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KRBaY E101 Lobzilla arriving screenshot.png
Screenshot of Lobzilla from Kirby 3D
Debut episode Kirby 3D
Ability granted Kabuki
Similar entities Ebifryer, Octacon
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Lobzilla is a monster who makes his only appearance in Kirby 3D, a special episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a small elephant-like lobster (shrimp in the Japanese version) that can attack by exhaling icy winds. He can also grow in size to become a giant, flying creature that exhales tiny lobsters.


We like to call this creepy little crustacean "Lobzilla".
— N.M.E. Sales Guy

When he first appears, Lobzilla is a fairly average-looking red lobster other than his large eyes, elephant-like trunk, and ability to stand on his tail. His primary attack is to freeze things with ice breath from his trunk, though he can also attack with his sharp claws. After he grows, he begins to resemble a tengu, a traditional Japanese monster; his trunk elongates into what appears to be a "nose", and he gains large white fins that resemble "hair" (as well as an elephant's ears), tusks, and an elongated tail. In this state, his ice breath contains smaller, "baby" lobsters which Kirby can inhale for the Kabuki ability.

Role in Kirby 3D[edit]

Kirby attempts to escape the giant Lobzilla.

Night Mare Enterprises sends over Lobzilla for a discount price of two billion D-Bills after King Dedede and Escargoon complain about Kirby running rampant. However, he fails to target Kirby, and instead scampers about Cappy Town, attacking Chef Kawasaki (who wishes to cook him into ravioli) and Tuff (who was diving for lobsters in a lake). Later in the day, he returns to Castle Dedede, where Dedede orders him to attack Kirby while Escargoon lures in the pink puff with a cake on a remote-controlled car. When the two meet, Lobzilla identifies Kirby as an enemy and begins to attack him, eventually becoming larger and destroying the castle from the inside.

Tiff, who had heard about Lobzilla from Tuff and Kawasaki, calls for the Warp Star and throws Kirby a torch to aid him, allowing him to become Fire Kirby. However, this proves ineffective, as Lobzilla's breath puts out Kirby's flame, and the hero is overwhelmed by baby lobsters. Meta Knight advises that the enemy's weapon should be used against him, so Tiff tells Kirby to suck up the babies. After doing so, he becomes Kabuki Kirby and defeats Lobzilla with a laser beam. Fried lobster falls from the sky signalling his defeat.


  • Lobzilla is almost identical in role and abilities to the very first monster of the series, Octacon: they both start off as small but grow giant into their true forms, do battle on top of Castle Dedede against Fire Kirby on the Warp Star, can spawn miniature versions of themselves to attack Kirby, can fly in their true forms, and have an elemental-breath attack. The only differences between the two are that Lobzilla shoots out ice-breath instead of fire-breath, and his spawn gives the Kabuki Copy Ability instead of Fire.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エビゾウ
Comes from Ichikawa Ebizō, a family line of famous kabuki actors.
"Ebi" means "shrimp", and "zō" means "elephant".