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Chimera Dinosaurs

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Chimera Dinosaurs
E76 Scene 25.png
Screenshot of the Chimera Dinosaurs surrounding Kirby and his friends in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode Fossil Fools - Part I
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Just one small DNA sample taken from a given subject and we can make an infinite number of monsters!
— Doctor Moro describing the Chimera Dinosaurs in Fossil Fools - Part II

The Chimera Dinosaurs[Japanese title] are a group of giant dinosaur-like monsters that resemble recurring characters from the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and were created by Doctor Moro using their DNA. They appear in the episodes Fossil Fools - Part I and Part II and stalk the Dream Landers who ventured into King Dedede's theme park Dinosaur Kingdom. At first, the Chimera Dinosaurs can be seen quarreling with each-other, but they are eventually brought together to corner Kirby and his companions after Doctor Moro creates the Kirby-saurus using the pink Star Warrior's DNA. Despite this effort, all of the Chimera Dinosaurs are wiped out at once when Kirby gains and uses the Crash Copy Ability on them.


That dinosaur has your face!
— Buttercup, in Fossil Fools - Part II

Each of the Chimera Dinosaurs were created using samples of DNA from various recurring characters of the show extracted from their blood samples taken from Doctor Moro. It is implied that these dinosaurs can be incubated, hatched, and reared to maturity in mere moments, as they appear very quickly and at large sizes in only a matter of hours after the samples are taken. Notably, most of the dinosaurs also possess articles of clothing and/or hairstyles that match those of the characters they are based on. All of the Chimera Monsters have featureless yellow or orange eyes, and most of them have spines, fangs, and claws as well. Each Chimera Dinosaur is hostile toward the tour group that entered the jungle, though they also may attack each-other. However, they ultimately obey the orders of Doctor Moro.

The following table lists each of the Chimera Dinosaurs in chronological order. It should be noted that some of their names are given only in the Japanese version, and others are purely conjectural, since they were not named in either version:

List of Chimera Dinosaurs  
Dinosaur Description Notes
A giant blue tyrannosaur that resembles King Dedede. It often gets in quarrels with or tries to cooperate with the Escar-saurus. Named only in the Japanese version. This is the only Chimera Dinosaur that appears in both parts of Fossil Fools. In the Japanese version, D-Rex's cries sound like the word "Dedede".
A large snail-like dinosaur with stegosaurus plates that is based on Escargoon. It is often the target of bullying by D-Rex. Named Gescar-saurus in the Japanese version. In the Japanese version, Escar-saurus repeats "Gesu". In the 4Kids version, its cries resembles Escargoon's warbled sigh.
The largest of the Chimera Dinosaurs: being a brontosaurus that resembles Chief Bookem. In the Japanese version, this dinosaur is called Borun-tosaurus.
A large carnivorous dinosaur that resembles Mayor Len Blustergas. This dinosaur's name is conjectural.
An allosaurus-like creature that resembles Mabel. Travels together with the Samo-saurus. This dinosaur's name is conjectural.
An allosaurus-like creature that resembles Samo. Travels together with the Mabel-saurus. This dinosaur's name is conjectural.
A small carnivorous dinosaur that resembles Tiff and is hostile toward D-Rex. The translation of this dinosaur's name is conjectural, derived from its name in the Japanese version, where it is called Fumu-saurus (with Fumu being Tiff's Japanese name).
A winged orange creature that resembles Tuff and is hostile toward D-Rex. In the Japanese version, it is called Bun-adactyl. This is the only chimera that is not technically a dinosaur, but a pterosaur.
A velociraptor-like creature that resembles Chef Kawasaki. It is not quite as formidable as the others. In the Japanese version, it is called Kawasaki-raptor.
The most powerful chimera of them all, resembling Kirby and ridden by Doctor Moro himself. The Kirby-saurus has Kirby's ability to inhale and use Copy Abilities. In the Japanese version, the Kirby-saurus cries out "Kir-by!" when it attacks.

Role in Fossil Fools - Parts I and II[edit]

D-Rex chasing after the Dinosaur Kingdom tour group in Fossil Fools - Part I
Main article: Fossil Fools - Part II
That must have been his plan all along! He was usin' us to make dinosaur monsters!
— Tuff, in Fossil Fools - Part II

The Chimera Dinosaurs are created as a result of Doctor Moro's genetic engineering along with the unwitting help of Tiff and her friends, and King Dedede and Escargoon. The dinosaurs do not appear in their mature state until the Dinosaur Kingdom tour group gets in their boat and heads deep into the Babagahara wilderness. From there, most of Fossil Fools - Part II revolves around the tour group being attacked or otherwise terrorized by the Chimera Dinosaurs.

Later on in the episode, Doctor Moro gets a hold of Kirby's DNA and uses it to create the ultimate chimera: the Kirby-saurus. Using this monster, he tries to defeat Kirby by having the Kirby-saurus inhale him, but Kirby is saved by his Warp Star. King Dedede then tosses the Kirby-saurus a torch to inhale, which grants the monster the Fire Copy Ability. King Dedede then tries to toss a large bomb for the Kirby-saurus to inhale as well, but Kirby catches this instead and gains the Crash ability from it. Using this ability, Kirby destroys all of the Chimera Dinosaurs, along with Doctor Moro and his laboratory.


  • Although DNA samples were taken of everyone in the tour group, Chimera Dinosaurs of Buttercup, Gangu, Gus, Hana, Honey, Iro, Melman, Professor Curio, Spikehead, and Tuggle do not appear. Had they appeared, there would have been twice as many distinct chimeras.
  • The Kirby-saurus is implied to be boneless, as it is the only one that does not leave behind a skeleton after the Crash attack is used.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キメラ恐竜
Kimera Kyōryū
Chimera Dinosaurs