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Flame Feeder

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Flame Feeder
E48 Scene 22.png
Screenshot of the Flame Feeder emerging from the Booma-Dooma Volcano from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode Tourist Trap
Ability granted Fire
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It's a hot new monster called Flame Feeder. That fire you see inside gives it its energy. The more heat Flame Feeder absorbs, the more powerful it becomes.
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, regarding the monster in Tourist Trap

Flame Feeder is a giant flying fiery jellyfish monster that appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Tourist Trap. King Dedede orders this monster from Night Mare Enterprises in order to spice up the experience of his tourists and hopefully to also defeat Kirby. When he receives Flame Feeder, it is initially just an egg, but he causes it to hatch after tossing it into the Booma-Dooma Volcano. After failing to harm it with the Fire Copy Ability, Kirby is later able to best it easily using the Ice ability instead.


Flame Feeder is a giant flying jellyfish-like creature made of fire and lava. It starts life as a relatively small gelatinous egg with a fire in the middle that resembles a fish egg. This egg is roughly the size of a grapefruit and can be held without damaging it, making it easy to transport. When immersed in a scorching-hot environment, such as the caldera of an active volcano, it will rapidly develop into its adult form. From there, it attacks by hurling balls of fire at its targets. These fireballs can be inhaled by Kirby to gain the Fire Copy Ability, but the Fire ability cannot be used to harm Flame Feeder, and will instead only make it more powerful. By contrast, Flame Feeder is very weak to the Ice Copy Ability, and will shrink rapidly if hit with frost breath.

Role in Tourist Trap[edit]

King Dedede holding the Flame Feeder egg.
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Flame Feeder is obtained in egg form by King Dedede, who desires to use the monster to put his tourists in danger, thinking that danger will make the tour more exciting for them. When the tour reaches the Booma-Dooma Volcano, King Dedede and Escargoon toss the Flame Feeder egg into the volcano while distracting the tourists with a fireworks display. Once in the lava, the Flame Feeder egg rapidly develops into its adult form and then emerges in the sky above the caldera. It then immediately starts to attack the tourists by lobbing fireballs at them. Kirby steps in to defend them by inhaling one to gain the Fire ability, and Tiff calls the Warp Star to help Kirby fight the monster.

Fire Kirby flies toward Flame Feeder and tries to use his fire breath on it, but these attacks only cause the monster to grow larger and stronger, and it bats Kirby away. With Kirby in trouble, Tiff and Tuff get the idea to toss their ice at him to inhale, and with the help of the tourists, Kirby gets enough to gain the Ice ability. Using this ability, Kirby chills Flame Feeder, causing it to shrink to a size small enough where Kirby can inhale the beast and transform it into inert chunks of ice. Kirby then kicks these ice chunks away, and they fall on and bury King Dedede and Escargoon.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアーゼリー
Faiā Zerī
Fire Jelly