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Kirby Café

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Kirby Café (カービィカフェ; stylized as KIRBY CAFÉ) is a real-world official Kirby series-themed café in Japan, which first opened in August 2016. Right now, the Kirby Café is only available in Japan, with two permanent locations in Tokyo and Hakata. In addition, smaller counter-service cafés called Kirby Café PETIT (カービィカフェ プチ) opened on April 13th, 2023 in Tokyo and April 26th, 2023 in Osaka.[1]


Kirby Café is, as the name suggests, a café themed after the Kirby series. However, despite being called a café, it more closely functions like a restaurant: there are many kinds of dishes on offer, from hamburgers and pizza to stroganoff and curry, as well as many drinks and desserts. Its decoration, branding, food, music, and even its backstory are all modeled after the series. Moreover, merchandise is predominant in the cafés: not only do many dishes and drinks include souvenirs such as plates and mugs, a plethora of exclusive merchandise is sold, both in the cafés themselves and in standalone Kirby Café stores near the restaurants.

Pop culture-themed cafés are a common trend in Japan, with other examples including the Pokémon Café, the Peanuts Café, the Moomin Bakery & Café, and Shining Moon Tokyo (a Sailor Moon café). Many of these themed cafés are limited-run, which included the initial Kirby Café. However, its continued support and popularity led to repeated extended runs and additional locations, eventually culminating in the opening of the first permanent Kirby Café in Tokyo in late 2019, and later of the second one in Hakata in 2020.

The permanent cafés continue to offer unique food and merchandise every couple of months, notably branding them as "Kirby Café Summer" during the summer and "Kirby Café Winter" during the winter, bringing in unique decorations and dishes themed after the seasons. Moreover, recent Kirby game releases are often represented in the cafés as temporary dishes. Old dishes are eventually phased out as time goes on, so the menu regularly changes.

According to the café's description, Kirby is its Chef (シェフ,[2] not to be confused with Cook), and Waddle Dees work as Apprentice Chefs (みならいシェフ[3]). Later on, Chef Kawasaki would be introduced as the Head Chef (料理長), bringing in exclusive dishes. Whispy Woods, who had always been prominently present in dishes, eventually became part of the café's story as a source of food, and is a central piece of decoration in the current café locations. Other fan-favorite characters, such as King Dedede and Meta Knight, are often featured in promotional artwork for the café, implied to be customers. They are also represented through dishes that they enjoy: for example, Meta Knight enjoys coffee and chocolate desserts, while King Dedede enjoys meaty dishes and seafood.

As of now, all Kirby Café locations are reservation only, meaning that anyone who wishes to have a meal there has to reserve a table around a month in advance. Reservations open on a monthly basis at 18:00 (6:00 PM) JST on the 10th of each month; they often sell out within minutes of opening, as they are always in high demand. Additionally, reservations only last for an 85-minute window of time. While it is possible to enter without a reservation if an existing reservation was canceled, it is not always a guarantee, and it may result in a smaller window of time. If a guest does not have a reservation and there are no vacancies, they can instead opt for the take-out menu, which features a smaller selection of dishes. Reservations are not required to visit the Kirby Café stores. There are also two "Kirby Café PETIT" locations that only serve take-out desserts, though these require an advance ticket.


Main article: Kirby Café menu

The following dishes are currently available in the Kirby Café locations:

Current Kirby Café menu  
Picture Name Description Food information
Waddle Dees fried balls Winter 2023.jpg
Waddle Dee's Roly-poly Homemade Piccola

Waddle Dee's fried balls

A bite-sized dish designed by Chef Kawasaki. For this dish, the Waddle Dees roll pizza dough, which is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside.

This one - bite side dish is from Chef Kawasaki's ideas. The pizza dough is rolled by Waddle Dees. Cripsy on the outside, moist on the inside. You will addicted to the fried dish!

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥780
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Winter Kirby Hamburger and Creamy white Sauce Pasta 2023.jpg
Winter Kirby Burger & Powdered Snow Cheese Pasta

Winter Kirby Hamburger & Creamy white Sauce Pasta


The familiar Kirby Burger is perfectly dressed up for winter, too!
This is a burger with a warm scarf, served with pasta covered in powdered-snow-cheese.
We hope you enjoy the winter in Dream Land.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥2,980 (with souvenir)
¥2,080 (without souvenir)
Souvenir Souvenir plate
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Winter Waddle Dee Hamburger and Pasta with powder cheese 2023.jpg
Winter Waddle Dee Burger & Powdered Snow Cheese Pasta

Winter Waddle Dee Hamburger & Pasta with powder cheese


The Waddle Dee Burger appears in its warm outfit for the winter!
This is a burger with a warm scarf matching Kirby's, served with pasta covered in powdered-snow-cheese.
We hope you enjoy the winter in Dream Land.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥2,980 (with souvenir)
¥2,080 (without souvenir)
Souvenir Souvenir plate
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Warm your belly Cabbage Rolls.jpg
Warm Your Belly ♪ Warm Cabbage Rolls

Warm your belly! Cabbage Rolls


During coooold winter months, there's nothing better than delicious food to warm your heart and body!
These simmering hot cabbage rolls, with steamed vegetables and plenty of cheese, help to warm up Kirby and friends after they play in the snow.
With balsamic vinegar as the accent, enjoy them while they're hot.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,580
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Kirbys snow wreath salad.jpg
Kirby's Snow Wreath Salad

Kirby's snow wreath salad


Surrounded by fresh vegetables and salmon, the mashed-potato Kirby looks like a wreath.
Mix together the various ingredients and tartar sauce with the mashed potatoes, and you'll get a perfect winter salad!
Generously drizzle it with Whispy Woods apple dressing, and enjoy.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,480
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Whispy Woods Apple Pie.jpg
Whispy Woods' Apple Pie


※スーベニアプレート小 付き
A special apple pie made from plenty of apples received from Whispy Woods.
When you eat the fallen apple slices together with cool soft-serve ice cream, the deliciousness might just make you smile!?

※Comes with a small souvenir plate.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥2,080
Souvenir Small souvenir plate
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Mouthful Mode Car Mouth cake Winter Horns.jpg
ヘンケイ!くるまほおばりケーキ ~ホワイティホルンズ~
Mouthful Mode! Car Mouth Cake ~ Winter Horns ~

Mouthful Mode! Car Mouth cake ~ Winter Horns ~

『星のカービィ ディスカバリー』のワドルディカフェに登場するとっておきの一品が、なんとカービィカフェで現実のメニューに!

This special dish that appears at the Waddle Dee Café in Kirby and the Forgotten Land is now part of the actual Kirby Café's menu!
Car Mouth Kirby, driving through a stage made of fruits and sweets, is a sponge cake filled with fruit jam and covered with strawberry-flavored blancmange. ♪
Now, let's take a journey through the new world with Kirby!

This appeared in Waddle Dee Café of "Kirby and the Forgotten Land", and now it becomes our Kirby Café menu too ! Car Mouth Kirby is made by sponge cake with fruit in between and coated with strawberry - flavored blancmange.
Let's run on a stage made of fruits and sweets and travel around the new world with Kirby !

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,880
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Whispy Woods hot apple cinnamon 2023.jpg
Whispy Woods' "Hot!" Winter Apple Cinnamon

Whispy Woods's "hot" apple cinnamon


A warm drink with plenty of Whispy Woods' apples that will make your heart and body feel "hot!"
Enjoy the aroma of the cinnamon, and pour it while it's hot.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,080
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
クラッコのシュワシュワソーダ とどめの一撃仕立て.jpg
クラッコのシュワシュワソーダ とどめの一撃仕立て
Kracko's Bubbly Soda - Preparing the Finishing Blow

Kracko fizzy soda - the final nail in the coffin

You've almost beaten Kracko! Use the strawberry soda to deal the finishing blow! Once you've cleared this boss, savor the drink with no worries.
(Wiki note: When the strawberry soda is poured into the main drink, it causes Kracko to dissolve, mimicking his defeat animation in the games.)

Let's use strawberry soda to beat Kracko! After cleared this round, please enjoy this special drink.

Availability Tokyo: No
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥980
Souvenir One random coaster
Available for takeout? No
Kabyi no suikomi! Tonkotsu ramendoggu.jpg
Inhaling Kirby! Tonkotsu Ramen Dog

Kirby's inhale - Pork Ramen bread

The taste of Hakata ramen combined with fluffy and delicious bread dough to create a surprising ramen dog! You can enjoy three different flavors with the included condiments. Just make sure to finish it before Kirby does!

This amazing dish is made by Hakata Ramen and fluffy bread. You can also enjoy it with three types condiment. Please taste it before Kirby inhale.

Availability Tokyo: No
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,380
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Burger & French Fries (takeout).jpg
Kirby Burger and Fries

Kirby Hamburger & fried potatoes


※This item is only available on the take-out menu.
※Comes with a souvenir lunch box (Kirby design).

With souvenir lunch box.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,980
Souvenir Souvenir lunch box (Kirby)
Available for takeout? Yes (takeout only)
Waddle Dee Burger & French Fries.jpg
Waddle Dee Burger and Fries

Waddle Dee Hamburger & fried potatoes


※This item is only available on the take-out menu.
※Comes with a souvenir lunch box (Waddle Dee design).

With souvenir lunch box.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,980
Souvenir Souvenir lunch box (Waddle Dee)
Available for takeout? Yes (takeout only)
Kirby's Chewy Loco Moco Bowl

Kirby's Loco Moco rice bowl


Please make sure to gently mix the homemade Loco Moco sauce with the Hamburg steak and fluffy soft-boiled eggs.
※Comes with a souvenir lunch box (Kirby design).

Hamburg steak and Hot Spring Eggs poured with original Loco Moco sauce! Please mix it gently before eating!

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥2,200
Souvenir Souvenir lunch box (Kirby)
Available for takeout? No
All of the Waddle Dees' Lomi Lomi! Salmon and Avocado Rice

Waddle Dee's salmon & avocado rice bowl

“ロミロミ”とは“揉みこむ”の意味。 ワドルディたちがみんなでせっせと“ロミロミ”した漬けサーモンを、ごろごろ入ったアボカドと一緒にどうぞ。

"Lomi lomi" means "to massage or tenderize". The Waddle Dees diligently "lomi lomi" the pickled salmon; savor it along with the diced avocado.
※Comes with a souvenir lunch box (Waddle Dee design).

Salmon was marinated by Waddle Dee and his friends. Please serve with diced avocado together.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥2,200
Souvenir Souvenir lunch box (Waddle Dee)
Available for takeout? No
Waddle Dee's Omelette Rice Nap

Waddle Dee is napping - Japanese omelette rice

This Waddle Dee is sleeping peacefully, but his sleeping position has changed a bit. Make sure to eat it slooooowly so you don't wake him up.

Waddle Dee is sleeping peacefully. Please don't wake him up. Take it gently.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,880
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Hypoallergenic Star curry.jpg
Hypoallergenic O Stars Above Curry

Hypoallergenic "Star" curry


This is Chef Kawasaki's special sweet curry, which he's garnished with four stars.
This dish does not use any of the seven common allergens (eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp, and crab), so children and adults with dietary restrictions can also enjoy it.
Please enjoy this curry that everyone can love!

This Chef Kawasaki specialty sweet curry is sprinkled with 4 stars.
This menu does not use 7 major allergies (milk, egg, wheat, buckwheat, peanut, shrimp and crab), so child and adult who have meal restrictions can also enjoy it.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,200
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ ~東京めんたいもんじゃ風味~.jpg
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ ~東京めんたいもんじゃ風味~
Kirby Café's Authentic Oven-baked Pizza - Tokyo Salted Cod Roe and Monja Flavor

Tokyo style pizza
(Monja with seasoned cod roe flavor)
*Monja is a type of Japanese pan-fried batter

Comes with roughly chopped cabbage, tenkasu, and other toppings! Enjoy this local Tokyo dish with the tangy accent of salted cod roe.

Roughly chopped cabbage, tenkasu, and other toppings! Enjoy this Tokyo local menu with a tangy of mentaiko accent.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,480
¥1,280 (takeout)
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? Yes
Kirby Café's Authentic Oven-baked Pizza - Dedede Resort's Luxurious Seafood

Dedede Resort Pizza with Rich Seafood

This pizza is loaded with the umami flavor of seafood and sausage. Enjoy the tender seafood from Dedede Resort.

Seafood and sausage in this umami-rich pizza. Enjoy the plump seafood from Dedede Resort.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,580
¥1,380 (takeout)
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? Yes
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ ~マキシムトマトのマルゲリータ~.jpg
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ ~マキシムトマトのマルゲリータ~
Kirby Café's Authentic Oven-baked Pizza - Maxim Tomato Margherita

Maxim Tomato's Pizza Margherita

本場イタリアのモッツァレラチーズとマキシムトマトソースのハーモニーは抜群! バジル香る本格王道ピッツァ。
The harmony between the authentic Italian mozzarella cheese and the Maxim Tomato sauce is outstanding! This is an authentic, classic pizza with the scent of basil.

The harmony of authentic Italian mozzarella cheese and Maxim's tomato sauce is outstanding! Authentic royal pizzas with basil aroma.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,380
¥1,180 (takeout)
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? Yes
Kirby Café four-cheese pizza.jpg
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ ~プププランドの“アレ”が香るクアトロフロマッジュ~
Kirby Café's Authentic Oven-baked Pizza - Quattro Formaggi with the Scent of "Those Things" from Dream Land

Dream Land's Four Cheese Pizza

This distinguished pizza is plentifully topped with four kinds of cheese, and has the scent of "those things" found in Dream Land.

The pizza is generously topped with four kinds of cheese and flavored with a secret spice native to Dreamland.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,480
¥1,280 (takeout)
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? Yes
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ 〜よくばりハーフ&ハーフ〜.jpg
カービィカフェの本格窯焼きピッツァ 〜よくばりハーフ&ハーフ〜
Kirby Café's Authentic Oven-baked Pizza - As-you-like Half and Half

Half & Half Pizza


You can enjoy two flavors at once with this customized pizza. Feel free to combine two of your favorites.
※Comes with an original pizza plate.

You can enjoy two flavors at the same time! Choose any two flavors you like!

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥3,980
¥3,680 (takeout)
Souvenir Original pizza plate
Available for takeout? Yes
Dedede Loves It Too! Plenty of Spaghetti Sauce

Fulfill King Dedede's request! Meat sauce pizza


※This item is only available on the take-out menu.
This is a hearty and well-balanced pizza, with the voluminous flavor of our popular homemade spaghetti sauce.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,180
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? Yes (takeout only)
Kirby's Fluffy Pancake.jpg
Kirby's Fluffy Pancakes

Kirby's fluffy pancakes

Thick and fluffy pancakes topped with Kirby's strawberry icing. Savor the contrast with the warm pancakes!

Kirby strawberry ice cream placed on thick and fluffy pancake! Please enjoy great contrast between the hot pancake and ice cream!

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,680
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Café Kirby-made parfait.jpg
Kirby Made This! The Spirited Assistant's Parfait

Made by Kirby! Powerful parfait


Kirby's homemade dish debuts! He put his skills to the test for this one. You COULD ask the kitchen staff to prepare it, but this is his place, after all...
(Note: The photo represents the dish as ideally prepared.)

※Comes with a custom-made photo-style card.

Homemade by Kirby! Kirby put all the skill to arrange on the parfait! Staff can help Kirby, but Kirby would like to make it by himself, so...
* Notes: The picture is an image when parfait was well arranged.

Availability Tokyo: No
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,580
Souvenir Custom-made photo-style card
Available for takeout? No
Unrivaled! Candy Parfait.jpg
Invincible! Candy Parfait

Invincibility Candy Parfait

A dish so delicious you might spontaneously dash! This mini-sized parfait is perfect after a meal.

It tastes good and let you become powerful like Kirby! Mini parfait is suitable for after meal.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥580
Souvenir N/A
Available for takeout? No
Doctor Kirby's Secret Study Soda.jpg
Doctor Kirby's Secret Study Soda

Doctor Kirby's secret laboratory soda


Doctor Kirby's secret research kit. To ensure the success of the experiment, please lend Kirby a hand!
※Comes with an original coaster.

(Wiki note: This drink is served "disassembled", and comes with written instructions on how to assemble the drink using the given ingredients. Employees will also provide help if the instructions are difficult to follow.)

Doctor Kirby's secret research kit!
Please help Kirby to lead this research become success!

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: No
Price ¥1,280
Souvenir One random coaster
Available for takeout? No
Kirby Cafe Café au lait art Winter 2023.jpg
Other available designs:
Kirby Cafe Cafe au lait art designs Tokyo 2023.jpg
Kirby Cafe Café au lait art Winter 2023.jpg
Other available designs:
Kirby Cafe Cafe au lait art designs Hakata 2023.jpg
Art Collection au Lait (Café au lait, chocolate, strawberry)

Café au lait art



You can now choose from three different flavors.
Café au lait (unsweetened) / Chocolate au lait (sweetened) / Strawberry au lait (sweetened)
Feel free to pick your favorite design. You can take the empty mug home with you.
※Comes with a souvenir mug and original coaster.

Please choose 1 style and enjoy it.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,980 (with souvenir)
¥1,380 (without souvenir)
Souvenir Souvenir mug, plus one random coaster
Available for takeout? No
カービィのうきうき マシュマロ・オ・レ.jpg
Kirby's Floaty Marshmallow au Lait

Café au lait with Kirby marshmallow

カフェオレに、カービィマシュマロを添えて。マシュマロは3種類からお選びいただけます。・カービィとワープスター ・すやすやワドルディ ・カービィのおしり

Café au lait with a Kirby marshmallow. You can choose from three different types of marshmallows: Kirby on the Warp Star, sleeping Waddle Dee, or Kirby's butt.
※Comes with an original coaster.

Café au lait with Kirby marshmallow.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Hakata: Yes
Price ¥1,380
Souvenir One random coaster
Available for takeout? No
English names and descriptions are taken from the physical menus at the cafés when available. They are left as originally presented, including grammatical and typographical errors. Other translations are conjectural.
All prices listed do not include tax.

The following snacks are available in the Kirby Café PETIT locations:

Current Kirby Café PETIT menu  
Picture Name Description Food information
Kirby Cafe Meta Knights Noble Chocolate Cake.jpg
Meta Knight's Noble Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake expresses the chivalry and nobility worn by Meta Knight.
It's a mysterious dish featuring pecans hidden in rich chocolate.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥780
Kirby Cafe Cheesecake Look-alike Star Blocks.jpg

Cheesecake Look-alike Star Blocks


Is this a cheesecake? Or the "Star Blocks" familiar to Dream Land?
Either way it tastes delicious, so we suggest you find out through a careful tasting.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥730
Kirby Cafe Kirbys Strawberry Pudding.jpg
Kirby's Strawberry Pudding

Kirby's Strawberry Pudding


A strawberry pudding with cuteness coming from Kirby's bright face.
Enjoy the strawberry harmony between the mild pink pudding and the sweet-and-sour jelly.

Strawberry pudding with Kirby's cute face. Pink color mellow pudding with sweet and sour jelly, you can enjoy the harmony of strawberries.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥880
Kirby Cafe Dream Tiramisu.jpg

Kirby's in a haze too! Dream Tiramisu / Waddle Dee's in a haze too! Dream Tiramisu (Orange)


Kirby and Waddle Dee both can't help but dive into this delicious tiramisu. Enjoy the rich sweetness brought out by the slightly bitter cacao powder, in an original cup.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥1,450
Kirby Cafe Car-Mouth Cake PETIT.jpg
くるまほおばりケーキ PETIT

Car-Mouth Cake PETIT


Kirby Café's familiar "Car-Mouth Cake" makes a tiny appearance at PETIT. Fluffy sponge cake coated with a strawberry blancmange—it's a bouncy model.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥1,100
Kirby Cafe Maxim Tomato Chocolate Tart.jpg
Maxim Tomato Chocolate Tart

A chocolate tart using plenty of really red strawberries, topped with a macaron with a Maxim Tomato motif.
Eat one delicious bite and you'll be full of energy.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥780
Kirby Cafe Star Rod Mango Tart.jpg
Star Rod Mango Tart

What's that glittering at the top? It's a chocolate Star Rod.
This is an extremely fruity dish with plenty of juicy mango.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥780
Kirby Cafe Invincible Candy Banana Tart.jpg

Invincible Candy Banana Tart


This tart is filled with pastel-colored meringue, and has a soft, gentle banana flavor. Caution: eating this will not make you "invincible"!

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥780
Kirby Cafe Pink Shortcake - Kirby Put the Strawberry on Top.jpg

Pink Shortcake - Kirby Put the Strawberry on Top


Everyone loves shortcake.
Kirby's job is to add the finishing touch by putting the strawberry on top. With a Kirby-like pink sponge, this is a delicious, fluffy cake worth showing off.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥730
Kirby Cafe Star Rod Apple Pie.jpg
Star Rod Apple Pie

The "Star Rod", a special item that exists on Popstar, has turned into an apple pie!
The caramelized puff pastry is chock full of apples and custard cream.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥680
Kirby Cafe Warp Star-like Bread.jpg
Warp Star-like Bread

A bread is born in the shape of the Warp Star that flies through the sky with Kirby on board.
With a moist and chewy texture and a hint of sweetness, this bread always colors the dining table with a bit of fun, at meal times and at snack times.

Availability Tokyo: Yes
Osaka: Yes
Price ¥1,200
Translations are conjectural.[4] All prices listed do not include tax.

Various other dishes have been available in the past. A complete list of dishes previously and currently available can be found here.

Timeline of locations[edit]

Original run[edit]

Period: August 3rd, 2016 ~ October 30th, 2016

Kirby Café was first hosted by Sparkle & Co. in three cities during 2016. Besides the café, official shops also opened to sell goods.[5]

  • In Tokyo, at Tokyo Solamachi, Kirby Café and the official shop were hosted from August 26th to October 30th, at Cafeteria Frezza (カフェテリア・フレッツァ) and on a "special location" respectively. Starting from October 11th, the store was moved to the same location as the café.[6]
  • In Osaka, at LUCUA Osaka, Kirby Café was hosted from August 5th to September 25th, at Cafe La Pause, while the official shop was hosted from August 3rd to August 23rd at Isetan.
  • In Nagoya, at Nagoya PARCO, only the official shop was hosted from August 24th to September 4th.[7]

The 12 acoustic music arrangement tracks used in the café were released on CD as The Sound of Kirby Café on August 3rd, 2016 — the same day the Isetan shop in Osaka opened.

Tokyo (permanent location)[edit]

After a hiatus in 2017, Kirby Café and its shop reopened in Tokyo on September 27th, 2018, now hosted by BENELIC CO., LTD. and featuring an entirely new menu. This café required reservations in advance.

Chapter 1[edit]

Period: September 27th, 2018 ~ February 17th, 2019

This initial run of the Tokyo location introduced many dishes and drinks that would become staples of the Café, such as the Kirby Burger, "Waddle Dee is napping - Japanese omelette rice", and "Café au lait art".

Chapter 2[edit]

Period: February 27th, 2019 ~ June 2nd, 2019

Originally planned to end on February 17th, Kirby Café entered a new chapter due to popularity. The menu was also expanded with new dishes.

Chapter 3[edit]

Period: June 11th, 2019 ~ September 23rd, 2019

Originally planned to end on June 2nd, Kirby Café once again received a new chapter, under the title Kirby Café Summer, featuring decorations and dishes themed after the season. This was the final run for the temporary Tokyo café, which ended up lasting for about a year.

Chapter 4[edit]

Period: December 12th, 2019 ~ indefinite

Due to its continued popularity, a permanent Kirby Café was opened in Tokyo in December of 2019, at the same Tokyo Solamachi location. Also included was a new set of 15 acoustic music arrangements, The Sound of Kirby Café 2, which released on the same day as the permanent café's opening.

Hakata (permanent location)[edit]

Chapter 1[edit]

Period: August 8th, 2019 ~ November 4th, 2019

A temporary Kirby Café and store location opened in Canal City Hakata, Fukuoka in August of 2019. The Hakata location shares its storyline and décor with the Tokyo location, but some menu items are mutually exclusive.

Chapter 2[edit]

Period: November 14th, 2019 ~ February 24th, 2020

The café had a brief hiatus in order to remodel between the 5th and 13th of November, and the store also did not operate during this time.[8] It closed on February 24th, 2020 to remodel again, this time to become a permanent location.

Chapter 3[edit]

Period: March 12th, 2020 ~ indefinite

As with the Tokyo café, the Hakata café proved popular enough to remain open indefinitely, meaning that there are currently two permanent Kirby Café branches running in Japan. The Hakata café reopened on March 12th, 2020 and has been regularly operating since then.

Other locations[edit]

Nagoya (temporary location)[edit]

Period: September 15th, 2022 ~ February 5th, 2023

Previously only having a store, a temporary café was opened in Nagoya, in the same department store as the store from 2016, but in a different location.


With the opening of the Tokyo location in 2018, a story was made for it, referencing the fact that the café once existed and was reopening. With each chapter of the temporary Tokyo café, a new chapter to the story was introduced, which often tied to the new dishes introduced. When the café was made permanent, new chapters were only released for Kirby Café Summer and Winter.

The Hakata location reuses the same story as the Tokyo one, with the only change being the video of the move of the café near Whispy Woods featuring many strawberries instead.

Chapter 1[edit]

Chapter 1 tells the story of the reopening of Kirby Café. The plot involves Chef Kawasaki joining the café, who after seeing Whispy Woods' apples had ideas for new recipes, and so went after Kirby and the Waddle Dees.

Story of Kirby Café, chapter 1  








Until the Kirby Café Opens Again
Through their combined efforts, Kirby and the Waddle Dees opened the Kirby Café.

It was a happy place where guests were welcomed by diligent Waddle Dees and Kirby, who was in charge of eating snacks(?). In the blink of an eye, this special spot became well-known throughout Dream Land and even on distant planets.

As everyone looked forward to the day the Kirby Café would open again, the months passed by in astonishing peace... and now, the time has finally arrived.

While Chef Kawasaki was out on a walk, thinking of ideas for new recipes, he came across Whispy Woods, whose leaves were full of apples. The nuts and fruits on the surrounding trees were more colorful than ever.

Of course!

Bursting with inspiration, Kawasaki rushed over to Kirby and the Waddle Dees.

And so,
a new Kirby Café begins.

Chapter 2[edit]

Kirby Café entered Chapter 2 with the plot of Chef Kawasaki going on a "journey in search of taste", after he, Kirby and the Waddle Dees struggle to come up with coherent ideas for the Café. Kawasaki goes towards Mt. Dedede, until halfway through he finds a coffee plantation, and he, along with Kirby who had followed him, finally figure out what they should do.

Story of Kirby Café, chapter 2  









The Story of Kirby Café and Coffee
The Kirby Café is back, and with a full stomach of success, it's packed again!

Then, one day... Kirby, Waddle Dee, and head chef Kawasaki thought, "We want everyone to have even more fun!", and began brainstorming many different ideas. But they couldn't quite get their heads together.

Therefore, Kawasaki decided to embark on a "Journey in Search of Taste".

His destination was Mt. Dedede, where Castle Dedede towers at the peak. When the path forward was blocked by a big bush, he found a gap and proceeded with caution...

Wow, what a huge farm! There were rows of trees with bright red coffee cherries.

That's it!

Kawasaki hurried back down the mountain to the café, and eagerly locked eyes with Kirby, who had tagged along.

The second chapter of Kirby Café begins!

Chapter 3[edit]

The plot of this chapter involves King Dedede, who became a regular customer at the café, inviting the Kirby Café staff to his summer resort, as a thanks to all their hard work. Kirby and company head to the resort, have fun there, and come back with inspiration for new dishes.

Story of Kirby Café, chapter 3  
カービィカフェ Summer!








Kirby Café Summer!

The Kirby Café has opened again, and its first summer has arrived.

So far, many friends have visited from all over Dream Land, but among them, King Dedede has become a frequent visitor.

One day, Kirby and his friends received an invitation from King Dedede. Surprisingly, in a show of thanks for the hard work the Kirby Café staff puts in every day, they've been invited to a resort where summer never ends, owned by King Dedede!

"Owned by the King...?"

Nobody knows when the island fell under his rule, but either way, Kirby and friends will have a blast!

Floaties, a shovel, a snorkel... Grab as much gear as you can, take some "time off" from the store, and let's go hit the sun-drenched beach!

Taking back plenty of inspiration from the everlasting summer sun, Kirby and friends will return with a "Summer Kirby Café"!

Chapter 4[edit]

The storyline involved Kirby and Chef Kawasaki moving the café to be closer to Whispy Woods, who is prominently featured in the new chapter's branding and appears as a statue in the permanent cafés.

Story of Kirby Café, chapter 4  













The Story of the Kirby Café's Grand Reopening

The Waddle Dees diligently harvest fresh, delicious ingredients for the Kirby Café every morning.

One day, Kirby had an idea while watching them work.

Early the next morning, Kirby packed everything up all by himself — the café tables, chairs, kitchen utensils, and shop signboards — and made his way towards Whispy Woods' forest.

This was a shock to the morning shift Waddle Dees, who came in to prepare for the opening. The Kirby Café wasn't even a shadow of its former self.

But the Waddle Dees who came to harvest the ingredients were even more shocked. Café equipment was piled up like a mountain around Whispy Woods.

Then came Kirby. He was carrying a huge pot, filled to the brim by Chef Kawasaki, with a big grin on his face.

As soon as they saw Kirby's smile, everyone's faces lit up.

"...Oh, I get it!"

"Now the morning harvest is much easier!"

"Great thinking, Kirby!"

Just like that, the shop had its grand reopening right next to Whispy Woods.

And so, a new Kirby Café begins!

Kirby Café Summer 2020[edit]

The plot for Kirby Café Summer in 2020 involved Kirby and company once again having fun in a summer vacation, and getting new dish inspirations from it.

Story of Kirby Café, Summer 2020  








It's back! Kirby Café Summer

This is the first summer for the Kirby Café since it moved to the area around Whispy Woods.

With an expanded menu that is more delicious and more fun, the new and more spacious Kirby Cafe makes everyone smile, day after day.

Relaxing in the sun underneath Whispy Woods is — for not just for the customers but also for Kirby and all of the staff — a special time.

And now... Kirby Cafe's summer vacation has arrived again this year!

At King Dedede's call, a bunch of friends got together — the café staff, of course, and also the regular customers. Everyone planned their own dream vacation, and then... It was off the southern islands!

Somehow, it seems like everyone enjoyed their beach vacation even more than last year. They played until they were spent, and had a summer vacation full of memories.

After basking in the glow of the endless summer sun and returning with lots of inspiration, Kirby brings you a "Summer Kirby Café" to look forward to!

Kirby Café Winter 2020[edit]

The plot for Kirby Café Winter in 2020 involved Kirby and company playing with the snow, accidentally gathering ingredients and eventually coming back to Chef Kawasaki to help create new dishes for the café.

Story of Kirby Café, Winter 2020  
カービィカフェ WINTERがやってきた!






Kirby Café Winter is here!

Kirby Café's first winter since it moved closer to Whispy Woods has arrived.

Whispy Woods is stylishly wearing a pure white snow cap, and somehow seems proud of it. Wrapped in a veil of white, the Kirby Café has become a winter retreat and feels like a completely different shop.

Everyone in Dream Land loves this time of year! They love to make lots of footprints, hearing the crunch, crunch as they walk in the fluffy snow as much as they like. Even Kirby and the Waddle Dees forgot to help out with the café, since they were looking forward to the arrival of winter. Kirby is covered in snow and excitedly playing — he looks like a big snowball.

Eventually, playing in the snow turned into harvest time, and before they knew it, they had gathered a mountain of winter fruits and vegetables. With that, they decide to head back to the shop, where Kawasaki is waiting for them. Let's put ingredients on an icy sleigh created by Chilly, and then set off for the café!

Inspired by the snowy landscape, Kirby and friends are proud to present a "Winter Kirby Café" that will warm your heart and body. We hope you look forward to it!

References in games[edit]

Kirby Battle Royale[edit]

In Kirby Battle Royale, two Headgears reference Kirby Café:

  • Waddle Dee's Café Cap - This is part of the working outfit of the Apprentice Chef Waddle Dees.
  • King Dedede's Knit Cap - This is part of what he wears as a customer of the café.

Kirby Star Allies[edit]

In Kirby Star Allies, the hat for the Cook ability now includes a star-shaped button on its left side, referencing Chef Kirby's appearance in the Kirby Café branding. This design is also used by Chef Kawasaki as a Friend.

Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn[edit]

The Neon Café Sign

The last one of the new furniture pieces obtained by saving Life Pieces in Devilish Mode in Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn is the "Neon Café Sign", based on Kirby Café.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land[edit]

Kirby and his friends enjoying Kirby Burgers in a cutscene (above) and Kirby passing out dishes in the Waddle Dee Café: Help Wanted! Sub-Game (below)
Main article: Waddle Dee Café

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a café partially based on Kirby Café called Waddle Dee Café appears in Waddle Dee Town. Here, in addition to an Energy Drink and Maxim Tomato, Kirby can order either a Car-Mouth Cake, which was made available as a dish in the real-world Kirby Café after the game's release, called the "ヘンケイ!くるまほおばりケーキ" (Mouthful Mode! Car-Mouth Cake), or a Kirby Burger, which resembles the physical "カービィバーガー" (Kirby Burger) family of dishes and may have been directly based off them.

There is also a Sub-Game located at the café, called Waddle Dee Café: Help Wanted!, where Kirby has to serve the aforementioned dishes to Waddle Dees in quick succession.

Kirby's Dream Buffet[edit]

Kirby wearing the Kirby Burger costume with the Burger Brown color.

Kirby's Dream Buffet includes two costumes and a color referencing Kirby Café, specifically being taken from the Waddle Dee Café in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The Kirby Burger costume and the Burger Brown color are both based on the Kirby Burger, while the Car-Mouth Cake costume is based on the eponymous dessert.

In the Kirby novel series[edit]

The Kirby Café being built by Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee.

In the Kirby novel series, the eighteenth volume, Kirby: Uproar at the Kirby Café?!, takes inspiration from the Kirby Café. In particular, the beginning of the story shares similarities to the story of the Kirby Café.

In this novel, Kirby and Bandana Waddle Dee gather fruit from Whispy Woods to Chef Kawasaki's restaurant. After becoming tired from the back and forth, Kirby gets the idea to move the restaurant near Whispy Woods. Chef Kawasaki refuses to close the restaurant since he already perfected it, and he instead offers to Kirby to open a side restaurant, which will be a café. At first, Chef Kawasaki worries to leave the responsibility of managing a café at the hands of Kirby, but when he sees that Waddle Dee will help, he is relieved.

Kirby and Waddle Dee build furniture together for the café according to Waddle Dee's blueprints and the rumor about the new café spreads. Since the residents of Dream Land see Kirby working on the café, everyone begins to call it the "Kirby Café". At first, Chef Kawasaki is displeased, since he wanted to name the café, but after thinking about how much Kirby has helped with the café, he decides that it is a fitting name. When the rumor spreads to King Dedede, he decides to open a rival café called the "Dedede Café", and doesn't allow Waddle Dee to continue helping the Kirby Café. Dedede calls for a competition between the Kirby Café and the Dedede Café, which both sides agree on. Meanwhile, Chef Kawasaki is thinking about what dishes to put on the café's menu.

On the day of the competition, neither Kirby nor King Dedede show up, since they are still searching for the Green Spider Grass. For the first round, Chef Kawasaki makes Half & Half Pizza, and wins the round. For the second round, Chef Kawasaki makes ginger ale, and loses to the Dedede Café. Since Whispy Woods remains sick without the needed medicine, Kawasaki regretfully makes pancakes instead of Whispy Woods' fruit pie for the final round. After Kirby and King Dedede return and the final round starts again, Kirby and Chef Kawasaki work together for the dessert, making a parfait. Meta Knight calls the final round a tie and Chef Kawasaki serves the audience food from the Kirby Café. At the end of the story, Dedede allows Bandana Waddle Dee to work at the Kirby Café.


  • Kirby Café Hakata features strawberries in various location-specific menu items and designs, reflecting Fukuoka Prefecture's history of cultivating signature varieties of Japanese strawberries like Toyonoka and Amaō.
  • Starting with the 2018 run, merchandising for Kirby Café features Waddle Dees with differently-colored hats depending on the location; Tokyo has green hats (carried over from the 2016 run), Hakata has red hats (perhaps to tie in with the aforementioned association with strawberries), and Nagoya had blue hats.
  • When reserving their table, dine-in customers can request a personalized birthday message written in chocolate sauce alongside their dessert order. They can choose to either be congratulated silently, or have special music playing and the entire café joining in celebration.[9]
  • The Tokyo location of Kirby Café: The Store features a drawing of Chef Kirby signed by Shinya Kumazaki and HAL Laboratory staff that worked on The Sound of Kirby Café 2, namely the composers (Yuuta Ogasawara, Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa, Shogo Sakai, Megumi Ohara, Yuki Shimooka) and producers (Yuri Shiono and Shinji Okada).[11]




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