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Junk Jam

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Junk Jam
E33 Scene 23.png
Fire Lion prepares to pounce a cornered Kirby in the trash heap.
First aired Japan May 25, 2002
NA February 1, 2003
Episode # 33
Episode # (US) 31
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Fire
Monster(s) featured Fire Lion
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
A Dental Dilemma A Recipe for Disaster
Episode order (US)
Abusement Park The Kirby Derby - Part I
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This article is about the episode with Fire Lion, and should not be confused with A Trashy Tale or Waste Management.

Junk Jam is the 33rd (31st in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Dream Land gets buried in trash from alien garbage dumpers as a punishment from Night Mare Enterprises to King Dedede for not paying his bills. After trying to avoid responsibility for the garbage and failing once it starts to bury Castle Dedede as well, King Dedede endeavors to hack into the N.M.E. database and download Fire Lion to burn all the garbage away. In the process, Fire Lion also attacks Kirby, but Kirby gains the Fire Copy Ability from one of its fireball attacks and defeats Fire Lion by tossing it into the ocean. Later on, Tiff berates the alien dumpers and demands they take their trash somewhere else, and they seemingly comply by cleaning up Dream Land, but still end up dumping their trash in Dream Land's upper atmosphere where it burns up and is mistaken for shooting stars.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Junk Jam"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"Pretty soon, Cappy Town will be totally buried under garbage!"
"I never thought a Star Warrior would get all freaked out by a star!"
"Ain't nobody gonna clutter up my castle with no dirty Dede-debris!"
Secondary characters
"Our regrets! We were told this was acceptable here!"
"But why do we have to keep this garbage in our yard?"
(no dialogue)
"You got it, boss! Okay, boys!"
"Some of this junk's not junk!"
"All sanitation problems have to be handled directly by the Mayor's office!"
"Ah! A trash-alanche!"
(Falala) "It sure looks horrible!"
(Fololo) "And it smells bad, too!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Hooh! How did that get here?"
"Hey let me try!"
"Warp Star!"
"They're declaring a rubbish revolution!"
"But it's a crime to dump garbage in Cappy Town! It's a police matter!"
"Why don't we mail it away to other towns?"
"Unfortunately, we have not yet disposed of our trash problem."
"We'll be happy to deep-six the dumping as soon as you pay us what you owe us, Sire."
"Let's make the best of this situation. I'm sure this trash is loaded with hidden treasures!"
"Let's see!"
"It seems that the Cappies are refusing this refuse, Sire!"
"Me too!"
(no dialogue)
"Or we could drop the whole dang heap into a volcano!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Tiff and Tuff find all of Dream Land buried in a heap of garbage.

The episode begins out on a balcony of Castle Dedede, where Tiff is using her telescope to observe astronomical bodies while commenting on the possibility of alien life out in the universe to Kirby and Tuff. While Tiff and Tuff argue about the intentions of any visiting aliens, Kirby has a look in the telescope and spots a U.F.O. in the sky. He tries to tell the other kids, but when they have a look, they do not see anything. After failing to spot the object again, Kirby becomes concerned. The next day, the residents of Cappy Town wake to find a massive pile of garbage covering the tree in the central plaza. Seeing this, Tiff immediately assumes that King Dedede is responsible, but he and Escargoon show up in the Armored Vehicle and appear none-the-wiser, and King Dedede soon needs to be evacuated after inadvertently dumping trash on himself. Kirby then decides to jump into one of the tires in the trash heap and roll around in it, distracting the other kids in the process. Tiff tries to get Chief Bookem and Mayor Len to take responsibility for cleaning it up, but they attempt to dump the task on each-other instead.

Back at the castle, Escargoon orders the Waddle Dees to clean up the Armored Vehicle and checks in on King Dedede who is taking a bath. Meanwhile, Cappy Town eventually gets its act together and starts collecting the garbage, but Bookem and Len continue trying to push the responsibility onto the other by shifting the garbage pile into their respective yards. The garbage pile later ends up at Castle Dedede, as the Cappies want nothing more to do with it. Seeing this, King Dedede tries to stop them from leaving it, but trips on a tire and crashes straight into the garbage pile again. Despite this attempt to push the trash away, the Cappies find the next day that even more garbage has been piled into Dream Land, burying the entire countryside with refuse all the way out to Kirby's House and beyond. While the mayor and the police chief continue arguing over responsibility for the garbage, Professor Curio runs in and finds something in the rubbish heap he could use. The Cappies then get the idea to re-purpose some of the rubbish in order to help clean up, but Tiff insists it will not work. While Kirby and the kids continue to play, a number of other ideas are thrown around, but none of them are particularly wise or feasible. Tiff snaps them out if it and insists that they need to find the dumpers responsible first.

Tiff reveals the culprit behind the garbage to the Cappies.

That night, Tiff sets out to catch the dumpers in the act, and Tuff joins in against her wishes. While the two wait for a sign, Kirby shows up and eats the snacks Tiff brought along, then falls asleep, prompting Tiff and Tuff to do the same. Just at that moment, the U.F.O. returns and dumps more trash on top of them, causing them to be startled awake and swept away in the rolling garbage. After some tumbling, the three are rescued by Meta Knight, who explains the situation. Spotting the flying saucer, Tiff captures a photo. The spacecraft then takes off after dumping directly on Castle Dedede. The next morning, Tiff and Tuff show the Cappies the photo and explain that the garbage has been dumped from another planet. The Cappies begin to despair at the thought of trying to stop an advanced alien race from dumping on their planet and dump responsibility on Chief Bookem to "arrest" them. Meanwhile, at Castle Dedede, it is revealed that Night Mare Enterprises set up the universal dumping provision on Dream Land as punishment for King Dedede not paying his bills to them.

Kirby disposes of Fire Lion by tossing it into the sea.

King Dedede refuses to pay up, and instead (somehow) endeavors to hack the Monster Delivery System and call in Fire Lion to burn the trash away. After a rough introduction, Fire Lion crashes through the throne room door out into the countryside. There, it begins to terrorize the Cappies by setting fires everywhere. Tiff and Tuff send Kirby out to deal with it, but Kirby only ends up getting a mouthful of garbage when he attempts an inhale. Fire Lion then proceeds to target Kirby and traps him in a blaze. Seeing this, Tiff calls in the Warp Star to help Kirby escape. While Kirby is on the Warp Star, Fire Lion tries to shoot him down with a fire ball, but Kirby swallows it and gains the Fire Copy Ability. Kirby then proceeds to duel with the monster by exchanging fireball shots. Fire Lion then flies into the air and attempts to mow Kirby down with a continuous stream of fire breath, but Kirby counters with his own, filling Fire Lion up like a balloon, then tossing it into the ocean where it is destroyed.

Over the course of the battle, most of the trash is incinerated by the flames. The Cappies celebrate this turn of events, but Meta Knight reminds them that the trash problem is not solved yet. At that moment, the flying saucer returns, presumably to dump more trash onto Dream Land. However, the saucer instead lands in Cappy Town and three of the alien pilots exit the ship to greet the villagers. Most of the Cappies are terrified, but Tiff steps forward to demand they clean up their mess and never dump in Dream Land again. The aliens apologize, telling the Cappies that they were given clearance to dump here, and proceed to take away the remaining trash and fly away with it. As they leave, both Tiff and Kirby breathe a sigh of relief, but King Dedede decides to take credit for what Tiff did and walks triumphantly back to the castle. That night, Tiff peers through her telescope again and discovers a meteor shower, but the "meteors" turn out to be the garbage from the alien spaceship burning up in the thermosphere above Dream Land, as they still have no other place to dump it. Regardless, Kirby and the kids are fooled, and the episode ends with Tiff making a wish for Cappy Town to remain beautiful and Kirby enjoying the sight.

Differences between versions[edit]

Japanese-exclusive scene where the Cappies question Chef Kawasaki's sanitary practices.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of "Castle Lololo" from Kirby's Dream Land plays during the scene of the balcony at the beginning of the episode.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Chef Kawasaki pulls out a frying pan from the rubbish heap is somewhat longer. After appraising it, the rest of the villagers state that they will not eat at Kawasaki's anymore if he uses tools from the trash, scaring Kawasaki into insisting it was a joke.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Tiff explains that someone is illegally dumping in Dream Land is slightly different in composition, and also includes a shot where Fololo & Falala berate the Cappies for their stupidity.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, instead of each coming up with a different outlandish solution, the Cappies agree initially on an idea of using the trash to fill in the tideland around Cappy Town.
  • In the Japanese version, when Tiff goes out to catch the culprit, she invites Tuff to come along and says that Kirby will be waiting for them, rather than insisting they do not join her in the English version.
  • In the Japanese version, Meta Knight can be heard calling out Tiff's name to wake her up as the garbage comes hurdling toward her.


  • Tiff's pondering on the existence of alien life out in the universe flatly contradicts several aspects of the series up to this point, including the existence of Kirby and the Star Warriors, Night Mare Enterprises, and the events of A Princess in Dis-Dress, to name a few.
  • When the Cappies deliver the first garbage heap to Castle Dedede, they are holding blank signs. These are likely meant to be protest signs, but since they are blank in both the Japanese and international versions, it is not exactly clear.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese え〜っ! 宇宙のゴミ捨て場
E! Uchū no Gomisuteba
Huh?! The Universe's Dumping Ground
German Die Müllkippe des Universums The Garbage dump of the Universe