The Kirby Quiz

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The Kirby Quiz

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First aired Japan January 4, 2003
NA March 6, 2004
Episode # 64
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured N/A
Monster(s) featured N/A
Character(s) featured Kirby, King Dedede, N.M.E. Sales Guy
Episode order
Something to Sneeze At Masher 2.0
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The Kirby Quiz is the 64th episode in the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, featuring a quiz which the characters participate in. It succeeds Something to Sneeze At and precedes Masher 2.0.


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It's new year in Dream Land, so King Dedede decides to wake up Escargoon to watch the sunrise on New Year's Day (which Escargoon finds to his surprise). King Dedede then wakes up everyone with colors. He and Escargoon then decide to tell everyone about the Kirby Quiz, which the N.M.E. Sales Guy hosts. Excited, Kirby, Tiff (who is at first suspicious), Tuff, and the others enter. Eventually, the five teams are set. Tiff and Kirby form the Star Team, Tuff and Tokkori form the Moon Team, Samo and Chef Kawasaki form the lightning team, fortune teller Mabel and Honey form the Flower Team, and King Dedede and Escargoon form the Treasure team, whose audience Waddle Dees make up. Tiff wonders why the Sales Guy is hosting the quiz, but her parents kindly ask that she lets go of her anger since it is the new year.

The Star Team gets most of the questions correct (They fail to answer a question which involved what Kirby did when King Dedede converted his castle into an amusement park and another question which involved what King Dedede when an asteroid was bound on course for planet Popstar) and is in the lead with an amazing 140 points. However, the Treasure Team retaliates with a trap: Kirby goes off to find a watermelon, so Tiff goes after his trail to get him back, disabling their team for the penultimate question.

For the final question ("Which animals tried to take over Dream Land?"), as the Quiz's Grand Prize is a cruise to a faraway resort on planet Hawaii, everyone gets the correct answer (sheep, possibly referencing how a monster named Amon tried to take over Dream Land in his attempt to gain revenge after King Dedede attempted to eat him), but King Dedede changes everyone else's answers to random errors, giving his team victory. However, Kirby (who just returned after his snack) then accidentally exposes King Dedede's plot. As a result of this, the Star Team is pronounced the winner instead as King Dedede and Escargoon are blown up by fireworks as punishment for their actions and everyone who does not get blown up laughs and celebrates the New Year.


  1. Which Copy Ability did Kirby gain first? (Answer: He gained the Fire ability. Results: The Star, Moon, and Treasure teams are correct.)
  2. Which monster did Kirby defeat when he first transformed into Cook Kirby (Answer: He defeated a Popon. Results: The Star and Lightning teams are correct.)
  3. Which monster made snow and ice in Dream Land? (Answer: The Ice Dragon Results: Everyone is correct.)
  4. Which Copy Ability did Kirby use to defeat the Ice Dragon? (Answer: He used the Ice ability. Results: The Star, Lightning, and Moon teams are correct.)
  5. Which monster did Princess Rona and Kirby defeat together? (Answer: They defeated Susshi. Results: The Star and Lightning teams are correct.)
  6. Whom was the WolfWrath going after? (Answer: He was after Meta Knight. Results: The Star, Moon, and Treasure Teams are correct.)
  7. When King Dedede and Chef Kawasaki were trying to make spicy food, what did Kirby use to defeat Monsieur Goan? (Answer: He used Superspicy Curry. Results: Everyone is wrong.)
  8. When King Dedede turned his castle into an amusement park, what did Kirby do? (Answer: He sung. Results: Nobody answered.)
  9. Who won a race that was featured in Cappy Town? (Answer: Mayor Len and his wife won. Results: Everyone is wrong.)
  10. Whom did Kirby recruit as his fighting ally versus a Masher (Answer: He recruited Knuckle Joe. Results: Everyone except the Treasure Team is correct.)
  11. Which fighting skill did Kirby and Knuckle Joe use to defeat the Masher? (Answer: They used the Rising Break. Results: The Star Team is correct. The Treasure Team did not answer.)
  12. Is the fact that King Dedede did something nice before an asteroid could destroy Dream Land true? (Answer: True; King Dedede built a playground for the Cappies, which Kirby found to his joy. Results: The Treasure Team is correct. The Star Team did not answer, but does not lose points due to an excused absence.)
  13. Which animals attempted to take over Dream Land? (Answer: Sheeps attempted to take over Dream Land. Results: Everyone is correct, but the Treasure Team gets everything and then is disqualified.)

Kirby Quiz Final Score[edit]

Star Team: 140 points Moon Team: 80 points Lightning Team: 80 points Flower Team: 40 points (Erroneously depected as 20) Treasure Team: ????


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  • The fourth wall is broken in this episode three times.
    • When King Dedede sees the New Year sunrise, Escargoon retorts that New Year's day was 4 days ago, referring to January 4, 2003, when the episode originally aired.
    • Just as he is about to continue the Kirby Quiz, the N.M.E. Sales Guy says it is time for a commercial as the screen fades to black.
    • After the Treasure team reports they are in last place, the N.M.E. Sales Guy suggests waking up early every week to watch the show. This refers to the anime's early time slot (7:30).
  • King Dedede may not be very smart, as shown by his habit of answering some questions with the wrong answer.
  • Kirby speaks more words in this episode, including "Fire," "Popon,", "Fire Kirby," "Knuckle Joe," "Rising Break," and "Suika" (Watermelon). These words are not edited in the dub.
  • In the scene where Knuckle Joe and Kirby destroyed a Masher, Tuff says that they performed a Spin Kick, which was called a Roundhouse in Here Comes the Son.
  • The reason nobody answered the eighth question may be that the Mike Kirby clip caused a wave of destruction in the Quiz room.
    • Also, the horns are replaced by a different tune that sounds similar to the Super Mario Bros. 3 underground theme.
    • Kirby also is unharmed by this clip.
  • This is the first time the N.M.E. Sales Guy is fully seen, though he appears as to be on his knees.
  • Apparently, Tuff has a bad memory, as shown by his answer being Blocky in Question 2. (In reality, it was Popon.)
  • This episode and The Pillow Case are the two clip shows in the anime.