kirby then recklessly drives Mayor Len's car through Cappy Town and crashes it straight into Gus's gas station, which destroys both. At Castle Dedede, Escargoon reports to King Dedede of Kirby's havoc that he is wreaking upon Cappy Town, which leads the two to drive into Cappy Town with the Royal Racecar. After they spot Kirby wrecking Kawasaki's, King Dedede decides to show the gathering that he is worse than the pink puffball by going in after him, however, this backfires once King Dedede witnesses Kirby's evil state up-close for himself. After Kirby sets Kawasaki's ablaze, he snatches the Royal Racecar and begins to chase King Dedede and Escargoon with it. Once they jump out of its path, Kirby destroys it by ramming it into Police headquarters.

Kirby effortlessly fights his way through forces of Waddle Dees.

Late in the night, everyone is ordered by Chief Bookem to stay indoors as he, Chef Kawasaki, and Curio patrol the streets of Cappy Town. After Kirby gives them a fright, though, they lock themselves inside of what is left of the Police headquarters jail cell. Back at Castle Dedede, King Dedede gives N.M.E. Sales Guy a call, in which he tells him of Kirby's monster-like behavior. The Sales Guy reminds him of the Demon Frog that he ordered a few months back, and that the Demon Frog is most likely the cause of Kirby's evil actions. Tiff, Tuff, and Meta Knight eavesdrop on their conversation, and after they learn about the Demon Frog, they set off to find Kirby. King Dedede then orders the Demon Frog's natural predator, the Heavy Anaconda from Night Mare Enterprises in order to take out Kirby along with the frog. Suddenly, Captain Waddle Doo rushes in and reports that Kirby is attacking Castle Dedede.

The Heavy Anaconda is defeated after Fire Kirby lights it ablaze.

After King Dedede and Escargoon witness Kirby best all of the Waddle Dees, Tiff, Tuff, and Meta Knight arrive. As Waddle Doo is spun and tossed by Kirby, the three notice two miniature bat wings on his back, which resemble that of the Demon Frog's. King Dedede then attempts to leap for Kirby in order to catch the Demon Frog with tape, which fails after Kirby stops him and begins pounding him into the ground. Tiff calls out to him to stop, which Kirby heeds, and for a few moments is his normal self. However, the Demon Frog quickly reclaims its control over him and he continues attacking Dedede. Meta Knight states to the kids that the Demon Frog has not fully possessed Kirby's mind yet, which led him to be able to resist the grasp of the Demon Frog for a small amount of time. Tiff calls to Kirby again, but the Demon Frog holds tight. After she calls to him a third time, though, the Demon Frog loses control of him. King Dedede takes this opportunity to snag the Demon Frog with the tape, which he then attaches to himself.

This causes King Dedede to enlarge and take upon a monstrous form of himself. He beats upon a clueless Kirby and prepares to finish him off with his mallet until the Monster Delivery System sends the Heavy Anaconda through, which causes the Demon Frog to lose its control on King Dedede, who is shrunk back down to his original size. The Heavy Anaconda then swallows King Dedede whole, thus defeating the Demon Frog in the process, which leads Escargoon to plead for the others' help. After the kids refuse, the Heavy Anaconda proceeds in its attack by chasing down Kirby and the others, leading Tiff to call upon the Warp Star. Once the Warp Star arrives, it bashes upon the Heavy Anaconda, giving Kirby a chance to jump on before he is eaten too. Tiff then tosses a torch to Kirby which he quickly inhales and gains the Fire Copy Ability. Kirby flies the Warp Star around one of Castle Dedede's towers until the Heavy Anaconda is coiled around it. From there, he then transforms into a fireball and throws himself inside of the Heavy Anaconda's mouth, lighting its head ablaze. After Kirby strikes it with one final blow from outside, the Heavy Anaconda falls to the ground, defeated. Escargoon happily reunites with a crisped but still alive King Dedede, but they soon recoil in fear when Tiff and Tuff demand Kirby take vengeance on them for what they did to him, though Kirby does not feel the need to. The episode ends as Meta Knight tells Tiff and Tuff to save their anger, informing them that Kirby will be challenged by a much more powerful foe very soon.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, the first scene showing Kirby's house up on the hill is slightly longer.
  • The scene when Kirby first encounters the Demon Frog is slightly longer.
  • In the Japanese version, there is an extra scene that shows Kirby vandalizing Buttercup's friend's house with spray paint.
  • The scene when all the residents of Cappy Town run into their houses a short time after Kirby attacks the village includes several small extra clips.
  • In the Japanese version, there is a short scene showing Samo, Mabel, Chef Kawasaki, Gus, Tuggle, and Gangu all hiding away within Samo's bar.
  • The scene where Devil King Dedede smashes Kirby into the ground with his fist is longer.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Chef Kawasaki sings for a few moments as he juggles his cooking utensils.
  • When the N.M.E. Sales Guy is first called by King Dedede, he parrots King Dedede's dialogue.
  • In the Japanese version, Fire Kirby calls out the names of his attacks.
  • At the end of the episode, Meta Knight explains what truly makes Kirby angry, rather than stating that Kirby will face a powerful enemy soon.


  • The way Mabel reacts after Devil Kirby cracks her crystal ball in two is a reference to the famous painting, The Scream.


Japanese-exclusive scenes[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デビル・カービィ!
Debiru Kābyi!
Devil Kirby!
Italian Kirby è cambiato Kirby has changed
Brazilian Portuguese O Sapo Selvagem The Wild Frog