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Kirby of the Stars Pilot

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Kirby of the Stars Pilot
Kirby of the Stars Pilot title.png
Title card for Kirby of the Stars Pilot.
First aired N/A (created sometime in 2000)
Episode # 0
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Ice, Spark
Monster(s) featured Captain Stitch, Meta Knight, Ice Dragon, Dark Matter, Master Green, Blocky, Efreeti, Haboki, Mr. P. Umpkin, Sweet Stuff, Nightmare
Character(s) featured Kirby, Dream Land princess, King Dedede
Episode order
First episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
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Kirby of the Stars Pilot[Japanese title] is an animated short film made to serve as a springboard for the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, though the film in question has nothing to do story-wise with the anime series proper, instead acting as a proof of concept. The film involves Kirby having a dream while riding a Warp Star through space about meeting and befriending a princess in Dream Land while King Dedede tries several times to thwart them, but in the end, joins them to battle a horde of enemies before being attacked by Nightmare. Unlike the proper anime series, this short film contains no dialogue whatsoever.

The film was initially released as part of a special disc bundled with the Japanese Famitsu Cube + Advance magazine in October 2003. Its only other appearance since then has been as a special feature on the Kirby of the Stars HD Remastered Edition All-Round Complete Box, released in March 2023.


The following characters and enemies appear in this episode:



Plot synopsis[edit]

Kirby and his new friends are interrupted by an evil storm.

The film begins out in space as Kirby is sleeping while traveling on his Warp Star. Soon his Warp Star catches fire as it crashes into Dream Land. Kirby pops out of a hole he created in a meadow, having disturbed a princess who was in the area. After a few unknown exchanges, Kirby and the princess become friends. They soar through the air together past Castle Dedede, where they are spotted by the jealous King Dedede. From the castle deck, he attempts to shoot them down with a machine gun, but the gun explodes in his face. Later on, he tries to drop a sharpened log on the couple, but misses it and lodges the object into the head of a massive dinosaur which becomes enraged. He then tries to hammer them at the beach, but is washed away by a wave. Finally, he creates an improvised explosive to use on the two, but it blows up in his face. Kirby notices King Dedede coated in ash, and offers him a hot dog from their picnic, causing the King to give up his act and join the two.

Just then, a dark storm begins to brew. Out of the storm appear several enemies who challenge Kirby. Kirby flies up and defeats all of the in turn, using his inhale and the Ice and Spark Copy Abilities. Kirby and his new friends then charge forward, only to be caught in the grip of Nightmare. Kirby then wakes up in a panic, back on his Warp Star, having apparently dreamed the entire series of events. He looks out into space as his Warp Star continues to fly through the cosmos as the film ends.


  • Despite being the pilot for Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, Meta Knight is portrayed as an enemy in this film.
    • When Meta Knight is about to be hit by Captain Stitch, his mask flips upside-down, which has the effect of making him look frightened.
    • Additionally, this is the only episode which portrays Meta Knight with wings.
  • Notably, King Dedede is portrayed with a proper crown atop his hat in this cartoon.
  • Kirby's design in this short film hearkens back to his general look from the nineties. It is likely that this film was made before Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, since that game helped to solidify Kirby's appearance going forward through the 2000s and in the proper anime series.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星のカービィ Pilot
Hoshi no Kābī Pilot
Kirby of the Stars Pilot