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Screenshot of WolfWrath from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
Debut episode Hour of the WolfWrath
Similar entities Fire Lion
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WolfWrath is a powerful fiery wolf monster from the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It appears in the episode Hour of the WolfWrath, where it wreaks havoc in Castle Dedede by setting the place on fire, meanwhile causing a great deal of trouble for King Dedede who had called it in, not knowing the beast's wild temperament. WolfWrath is extremely tough, able to defeat Meta Knight in single combat, and it takes the combined efforts of Sword Knight, Blade Knight, and Galaxia Kirby to bring it down.


WolfWrath resembles a wolf in general appearance, but is very large, and has crimson-colored fur. Unlike a typical wolf, it has a lighter-colored mane around its neck, spikes jutting out of its back, and a large gem embedded in its forehead. Its physical agility and cries give it a very intimidating demonic appearance. It has a wild temperament, and does not follow orders.

WolfWrath is fearsome in combat, able to strike with astonishing speed and ferocity with its claws and teeth. In addition, it is able to shoot explosive fireballs out of its mouth in rapid succession. WolfWrath is able to restore its strength using fire, and appropriately, is damaged by exposure to water. WolfWrath's other abilities include being able to see in infrared wavelengths, and paralyzing its opponents using its fangs. Unless weakened by water damage, WolfWrath is highly resistant to attacks, able to withstand even direct hits from swords.

Role in Hour of the WolfWrath[edit]

Meta Knight trading blows with WolfWrath
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WolfWrath makes its only appearance in Hour of the WolfWrath, where it terrorizes the inhabitants of Castle Dedede for the entirety of the episode's duration, setting the castle ablaze in the process. Sword Knight and Blade Knight explain that Meta Knight had saved them from this monster many years ago, which is why they are loyal to him. Matters are complicated, however, when Meta Knight is paralyzed by WolfWrath, leaving Sword, Blade, and Kirby to deal with it and safeguard the court. WolfWrath proves a significant challenge for the three, but Sword and Blade manage to drag it into a pond outside the castle to weaken it, and Kirby finishes it off using a Sword Beam from the Galaxia.


  • In the Japanese version, Customer Service describes Chili Dog as a monster born in the fires of Hell.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese チリドック
Chili Dog