Abusement Park

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Abusement Park

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English name Abusement Park
Japanese name ビバ! デデベガスへようこそ
(Viva! Welcome to Dede-Vegas!)
First aired Japan May 11, 2002
NA February 1, 2003
Episode # 30 (31 in Japan)
Copy Ability(Abilities) featured Mike
Monster(s) featured Walky
Character(s) featured Kirby
Episode Order
Cappy New Year The Kirby Derby - Part I
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Abusement Park is the 30th (31st in Japan) episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, where Kirby first uses the Mike ability (after he inhales a Walky).


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King Dedede and Escargoon announce that they are going to have an amusement park over at Castle Dedede. The Cappies are enthusiastic and come to the party. Kirby himself comes, but his friends Tiff and Tuff suspect something is going on. Lololo & Lalala go in as well, since King Dedede would not trap Kirby in a public place. They all have fun. Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, and the Cappies get on a ride, and are flung off and sent on a roller coaster. They fall off after going a few yards. At that point, the kids fall into a hole (hence their realization that it was a trap). King Dedede and Escargoon put them on the Crushing Caverns ride, the scariest roller coaster: the Crushing Caverns. Kirby boards the coaster, so the others have to.

Dedede and Escargoon watch how the kids are doing, but someone blinds the cameras. Tiff and the others land in a large room, but Meta Knight and the men behind the fact that the cameras lost their power (Sword Knight and Blade Knight) intervene, so Kirby and his pals can escape. Dedede then decides to get his revenge with a Walky. The N.M.E. Sales Guy suggests a Karaoke contest, where Kirby would stand on the stage (actually the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter) and be teleported to the Nightmare Enterprises building and then be destroyed. Kirby counters this by inhaling the Walky and transforms into Mike Kirby. Mike Kirby then sings a remix of the ending theme to Kirby: Right Back at Ya! as his foes teleport him to Nightmare Enterprises. This proves their biggest mistake, since the Sales Guy and his employees and Demon Beasts are being battered by the song. The Sales Guy survives and reverses the Teleporter and Kirby is sent back to Castle Dedede, destroying the castle. Tiff is rather annoyed that she did not find out that Mike Kirby is extremely dangerous.


When Mike Kirby sings his reprise Kihon wa Maru[edit]

  • Sales Guy: "Now! Commence transfer!" (Some versions have him say, "That's the spot!")
  • King Dedede: "I've gotten rid of Kirby at last!" (In some versions, he says, "I've finally kicked Kirby out of Dream Land!" while laughing.)
  • Sales Guy: "Such a terrible voice! Please stop! I'm about to die! I'm sending Kirby back!" (Some versions have him say, "It sounds like someone's scraping a chalkboard! I can't take it! I'm sending Kirby back!")
  • King Dedede: "It's ear-shattering!" (In some versions, he says, "MY EARDRUMS ARE KILLING ME!!!!!")
  • Escargon: "This is Karaoke Hell!" (In some versions, he says, "That singing is sickening!")
  • Tiff: "Kirby, please!"
  • Kirby: (singing) "Kanarazu!" ("I promise!")
  • Tiff: (stumbles backward) "Wah!"
  • Kirby: "Dedede wa yattekuru!" ("King Dedede will arrive!") (Castle Dedede starts to crumble.)
  • Meta Knight: "This is a special attack! The one that destroys everything, friend or foe, without distinction: Mike Kirby!"
  • Tiff: "It's too late for that now!"


  • The Episode's English name comes from "amusement park" and "abuse."
    • In Japanese, it is called Viva! Welcome to DedeVegas!, which makes a pun on "Las Vegas."
  • Kirby attempts to sing a remix of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! ending theme, Kihon wa Maru, but his singing is so bad due to his tone-deafness that the wormhole warps, an off-key horn plays, and the monsters are destroyed (but the N.M.E. Sales Guy survives and reverses the teleporter to send Kirby back) and then the castle is destroyed 20 seconds later after Kirby is sent back to continue his performance. The scene was also adapted as the seventh question in The Kirby Quiz, but the horns are replaced by a tune that resembles the percussion of Super Mario Bros. 3's' Underground Theme.
  • When Kirby, Tiff, Tuff, Fololo & Falala, and the Cappies board the boat ride, Fololo and Falala are in the second row. In the next scene, The Cappies are in the second row, Fololo and Falala are in the first row with Tiff and Tuff, and the third row is empty.
  • In some versions of the episode, after Kirby's return to continue his song, King Dedede says, "My eardrums are killing me!" and Escargoon says, "That singing is sickening!", as opposed to "It's ear-shattering!" and "This is Karaoke Hell!", respectively. Also, some versions have "I've gotten rid of Kirby at last!" replaced with "I've finally kicked Kirby out of Dream Land!" after King Dedede exiles Kirby with the teleporter. A rare few have the Sales Guy say, "It sounds like someone's scraping a chalkboard! I can't take it! I'm sending Kirby back!" instead of, "Such a terrible voice! Please stop, I'm going to die! I'm sending Kirby back!" when Kirby sings his reprise of Kihon Wa Maru.
  • Logically, the Walky shouldn't have been able to climb the castle wall after Kirby destroyed Castle Dedede with his singing. This is because it did not have arms.