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E32 Tuggle.png
Screenshot of Tuggle from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
First episode Dark and Stormy Knight
Main role Supporting character
Similar characters Gengu
Voice actor(s) Maddie Blaustein (English)
Mizuki Saitoh (Japanese)
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Tuggle is a minor supporting character in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a Cappy who runs the Cappy Town grocery store.


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The following is a complete list of all of Tuggle's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

Tuggle's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Selected quote Notes
Dark and Stormy Knight
E4 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "If my insurance don't cover this, you're gonna hear from my lawyer!" This is Tuggle's first speaking role in the series.
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Hail to the Chief
E10 Tuggle.png
Secondary character "It all happened so fast, Chief! I was in the store room for a minute, and when I came out, my whole store was cleaned out!"
The Pillow Case
E14 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Flower Power
E18 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Here Comes the Son
E19 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "I don't know! He rarely shops here because he doesn't have any money!"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "Looks like he won't be catering King Dedede's wedding!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Escargoon Rules
E25 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Labor Daze
E28 Tuggle.png
Secondary character "Dedede's buildin' something pretty big!"
A Spice Odyssey
E29 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "Nuttin'! I just noticed how Kirby looks exactly like a giant scoop of sorbet!"
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "At least he gave you a second opinion."
Abusement Park
E31 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
A Dental Dilemma
E32 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "Ehh...yeah! I got tooth whiteners, dental floss, and a wide selection of mouth washes, too!"
Junk Jam
E33 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "Or we could drop the whole dang heap into a volcano!"
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 Tuggle.png
Tertiary character "You're not gonna enter the Grand Prix with that ting![sic]"


  • Tuggle's voice actors in both versions of the show also voice Gengu.