Goin' Bonkers

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Goin' Bonkers

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First aired Japan April 26, 2003
NA November 6, 2004
Episode # 79
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Hammer
Monster(s) featured Demon Bonkers
Character(s) featured Bonkers, Kirby
Episode order
Right Hand Robot Power Ploy
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Goin' Bonkers is the 79th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It comes after Right Hand Robot and precedes Power Ploy. The Hammer Copy Ability returns from Dedede's Pet Threat.


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At the start of the episode, the sheep are sleeping peacefully in their field at Mayor Len's house. However, Bonkers appears, asking where Kirby is soon after he appears. The Cappies do not respond, and Bonkers accidentally smacks them with his hammer on his way out. King Dedede gets word of Bonkers when his lackey, Escargoon, warns him about it.

Kirby is sitting by the river, not noticing someone coming up behind his back. Bonkers calls him over, but King Dedede and his minions arrive in their limousine. Bonkers smashes them out of the way.

The group drives off, exploding at a far distance. Bonkers then reveals who he is to Kirby, and reveals himself to be one of Kirby's biggest fans. After a while, King Dedede and Escargoon arrive, and they demand that Bonkers smash Kirby. Bonkers refuses, and King Dedede tries to crush Kirby with a boulder. Bonkers uses his hammer to deflect the boulder, wanting to save his hero. King Dedede and Escargoon then kidnap Bonkers and take him to the Castle, where Night Mare Enterprises transforms Bonkers into a monster, which Tokkori warns everyone about.

Just before she can get to know what is happening, a demonic Bonkers grabs Tiff. Kirby uses the Warp Star that Tiff summons in order to get the hammer, transforming into Hammer Kirby. Kirby defeats Bonkers, and the ape reverts to his normal self and King Dedede and Escargoon get crushed as retribution.

Bonkers waves goodbye and heads off into the sunset, looking at his photo of Kirby. Kirby does the same, and jumps into the air with glee, ending the episode.