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Dream Land princess

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Dream Land princess
E0 Princess.png
Screenshot of Dream Land princess from Kirby of the Stars Pilot.
First episode Kirby of the Stars Pilot
Main role Supporting character
Similar characters Tiff
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The Dream Land princess[conjectural title] is a character who appears exclusively in the Kirby of the Stars Pilot, which acted as a springboard for the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. In the short film, she is the first character in Dream Land to meet Kirby, and she quickly befriends him. Aside from the activities she takes part in with Kirby, she has no significant role in the film. She is suspected to be a prototype of Tiff.


The Dream Land princess is a stubby yellow creature who sports two long pigtails with red ribbons on them and wears a golden tiara. Her face is similar to that of Ribbon's, though she has green eyes. Her arms are relatively well-defined, but like Kirby, she lacks legs, and simply has two rounded feet which match her body color of pale yellow. Based on how King Dedede initially reacts to seeing Kirby and the princess together, he may be her father.

The princess appears to have strong emotions, though her personality is not fortified by any dialogue. She possesses the ability to fly effortlessly through the air, similar to Fololo & Falala. It is unknown how well she can fight, or if she has any other powers.

Similarities to Tiff[edit]

The Dream Land princess is suspected to be a prototype design of Tiff from the proper anime series. Both of them are royalty, and both have the same skin and eye color. They also both have a strong relationship with Kirby and have comparable hairstyles and body shapes.

Despite these similarities, no confirmation of them being related has come forth from HAL Laboratory.