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This article is about a monster from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, and should not be confused with Angie.

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Debut episode Tooned Out
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Anige is the main antagonist of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Tooned Out. He is a robotic monster who impersonates Dis Walney. Anige has 8 spheres orbiting around his body, which allows him to unleash a blast of energy. His head is an old fashioned television with a green screen and a single large eye. The rest of his body resembles a tabletop lamp. His body is a metal rod with a golden base for a foot. Anige does not have arms, but his hands, similar in look to Master Hand and Crazy Hand, appear to float on their own. In his hands is a controller which resembles a video game controller and allows Anige to control his enemies. Like Walney, he has a small moustache and a red beret.

Role in Kirby: Right Back at Ya![edit]

Anige is an old, yet cruel manipulative monster appearing in Tooned Out, where he is a monster who disguises himself as Dis Walney. He gets King Dedede and Kirby to act out a fighting scene (much to their exhaustion) that the monster uploads onto his computer. At this, Tiff, who realizes that Dis Walney would not be so cruel in his normal state, attacks him, but Anige emits a powerful red force field and reveals his true form as a robot.

Anige fires red lasers with his orbs, and uses controls to their every move by linking his controller to the optic sensors placed on their bodies. Anige dies not fight directly, but forces King Dedede to smash Kirby with his hammer. Meta Knight notices that an optical sensor is sparking and tells Kirby to inhale it. Kirby, upon his inhalation of the optical sensor, transforms into Spark Kirby. In this form, Kirby manages to kill Anige by shooting him with electrical lasers. Anige's corpse explodes when one of the blasts strikes his fuel, causing his body to explode and destroy the castle.


  • Anige is one of the few known monsters that can talk.
  • The controller Anige carries in his hands is similar to a Nintendo 64 controller.
  • Anige is the third monster to disguise himself as a famous person, his victim being Dis Walney. The first is a Popon who poses as Chef Shiitake, the second is the Broom King in his disguise as Rowlin. However, unlike those two, Anige's disguise's model never actually appears.
  • Unusually, Anige is ordered by accident, since King Dedede only wanted to download the real Dis Walney.
  • Anige earned his name from a pun on the word anime.
    • The "e" in Anige's name has a macron in Japan, forming "Anigē."