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Domestic Servant Robot

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Domestic Servant Robot
Domestic Servant Robot.png
Screenshot of the Domestic Servant Robot from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode Pink-Collar Blues
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It's our latest creation: our Domestic Servant Robot!
— N.M.E. Sales Guy, regarding the monster in Pink-Collar Blues

Domestic Servant Robot is a robotic monster that appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Pink-Collar Blues. It is roughly washing machine-shaped with extendable arms and tank treads which is capable of performing a wide variety of household tasks, but can also transform into a battle robot with combat abilities. King Dedede orders this robot from Night Mare Enterprises to replace his Waddle Dee servants, but these Waddle Dees come back to help Kirby destroy the robot after it is revealed it was stealing treasure from Castle Dedede in order to force Dedede to repay his debt to N.M.E.


The Domestic Servant Robot is a stout square-shaped machine with retractable arms and tank treads in place of legs. Its main body is painted white, and its face consists of a patchwork of cogs and eyepieces, with a mouth that serves as a slot which opens up to deliver various objects. Its eyepieces are notably asymmetrical, with the right eye being larger and the left being decorated with accents that give it a strange facial expression. The Domestic Servant Robot is quick to perform tasks around the castle and is very versatile. In addition to fetching things and using tools, it has a built-in washer which can be used to do laundry. Despite its efficiency, however, it cannot do as much work by itself as all the Waddle Dees in the castle could.

When threatened, the Domestic Servant Robot can fight in a number of different ways. It can fire a devastating laser blast from its larger eye which causes explosions on impact. When necessary, it can transform into a much larger battle robot with beefy arms and legs and headpiece atop its main body with an additional eye. In this form, it can easily brush off the attacking Waddle Dees with spears. However, if pinned down, it can be weakened by loosening its bolts and screws and then destroyed with a hard impact.

Role in Pink-Collar Blues[edit]

The Domestic Servant Robot in battle mode.
Main article: Pink-Collar Blues
We said we need a monster, not a toaster!
— Escargoon, in Pink-Collar Blues

In Pink-Collar Blues, King Dedede orders the Domestic Servant Robot from Night Mare Enterprises in order to replace the Waddle Dees in his castle, as he has grown impatient with them. Using the robot to help, he evicts every one of them from the castle. Later on, however, it is revealed by Meta Knight that the robot has been going around stealing precious objects from the castle while on cleaning duty and returning them to N.M.E. in order to force Dedede to pay his outstanding debt. When King Dedede finds out about this, the robot turns on him and starts attacking him with laser blasts. Seeing the destruction from afar, the Waddle Dees return to the castle to defend Dedede from the robot. Kirby helps them by using the Stone Copy Ability to pound the robot into the ground and keep it pinned while the Waddle Dees set to work dismantling it with their tools. Once the robot is sufficiently loosened, Stone Kirby delivers one last stomp to reduce it to scrap.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホームヘルパーロボ
Hōmu Herupā Robo
Home Helper Robot