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KRBaY Buttercup artwork.png
Artwork of Buttercup from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Last episode Fright to the Finish
Main role Supporting character
Relative(s) Chief Bookem (husband)
Similar characters Hana
Voice actor(s) Lisa Ortiz (English)
Madoka Akita (Japanese)
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Mrs. Buttercup Bookem is a minor recurring supporting character in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. She is a Cappy and the wife of Chief Bookem. She does not often have dialogue, but she comes across as sincere and kind, particularly toward her husband. She can sometimes be seen gossiping with Hana and Mabel


Buttercup is an elderly Cappy woman who can be distinguished by her wrinkled cheeks, lavender scarf, and bushy gray hair. She does not typically play a significant role in the episodes she appears in, with one of her only distinct appearances being as the math teacher in the episode eNeMeE Elementary, where she becomes uncharacteristically violent and aggressive after donning the teacher's cap. This role in addition to her introduction by Escargoon implies that she is skilled in mathematics. It is later shown in the episode that Buttercup sometimes teaches the Cappy children in a more informal setting, where she tells them stories. Her illustration of King Dedede crying in that scene - assuming she drew it - also implies that she is a decently skilled illustrator.

In The Meal Moocher, Buttercup is shown to be an expert chef, as she is able to prepare excellent Japanese cuisine. In A Trashy Tale, she is shown to be rather untidy, which becomes a point of gossip for the whole town, but it is later revealed that she was unable to keep the house clean when Chief Bookem insisted on keeping all the items from the lost and found there.


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Buttercup appears in a majority of episodes in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, though her role is usually incidental. For a full list of Buttercup's episode appearances along with details of her role in each one, see her filmography page.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サト
Katakana spelling of「里/郷さと」(meaning "village/country/home")