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Scare Tactics - Part II

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Scare Tactics - Part II
E46 Scene 28.png
Kirby is assaulted by Gabon in the deepest recesses of the haunted house.
First aired Japan August 24, 2002
NA November 1, 2003
Episode # 46
Episode # (US) 53
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Fire
Monster(s) featured Gabon, Particle ghost, Shaabon
Character(s) featured Kirby, Meta Knight, Tiff, Tuff, King Dedede, Escargoon
Episode order
Scare Tactics - Part I Pink-Collar Blues
Episode order (US)
Scare Tactics - Part I One Crazy Knight
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Scare Tactics - Part II is the 46th (53rd in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series, continuing the story from the end of the previous episode; Scare Tactics - Part I. In this episode, Kirby and his closest companions - along with King Dedede and Escargoon - become trapped in a haunted house set up by Night Mare Enterprises in order to trick Kirby into being teleported to N.M.E. headquarters. At first, King Dedede and Escargoon are not privy to the plan and get scared repeatedly by the house and tricks pulled on them by Kirby and his companions, but soon join the plot to capture Kirby by pretending to be in great danger. This plan nearly works, but Kirby is knocked away from the trap at the last minute by Meta Knight, prompting N.M.E. to send the monster Gabon to drag Kirby in by force. After a brief duel with this monster, Kirby uses the Fire Copy Ability to defeat Gabon and accidentally burns the mansion down in the process.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Scare Tactics - Part II"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
*ghostly laughter*
"Kirby won't be able to return its attacks!"
"But this place can't be part of the Cappies' spook-out!"
"How come they got in so easy?"
"Uh-oh! Escargoon? Yo! You okay? I done mistook you for a ghost!"
"How many ghosts take showers?"
Secondary characters
"I was about to rid your kingdom of Kirby once and for all, and you two nearly spoiled it!"
"In our last episode, Kirby and crew were invited to a spook-out: A chilling contest organized by grown-ups that challenges Cappy kids to survive a night of fright! Setting out into the shadows, our brave contestants began their trek down the path of peril, and soon found themselves flabber-ghosted[sic] by a ghoulish surprise! But the courage of Kirby knew no bounds! Our plucky pink hero leapt at every chilling challenge, and soon discovered that fake ghosts can be even more fiendish than real ones. Unknown to the Cappies, King Dedede and Escargoon had taken over the spook-out, and were using it to run their own ghastly games. None of their tricks stopped our three friends, however, as they reached the graveyard where the spook-out prize was buried. Kirby celebrated with a victory dance, but the trio's triumph was short-lived when a sudden storm broke out, catching them by surprise, and forcing them to seek shelter in a mysterious and menacing mansion. As our heroes walked through the door, they didn't realize they were crossing the threshold of terror, and that fearsome forces were lurking in the shadows ready to blow them away or shut them in forever! Now the fear factor's out of control as Kirby and his friends find themselves locked in a real-live horror show!"


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede and Escargoon stumble upon the haunted mansion.

The episode begins with a recap of the events of Scare Tactics - Part I using an external narrator. From there, the story continues from where it left off with Kirby and Tiff trapped in a haunted mansion being menaced by a spectral creature composed of a myriad of tiny lights while Tuff and Meta Knight rush to the mansion to rescue them. As Tiff realizes the specter may be real, she runs away from it deeper into the mansion, as Kirby follows. When Tuff and Meta Knight arrive at the door, Meta Knight attempts to slash the door open using the Galaxia, but is repelled by a mysterious force, leading him to conclude that the mansion must be under the power of eNeMeE. Deep inside the mansion, Tiff and Kirby are startled by what resembles a statue of eNeMeE and run up a spiral staircase, but Tiff soon realizes this staircase appears to go up infinitely and stops running. Kirby is startled by a bat and goes sliding down the staircase's hand-rail, and is nearly skewered by a trap set at the bottom but manages to avoid it and land back on the first floor. At that moment, the specter from earlier tries to make a sharp sword fall on Kirby, but Tiff calls at him to jump out of the way and the two run into a different room.

Inside this room, Tiff and Kirby find a gloomy green altar decorated with skulls and demonic wings. A blood-like substance starts to pour out of the altar, prompting Tiff and Kirby to run for it again. They stumble into a room full of possessed clocks and are assaulted by the noise therein. Meanwhile, King Dedede and Escargoon make their way toward the mansion looking for shelter from the storm. Tuff and Meta Knight watch from cover as King Dedede and Escargoon easily enter the door that kept Tuff and Meta Knight out before. As Tuff wonders at this, Meta Knight throws his sword into the crack of the door to keep it from closing entirely. Meanwhile, Tiff realizes that the "blood" from earlier was just red paint and wonders about the mansion when she notices King Dedede and Escargoon wandering the halls. Tiff surmises that Dedede may be responsible for this trick, when she is reunited with Tuff and Meta Knight.

King Dedede and Escargoon inadvertently re-enact a famous movie scene.

The reunited group follow King Dedede and Escargoon only to find them sleeping in a bed. Escargoon rolls over, causing King Dedede to fall out of the bed and wake up, but this inadvertently saves Dedede from a trap as Escargoon is lifted by his bed-sheets into the ceiling. This turns out to be a trick pulled by Meta Knight and Tuff, as they follow this up by splashing both Dedede and Escargoon with red paint, and causing them to run away in a panic as they mistake each-other for monsters. King Dedede then stumbled onto a haunted painting where a blue ghost-like creature pops out and assaults him with bubbles, forcing him to run again. Meanwhile, Escargoon finds a bathroom and tries to wash the red paint off of himself by using the shower. As the cartoon changes to black and white and Escargoon washes off, King Dedede approaches from behind the curtain and lifts it, then proceeds to whack Escargoon repeatedly with his hammer in a scene that mirrors the famous shower murder from Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho. After this dramatic scene, Escargoon and King Dedede reconcile, only to be frightened away by a flying glowing ghost that turns out to be Kirby with a sheet and two flashlights.

Kirby and his friends watch as the haunted mansion burns down.

King Dedede and Escargoon flee deeper into the mansion and lock themselves in to a basement room. After being spooked out by the decorations inside, a nearby television screen turns on revealing the N.M.E. Sales Guy. He explains that this haunted house was set up as a "Kirby trap" and that as soon as Kirby steps onto the concealed Monster Delivery System, he will be transmitted to N.M.E. and destroyed there. King Dedede and Escargoon agree to help make this happen by using Dedede as bait, chaining him to the wall and painting him with fake blood. King Dedede then pretends to call for help, prompting the kids to go and look for him. Along the way, they find a video camera with a tape showing King Dedede and Escargoon being caught in a trap. This trick works on the kids, and they rush to the area shown on the tape, leaving Meta Knight to examine the footage by himself. As King Dedede continues to wait, the paint starts to drip into his eyes, putting him in actual pain and making the trap more believable. As the kids enter, Tiff and Tuff start to doubt the situation, but Kirby still goes to help him. Meta Knight then busts in and tosses his sword at Kirby, knocking him out of the trap right before he can be teleported away.

Frustrated with the plan's failure, the N.M.E. Sales Guy decides to send in a monster to bring Kirby back by force. Through the transmitter comes Gabon: a small monster with a skull on its head. It attacks Kirby by throwing bones at him while Escargoon tries to get King Dedede down from his hanging position. While Gabon is distracted by this, Kirby inhales one of its bones and tries to gain a Copy Ability, but fails. As King Dedede and Escargoon slip away, Kirby continues to be pelted by Gabon's attacks. Meta Knight steps in to help by throwing Kirby a nearby torch to swallow, granting him the Fire ability. Using this ability, Kirby quickly torches Gabon and defeats it, but inadvertently lights the whole mansion on fire in the process. The group then escapes the burning building, leaving King Dedede and Escargoon inside by accident as day breaks and the mansion comes crashing down. Dedede and Escargoon later exit the door frame - covered in soot - and bicker for a moment about the whole situation before growing drowsy and falling asleep right there. Seeing this, the kids soon realize that Kirby has followed suit and is also sleeping off the whole ordeal near a tree, and the episode comes to a close.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, when Escargoon rises from the bed looking possessed, his face is covered in bloody gashes. These gashes are removed in the international versions.
  • In the Japanese version, during the shower scene, the red paint can be seen being washing away from Escargoon into the shower drain. This part was cut from the international versions.
    • Additionally, the music played during the scene greatly resembles the music used in the scene from Psycho that it is based on.
  • In the Japanese version, the scene where Escargoon paints King Dedede while he is acting as bait and the scene where the kids find the video camera are swapped, with the latter scene showing first.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Tiff provides the opening recap, instead of an external narrator.
  • In the Japanese version, when King Dedede and Escargoon find the mansion in the storm, Escargoon proclaims that there really is a God.


  • In the room with the possessed clocks, one of the clocks has a light containing a creature which looks like Erasem.
  • It is not clear how King Dedede managed to get the red paint off of himself before finding Escargoon in the shower.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 真夏の夜のユーレイ!後編
manatsu no yoru no yūrei! kōhen
A Midsummer Night's Scream! - Part 2
A play on words on the Japanese title of the Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night's Dream (真夏の夜の夢).
Brazilian Portuguese Táticas Horripilantes - Segunda Parte Horrifying Tactics - Second Part