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E89 Anige.png
Screenshot of Anige from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode Tooned Out
Ability granted Spark (from sensors)
Similar entities Popon, Broom King
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This article is about the computer monster from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, and should not be confused with Angie.
Alright, boys, I'm sending you the ace of all animators! Allow me to introduce the legendary Dis Walney!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy introducing Anige, who is disguised as Dis Walney in Tooned Out

Anige[Japanese title] is a computer monster who appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Tooned Out. He is initially disguised as a famous animator named Dis Walney, and using computer equipment, sets up a scenario where King Dedede first willingly, then against his will, attacks Kirby, who is forced in turn to endure the punishment when both their movements are controlled by the monster using attached optical sensors. Shortly after Anige reveals his true form, Kirby is freed from the sensors that were controlling him, allowing him to retaliate against Anige and destroy him using the Spark Copy Ability.

The Japanese name of this monster is used for this article, since a localized name for the monster was never given in the 4Kids version.


As "Dis Walney"[edit]

Anige disguised as Dis Walney.
The animation software uses motion capture data, which we will collect from these optical sensors. Move around, Your Majesty!
— Anige as Dis Walney in Tooned Out

Anige initially appears disguised as another character named Dis Walney. This character is described as a famous animator, who Tiff and Tuff particularly idolize. Dis Walney is a humanoid man with a notably large nose, a small brown mustache, and a red beret. He wears a brown suit which fully covers his body and wears an orange tie underneath. This impostor Dis Walney is defined by his blatant greed and his skill with computer technology, along with his callous disregard for Kirby.

Unlike the case with Rowlin in A Novel Approach, the real Dis Walney never appears in the show.

As Anige[edit]

Now I'm going to delete your friend Kirby permanently!
— Anige, in Tooned Out

Anige's true form resembles a computer monitor attached to a lamp-stand, surrounded by floating sensor cameras and floating disembodied hands. The main computer monitor features a green screen with a single large eye in the middle. In this form, Anige retains a small white mustache and the red beret he was wearing while disguised. He also holds a controller which he uses to control King Dedede and Kirby's movements using the optical sensors attached to the two.

Anige can also attack by shooting lightning bolts from his floating cameras, though he is likewise very weak to Spark attacks.

Role in Tooned Out[edit]

Anige reveals his true form and proceeds to take control of Kirby and King Dedede using the optical sensors.
With just the flip of a switch, my motion capture device has now turned into a motion controller!
— Anige, in Tooned Out
Main article: Tooned Out

Anige appears in Tooned Out initially disguised as the famous animator Dis Walney in order to help King Dedede create a cartoon in a single day. To carry this out, he recommends using CGI, and sets up his studio to capture King Dedede and Kirby's movements using optical sensors applied to their bodies. As the capture begins, the fake Walney encourages King Dedede to relentlessly attack Kirby, which causes Tiff to doubt his motives and try to stop him, but at that moment, he throws off his disguise and reveals his true form.

From there, Anige pulls out his controller and uses it to control the movements of both Kirby and King Dedede, forcing Kirby to hold still and endure King Dedede's further punishment, as even King Dedede finds this notion to be disturbing and exhausting. Eventually, Kirby is kicked into the ceiling, which ends up jostling the motion sensors free from his body. Kirby then inhales the detached sensors to gain the Spark Copy Ability, and uses it to quickly destroy Anige after zapping him twice with lighting blasts.


  • In the Japanese version, the look of Anige's controller is different, and features more buttons.
  • The character Dis Walney is based on the real-world figure Walt Disney, founder of the most successful animation company in the world which bears his name. The character is called "Walt Dezney" in the Japanese version, and is said to have drawn the famous "Macho Mouse".
  • Anige's role in Tooned Out can be seen as a critique of advancing animation technology which is replacing older more work-intensive animation techniques.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アニゲー
Can be considered a portmanteau of "アニメ (anime)" and "ゲーム (game)"