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Kirby ★ March

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Kirby ★ March
30 second clips of various Kirby ★ March themes.
Debut appearance Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (2001-2003, Japanese and Chinese versions)
Composer(s) Akira Miyagawa
Singer(s) Xiangqi (シャンチー)
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"Kirby ★ March"[Japanese title] (カービィ★マーチ)[1] is the opening theme of the Japanese and Chinese versions of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, used from Kirby Comes to Cappy Town to A Whale of a Tale (and it also plays in Kirby 3D). It is in B-flat major, going at a 4/4 time signature at 128 beats per minute. The song is replaced by "Kirby!" starting with Waddle While You Work and persisting until Fright to the Finish. The Chinese version of the show does not translate this song or "Kihon wa Maru", instead leaving them in Japanese.

The primary version of "Kirby ★ March" is sung by a pseudonymous female vocalist credited as "Xiangqi". According to a profile from the March 2002 issue of CoroCoro Comic, she is from Beijing, China, and was born on February 17th, 1981 (making her 20 years old at the time of recording). Little else is known about her, and besides singing this song and "Kihon wa Maru", she has no other professional credits.

The original Japanese version of the show also featured several other non-vocal versions of this song. One is a slower-tempo track used for the sponsor announcements prior to the episode, called "Swing Kirby" and another is a big orchestra variation used for episode previews, called "Kirby is the Best". The Pupupu Tsushin segments, which showcased viewer-submitted photos and artwork as well as promotional events, almost always used an unnamed variation similar to but distinct from "Swing Kirby".

The song was released on the single Kirby of the Stars Theme Song, with "Kihon wa Maru" as the B-side. It was also featured on the album TV Anime Kirby of the Stars Original Soundtrack, and as a bonus track on the single TV Anime Kirby of the Stars New Theme Song - KIRBY! / Kirby ☆ Step! Many songs in the anime's soundtrack are rearrangements of the theme.


The final shot of the opening sequence that featured "Kirby ★ March".
  • Composer, Arranger, and Conductor: Akira Miyagawa
  • Lyrics: Shinji Miyake and Jian Hong
  • Vocalist: Xiangqi
  • Piano: Elton Nagata
  • Bass: Akira Okazawa
  • Drums: Yuichi Tokashiki
  • Electric Guitar and Banjo: Hiroshi Abe
  • Percussion: Midori Takada
  • Horns: Otohiko Fujita and Kensho Hagiwara
  • Trumpets: Eric Miyashiro and Koji Nishimura
  • Trombone: Osamu Matsumoto
  • Tuba: Toshio Nakamura
  • Flugelhorns: Hideyo Takakuwa and Kazuhiro Iwasa
  • Clarinets: Masashi Togame and Yuki Hamasaki
  • Strings: Yuriko Mori Group
  • Harp: Tomoyuki Asakawa
  • Vocal Arrangement: Akira Miyagawa







Itsudemo guusukaapii hoshi no kaabii
kedo honto wa tsuyoi yo honto kana?
fushigi na chikara o motsu densetsu no hiiroo
tsuyoi hoshi no senshi yarumonda kaabii

heiwa na rakuen dareka ga otoshita namida
warui yume nanka tabeteshimai mashou
nakushita egao wo tori motoshi ni yuukuu
sou kara ochitekuru hoshi no chikara wo ippai sutte

manmaru pinku da yo hoshi no kaabii
kedo nani demo nareru yo honto kana
mugen no chikara wo motsu densetsu no hiiroo
tsuyoi hoshi no senshi tanon da yo kaabii

ahiawase rakuen naze daka jama ga hairu yo
nayami no tane nara tabete shimaimashou
wasureta kimochi o torimodoshi ni yuukuu
sora kara ochite kuru hoshi no chikara o ippai sutte

hontoni tsuyokatta hoshi no kaabii
nee tomodachi ni naritai nareru kana
hiiroo rashiku monai kuishinbo hiiroo
tsuyoi hoshi no senshi misete kure kaabii

Sleeping all the time, Kirby of the Stars
But he's actually strong, Is he really?
The legendary hero with strange powers
Strong Star Warrior, Way to go, Kirby!

In the peaceful paradise someone has been shedding tears
Let's eat up those nasty bad dreams
We're going to reclaim our lost smile
Inhale the power of the stars falling from the sky

A perfect pink circle, Kirby of the Stars
But he can become anything, can he really?
The legendary hero with unlimited power
Strong Star Warrior, we're counting on you, Kirby!

In this cheerful paradise, somehow disturbances appear
Let's eat up all the seeds of worry
We're going to recover the forgotten feeling
Inhale the power of the stars falling from the sky

He really was strong, Kirby of the Stars
Hey, I want to be his friend, can I?
He isn't like your average hero, the hungry hero
Strong Star Warrior, show me Kirby!

In Cartoon Buffoon[edit]

In the episode Cartoon Buffoon, an alternate abridged version of this theme song plays in which King Dedede supplants Kirby and sings it himself. The lyrics are as follows:

いつでも グースデデデほしのデデデ

つよほし戦士せんしたのんだよ デデデ

Itsudemo guusudedede hoshi no dedede
kedo honto wa tsuyoi...
mugen no chikara wo motsu densetsu no hiiroo
tsuyoi hoshi no senshi tanon da yo dedede

Dedede's always sleeping, Dedede of the Stars
But he's actually strong...
The legendary hero with unlimited power
Strong Star Warrior, we're counting on you, Dedede!

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Names in other languages[edit]

Kirby ★ March[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィ★マーチ

Swing Kirby[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スィングカービィ
Suingu Kābyi
Swing Kirby

Kirby is the Best[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カービィは最高さいこう
Kābyi wa saikō
Kirby is the Best


  1. TV Anime Kirby of the Stars Original Soundtrack