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One Crazy Knight

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One Crazy Knight
E54 Scene 18.png
The monster Windwhipper shows Sir Gallant his own image, breaking his chivalrous fantasy.
First aired Japan October 26, 2002
NA November 8, 2003
Episode # 54
Episode # (US) 54
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Mirror
Monster(s) featured Windwhipper
Character(s) featured Kirby, Mabel, Sir Gallant
Episode order
Snack Attack - Part II Sweet and Sour Puss
Episode order (US)
Scare Tactics - Part II Sweet and Sour Puss
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One Crazy Knight is the 54th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, a rogue monster-hunting knight named Sir Gallant comes crashing into Dream Land and causes a stir with his wild antics. It is later revealed, however, that he is pretending to be a comic book hero by the same name, and has roped Mabel into his fantasy by claiming her to be the fictional Princess Zaia. Taking advantage of this knowledge, King Dedede and Escargoon send out a monster resembling one from the comics called Windwhipper which attacks Sir Gallant, and then forces him momentarily to snap out of his delusions. Kirby then steps in and defeats Windwhipper using the Mirror Copy Ability, but soon discovers that the disillusioned Sir Gallant is about to let go of his will to live. Mabel steps in at the last moment and reinvigorates Sir Gallant by acting as the princess, and gets him to fly off in his spaceship to continue fighting monsters across the galaxy.

This episode is heavily inspired by the classic novel Don Quixote. It also marks the debut of the Mirror Copy Ability in the anime series.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "One Crazy Knight"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Get away from me! I am not a princess!"
"Greetings, peasants! I am Sir Gallant, and I have been greatly moved by your plight and by the courage that you have shown in the face of such monstrous enslavement! But fear not! The end of your oppression is at hand!"
Secondary characters
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"It does my heart good to see somebody besides Kirby enjoy my cooking!"
"This guy sounds like a crack-pot!"
"He could probably use a check-up!"
"What a whack-a-do! He's living in a total fantasy, and he must have gotten the idea from reading these!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Yeah! I guess ol' Helmet Head spent so much time readin' the funnies, now he's funny!"
(no dialogue)
"Hmm...a knight should have much more skill."
"Sir Gallant! With all my heart...thank you!" Appears in a flashback.
(no dialogue)
"Hey! Unhand the lady, sir, if you know what's good for ya!"
"He fights like an amateur."
"Who is this Sir Gallant?"
"I think his helmet's on too tight."
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Kirby and his friends are threatened by the strange knight who emerges from the space ship.

The episode begins at Kirby's House, where Kirby is carting home some watermelons. At that moment, a flash of light streaks through the sky which is witnessed by him and others. A clunky-looking brown spaceship crashes into Dream Land at the exact same spot where Kirby first crashed in episode 1, and Kirby heads over to the cliffside to investigate. At that moment, the ship starts to slip off the cliff, and Kirby attempts to stop it from falling, but fails after Tiff and Tuff arrive. It falls into the crevasse on top of a stone slab, and Tiff gets the idea to move a boulder to fall on the other side of this slab to launch the ship back out of the ravine. This plan works, and the ship lands back out of the ravine. The group approaches the ship as its cockpit opens, when they are threatened by a knight who emerges from the ship. Tiff tries to reason with him, but the knight chaotically lunges at them, believing them to be monsters. He chases them through the fields, but ends up doing more harm to himself than any of them. After inadvertently causing King Dedede and Escargoon to crash their Royal Racecar, the knight collapses out of exhaustion, admitting he cannot fight on an empty stomach.

Kirby and the kids take the knight to Kawasaki's where they help him recover. To Chef Kawasaki's surprise, the knight seems to enjoy his food, eating just about as much as Kirby did. The knight thanks Kawasaki by referring to him as "Your Majesty", leading the group to question his sanity. He then introduces himself as Sir Gallant and explains that he is on a quest to fight monsters across the galaxy. Tuff decides to goad him on by claiming that King Dedede is a monster, and the knight proceeds to run out of the restaurant to attack him and Escargoon. He is stopped however by Sword Knight and Blade Knight, who draw their weapons and allow Dedede to get away. During the fight, Sword and Blade knock Sir Gallant silly and then fall back during his confusion. They later report to Meta Knight and explain that the knight fights rather poorly. After discussing him briefly with Tiff and Tuff, Meta Knight and his soldiers decide they should fix Sir Gallant's ship so he can leave quickly.

Kirby finds a Sir Gallant comic which mirrors the backstory the knight gave to Mabel.

Sir Gallant soon returns with Kirby, and Tiff tries to get more information out of him, but he soon gets distracted by the idea of defeating King Dedede again. He announces his intentions to the whole of Cappy Town as they murmur in confusion, and then proceeds to head to Castle Dedede. However, before he gets far, he is stopped by Mabel, who is concerned for his safety. Seeing Mabel, Sir Gallant is left in a stupefied state, believing her to be a princess named Zaia, whom he claims to have protected long ago. Mabel insists she is not a princess, but Sir Gallant insists, leading Samo to step in and try to stop the encroaching knight. Samo soon gets walloped by Sir Gallant, leading Mabel and the others to look on in confusion. Later on, amidst the ruins outside of Cappy Town, Sir Gallant tries to get Mabel to remember her heritage and relays the story of how he rescued her as an infant and for many years evaded enemy capture through the galaxy, but eventually had to send her away for her own safety. After hearing this story, Mabel decides to go along with it, as Tiff and Tuff observe at a distance.

Mirror Kirby uses Mirror Cut to defeat Windwhipper.

From there, Tiff and Tuff check in on the knights who are busy with the ship. Meta Knight shows them in to reveal what a mess the ship's interior is, and soon discover a stash of comic books. As they peruse them, it is revealed that King Dedede and Escargoon are looking at a similar collection of books back at the castle, realizing that Sir Gallant is merely acting like a comic book hero by the same name. They then watch one of the Sir Gallant video tapes and see the fictional knight battling with a windmill, and get an idea. Meanwhile, Sir Gallant is leading Mabel over to his ship intent on flying her away, but Mabel refuses to leave Dream Land, claiming that she must stay to save the kingdom from oppression. This line works on Sir Gallant, though before they can continue, King Dedede and Escargoon show up and reveal the monster Windwhipper to battle the knight. Mabel tries to Stop Sir Gallant from fighting, but to no avail. Windwhipper tosses a bunch of blades at Sir Gallant, which he finds himself unable to resist. Windwhipper then activates its main rotor, creating a mirror which reveals Sir Gallant's face to himself. Seeing his reflection, the knight is snapped back into reality, and his armor breaks away as he cries out in horror. Sword and Blade rush in to recover the broken knight and carry him to safety, where Meta Knight comments on his grave condition.

The group is interrupted when Windwhipper marches toward them. Kirby steps in and inhales its blades, gaining the Mirror Copy Ability. From there, Mirror Kirby uses a Reflect Guard to block more of Windwhipper's projectiles, and then dodges another volley by using the Mirror Body technique. After confusing Windwhipper with mirror images of himself, Kirby finishes the monster off by using a Mirror Cut to slice it clean in two. With the monster defeated, Kirby and the others try to rally Sir Gallant's spirits, but he admits that it was all a fantasy, and prepares to let his life slip away from him. Just as all hope seems lost, Mabel steps in and reinforces her role as Princess Zaia, commanding him to get up and return to hunting monsters throughout the galaxy. Sir Gallant becomes rejuvenated, and hops into his ship on the orders of his princess and flies away from Dream Land. The episode ends as Mabel comments on the situation to her comrades.

Differences between versions[edit]

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Sir Gallant repeats the word "judgment" as he attacks those he perceives as monsters.
  • In the Japanese version, Mirror Kirby calls out the names of his attacks as he uses them.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese やりすぎの騎士!キハーノ
Yarisugi no Kishi! Kihāno
Over-the-Top Knight! Quixano
German Prinzessin Mabel Princess Mabel