Tooned Out

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Tooned Out

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First aired Japan July 5, 2003
NA June 18, 2005
Episode # 89
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Spark
Monster(s) featured Anige
Character(s) featured Tiff
Episode order
Shell-Shocked Born to Be Mild - Part I
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Tooned Out is the 89th episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Here, King Dedede orders the Otakings in his attempt to get a new cartoon with him as the hero, beating up Kirby.


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At the start of the episode, King Dedede is seen explaining the terrible result of his anime, "Dedede: Coming at Ya!" to the N.M.E. Sales Guy. The Sales Guy tells his customer that if they cannot complete an anime, King Dedede's debt will rise. This piques King Dedede to order anime specialists. These specialists, called the Otakings, watch the anime and are stunned for a bit, so Escargoon tries getting their attention, but fails. The geeks propose making an anime where Tiff is the main character (even debating her personality and whether she should have super-powers or a secret identify) and set out to get data. Meanwhile, Tiff and her friends Tuff, and Kirby are having a picnic. She suspects that someone is spying on her, so she ignores it, only to find a tiny microphone in the picnic basket. The Otakings follow her, scaring her. Later at night, she suddenly becomes the target of their photography, causing her to narc on them to Chief Bookem. Mabel, Lady Like, and Buttercup assist Tiff in catching the geeks. The Otakings are then caught, and Bookem plays a machine that shows their recording. The Otakings introduce themselves and Tiff gets angry at their actions. The Otakings tell her that she looks beautiful when angered.

Everyone in Cappy Town gives their own idea out for the anime, but the group notices that the Otakings disappeared, so they give chase. Back at his castle, King Dedede finds the broadcast of the anime occurring at 7:30, and proceeds to look for the Otakings. The Otakings are arrested and jailed for their work.

6 days later, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby have another picnic, thinking that the Otakings have disappeared, but Meta Knight interrupts their picnic to explain that King Dedede is acting strange. The group heads to the castle, and Dedede is seen preparing the anime, so Tiff questions whether the Otakings are drawing her. The group goes to the dungeon to check what the geeks are doing, and sees that the Otakings only drew tiff. King Dedede tells the N.M.E. Sales Guy to send over an anime specialist named Dis Walney. Tiff is overjoyed to see that Dis has made his way here, but Dedede knocks her away and tells Dis to finish an anime by tomorrow. Dis then uses computer animation to do his work, and attaches optic sensors to Kirby and Dedede, who fight. Kirby loses as his rival beats him brutally, as Dis ordered, so Tiff questions why this is happening, and even approaches Dis for answers, but he zaps Tiff before she can ask, and reveals his true form as Anige.

Anige zaps Kirby with a red beam, and uses an N64-esque controller to make a scene where Kirby and Dedede fight. Kirby loses again, but the beating causes the optic sensors on his body to fall off. Tiff, as Meta Knight suggested, tells Kirby to inhale the optic sensors, causing Kirby to transform into Spark Kirby.

Anige gets back with his beam attack, but Kirby electrocutes him with Double Spark. Kirby launches another Double Spark, killing Anige in the process.

The due minute for the anime has almost approached, and Dedede and Escargoon cry about how their debt is going up again. Tiff says that the Otakings were useless as well, so King Dedede and Escargoon go down to the dungeon, where the Otakings have managed to complete the anime in only one day. The geeks proceed to broadcast their work, which Tiff congratulates them for. The anime plays, and much to her dismay, Tiff is shown in the anime, shocking everyone but the Otakings, who are proud of their work. Angry, Tiff gets a hammer and proceeds to play tag the Otakings, and Kirby (even though he had nothing to do with it) joins in.


  • Gengu proposes an anime where a toy thinks he is a space hero only to find out that he is actually a toy. This is a Toy Story reference. Curio proposes "Indiana Curio", which is inspired by Indiana Jones.
    • In addition, the character of Dis Walney appears to be named after the real-life figure Walt Disney, who was famous for his animation studio.
  • In the scene where Tiff shouts at the Cappies, a drawing of a UFO can be seen on the ceiling.
  • After Anige dies, the sun rises and Escargoon panics about missing the deadline while holding an alarm clock announcing that only five minutes remain before the anime is due. It shows the time as 7:25, which means the deadline is 7:30, when Kirby: Right Back at Ya! itself aired.
  • The Island Sisters, Kit Cosmos, Knuckle Joe's father, Yamikage and some star warriors appear as small toys or figures.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オタアニメ! 星のフームたん
Geek Anime! Fumu-tan of the Stars