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KRBaY Tuggle artwork.png
Artwork of Tuggle from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode A Dark & Stormy Knight
Last episode Fright to the Finish
Main role Supporting character
Similar characters Gangu, Gus
Voice actor(s) Maddie Blaustein (English)
Mizuki Saitoh (Japanese)
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Tuggle is a minor supporting character in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a Cappy who runs the Cappy Town grocery store, and can be distinguished by his green cylindrical hat and apron with star-like insignia on them. Little is known about Tuggle in terms of personality or his relationship with other characters, but he is shown to be somewhat frank and cranky in character, as well as a bit of a cheapskate. Despite this, he runs his store without issue most of the time.

Tuggle does not serve a particularly big role in the anime aside from Episode 52: Snack Attack - Part I. Here, he partners up with Gangu in order to sell their merchandise; repurposed and combined from older products that could not sell individually. This new product ends up becoming a sensation in Cappy Town, making both of them a lot of money. Later on, King Dedede gets Night Mare Enterprises to ship a very similar product to Tuggle's store, and the shopkeeper literally sees it falling from the sky at his doorstep. Despite the shady circumstances, he and Gangu sell these new wares without a second thought.


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Tuggle appears in a majority of episodes in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, though his role is usually incidental. For a full list of Tuggle's episode appearances along with details of his role in each one, see his filmography page.