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Tooned Out

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Tooned Out
E89 Scene 30.png
The monster Anige reveals himself while abusing Kirby and King Dedede in the guise of making a cartoon.
First aired Japan July 5, 2003
NA June 18, 2005
Episode # 89
Episode # (US) 89
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Spark
Monster(s) featured Anige
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, King Dedede, Escargoon, Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy
Episode order
Shell-Shocked Born to Be Mild - Part I
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Tooned Out is the 89th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede wishes to once again have a cartoon made about himself, so he has Night Mare Enterprises send a team of three animators to do the job, but they are more interested in making a cartoon about Tiff instead. After they stalk her to get material, Tiff catches them and tries to get them to make an original cartoon instead, but they do not heed her, and are later locked in the Castle Dedede dungeon to force them to get the cartoon finished in time for broadcast. Sensing they might not finish in time and seeing what they are working on, King Dedede calls for a better animator, and receives the famous Dis Walney, but he turns out to be a monster in disguise who uses motion-capture technology to render Kirby helpless to a beating. His devices break in the process, however, allowing Kirby to gain the Spark Copy Ability and use it to destroy the monster. Later on, the original three animators finish their cartoon and show it off, which leads Tiff to attack them over their perverted depiction of her.

This episode is a sequel to the earlier episode Cartoon Buffoon. It also marks the final appearance of the Spark Copy Ability in the anime series.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Tooned Out"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Poya pa-poyah! Poyo! Poohyo, poh! Peeyo pah poh! Poyo!" Kirby is attempting to pitch his cartoon idea along with the others.
"Don't call me that! Why don't you guys show a little originality and invent your own cartoon character instead of picking on me?! I don't wanna be a cartoon star!"
"There's only room for one hero on my show and that's me!"
"Tiff can't be the hero! She's a bad guy!"
"She's so awesome, she deserves her own animated series!"
"Why don't we make her the hero?"
"We need more recordings of her voice to use in the cartoon!"
Secondary characters
"Now I'm going to delete your friend Kirby permanently!"
(no dialogue)
"Bookem, you've got to do something to stop this spying spree!"
"How do you think they brought us here?"
"I dunno."
"There they are! Halt!"
"Here's my story! It's called The Gallant Gourmet! The hero is a famous samurai chef who rights wrongs and combats crooks by day, and at night he fights a never-ending battle against bad cuisine, but his samurai career is cut short when he gets sick from his own cooking! Ta-da!"
"Okay, everybody. Tiff called us all together to help these three animators come up with some fresh concepts for their new cartoon. Now, anybody got any good story ideas?"
"You can make a cartoon in just a few hours, and you don't need to pay any artists anymore!"
"It's a rip-off!"
(no dialogue)
"I got an idea! It's about a robotic space ranger who defends the galaxy from bad guys, but at the end of the show, he finds out he's really just a toy!"
"There should be car races!"
"Make it about a home-maker!"
"I don't like that story!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"How about a show with me as the superhero?!"
"It's something troublesome your papa did in the old days, so I suppose you'd call it a papa-razzi." Lady Like has lines only in the Japanese version, so this dialogue is translated from that version.
"Why are you following Tiff?"
"My cartoon will be wild and woolly! I call it The Sheep Show!"
(no dialogue)
"They are in the dungeon!"
"You don't know what you're asking for, D! Putting together a professional animation team takes a lot of effort and money!"
"The hero of my show is a dashing young collector of antiquities named Curio Jones!"
"I've got one! It's a light-hearted romantic comedy with a tragic ending! A boy and girl fall in love, but they're driven apart! The heartbroken young lad leaves his hometown! Just then the girl realizes that she still loves the boy, and runs after him, but his boat's already left the dock!"
"Hey now!" Sir Ebrum has lines only in the Japanese version, so this dialogue is translated from that version.
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
"Kirby'd go picnicking in a snowstorm as long as there's food."
"I think somebody's done that before!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Tiff and her friends catch the three animators who were stalking her for material.

The episode begins at Castle Dedede, where King Dedede recaps the events of Cartoon Buffoon to the N.M.E. Sales Guy and asks if he could try again, but this time with a professional animation team provided by Night Mare Enterprises. Through the Monster Delivery System comes three geeky-looking kids named Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy. The Sales Guy reminds King Dedede that these three are employees under contract and not monsters, and signs off. King Dedede and Escargoon get to work debriefing these three on their idea for the cartoon and show them their previous effort from Cartoon Buffoon as a reference, but they seem more interested in Tiff and decide to make the cartoon about her instead. Over King Dedede and Escargoon's objections, the animators head out to find Tiff so they can get a better reference. Out in the countryside, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby are having a picnic, but Tiff is continually distracted by ruffling in the bushes. As Tuff and Kirby head out to play hide-and-seek, Tiff notices a small microphone attached to her picnic box. She starts to become nervous as Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy stalk her just out of sight, looking to obtain more of her voice clips for their purposes. They continue to stalk her through the evening, but she manages to spot them outside her bedroom window that night.

The next day, Tiff reports the incident to Chief Bookem in Cappy Town, and recruits him and some other Cappies to help her catch the crooks. While walking down a dirt path in Dream Land, Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy stalk her as before, but when they run to hide, they are immediately set upon by Tiff's hired help and captured. Once at the police headquarters, the three animators spill the beans and reveal what their intentions are. Tiff berates the three for stalking her and demands they come up with an original idea instead of using her likeness, and the Cappies decide to help out by pitching ideas for the three to use. However, all of the Cappies ultimately end up pitching ideas that cater specifically to their own character. As they bicker about the concept, Tiff shouts them down and points out that the three animators have slipped out of the building. Meanwhile, back at Castle Dedede, the N.M.E. Sales Guy informs King Dedede and Escargoon that they only have two days to complete the project or else they will not get their production money back, prompting Dedede to frantically search for his animators. They soon find them, and force them to work on the cartoon without breaks in the dungeon until they complete it.

Dis Walney is called in to whip up a quick CGI cartoon for King Dedede.

As time passes, Tiff and her friends wonder where the three animators ended up. Meta Knight shows up and tells them that King Dedede has the three animators locked up in his dungeon. Hearing this, Tiff and company rush to the castle to berate King Dedede for what he is doing, and tell him that he is not necessarily going to get the cartoon he wants, and after checking their work, Dedede realizes she is right. With little other recourse due to the tight deadline, King Dedede tries to negotiate with the Sales Guy again, and request for a new animator to speed things up. Through the Night Mare Enterprises Teleporter comes the legendary animator Dis Walney, who Tiff and Tuff turn out to be huge fans of. When King Dedede tells Dis what the deadlines are, he suggests using CGI to speed up the process, and sets up a motion-capture studio. After applying several optical sensors to King Dedede, he starts to make progress as King Dedede's movements are transmitted to his computer and made into a rendering of the King in 3D. Tiff objects to the idea of replacing artists with motion capture technology, but does not get far before Dis hooks up Kirby as well and gets him ready for the show. Dis Walney then tells Kirby and King Dedede to act like they are battling, but King Dedede decides not to merely act, and starts clobbering Kirby repeatedly with his hammer. Dis tells Dedede to keep it up, as the kids watch in concern. Tiff then concludes that this cannot possibly be the real Dis Walney, and turns out to be correct, as the disguise is thrown off to reveal the computer monster Anige.

Tiff attacks the animators over their exploitative depiction of her in their cartoon.

Anige then proceeds to transform his equipment so that he can control the actions of the two "actors". He forces King Dedede to continue hammering Kirby while at the same time forcing the poor pink puffball to be unable to move or resist the attack. After receiving even more punishment, Kirby is knocked into the ceiling, and when he falls back down, the sensors fall off of him. Tiff tries to run in at this moment to help, but Meta Knight stops her and instead tells Kirby to inhale the defective sensors to gain the Spark Copy Ability. Using this ability, Kirby quickly overwhelms Anige and destroys him. As the group recovers from the explosion, King Dedede and Escargoon realize that there is not much time left before the cartoon is supposed to air. He rushes to check in on Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy, and see that they managed to complete their cartoon just in time. Not caring what the cartoon contains, King Dedede puts it on the reel and sets it up for live broadcast. As everyone gathers to watch the animation, Tiff compliments Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy for getting it done so fast, but soon regrets doing so when she sees the tasteless way they depicted her and manipulated her voice. After enduring it for a moment, Tiff loses her temper and chases after the three animators using King Dedede's hammer. The episode ends as Kirby joins in the chase, thinking it to be a game.

Differences between versions[edit]

Warning: The following section contains official content that may be interpreted as unsuitable for a younger audience.
Please skip to the next heading if you wish to avoid such material.
Japanese-exclusive scene of part of the Tiff cartoon.

Differences in the Japanese version[edit]

  • The scene where Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy are talking about their plans to make Tiff the star is longer.
  • The scene where Tiff tells everyone about her stalkers is longer.
  • The cartoon about Tiff is longer and features different dialogue. Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy refer to it as "Fumu-tan of the Stars", and sing a parody of the series' theme song with modified lyrics about Tiff. Because of this, it is more apparent that the trio intended to make a "sexy" anime about Tiff, an implication which is toned down in the English dub and subsequent dubs based upon it.
  • When King Dedede rushes to find Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy after talking to the N.M.E. Sales Guy, part of the shot is upside down. This was fixed in the English dub and all subsequent dubs based on it.

Dialogue differences in the Japanese version[edit]

  • King Dedede mentions that his animation aspirations had "gone with the wind" while the recap montage shows the scene in Waddle While You Work that references Gone with the Wind.
  • Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy are more secretive about their plans to make a "sexy" Tiff anime, and do not explicitly tell King Dedede and Escargoon about their plans before leaving the castle. Escargoon later comments that they might be savants.
  • During the picnic, Tiff comments that the heat makes her feel like wanting to take off her clothes. This line is later used by Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy in their cartoon of her.
  • When Tiff tells everyone about her stalkers, Mabel comments, saying that there are some really persistent men out there. This line makes Samo uncomfortable, due to his insecurity regarding her. Lady Like then tells a story about how Sir Ebrum used to do the same thing.
  • When Chief Bookem gathers everyone to discuss plans for Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy's cartoon, he has to correct himself before he calls it "mob justice".
  • The Japanese version makes several references to popular media when the characters propose their anime ideas:
  • The N.M.E. Sales Guy tells King Dedede and Escargoon that the cartoon has to be ready in a week, rather than two days in the English version. This is notable, as the episodes of Kirby: Right Back at Ya! were produced on a weekly basis, but King Dedede insists it cannot be done anyway.
  • Meta Knight does not specifically say that Biggy, Boney, and Sleepy were locked in the dungeon, but merely hints that King Dedede is acting suspiciously.
  • Spark Kirby shouts "SPARK!!" and "DOUBLE SPARK!!" when attacking.


  • In addition to the examples listed above that are exclusive to the Japanese version, the English version contains references to popular media as well:
    • Gangu proposes an anime where a space hero fights monsters only to find out that he is actually a toy, referencing the plot of Toy Story.
    • Professor Curio proposes "Curio Jones", which is inspired by Indiana Jones.
  • After Anige is destroyed, the Sun rises and Escargoon panics about missing the deadline, while holding an alarm clock announcing that only five minutes remain before the anime is due. It shows the time as 7:25, which means the deadline is 7:30, when Kirby: Right Back at Ya! itself aired in Japan.
  • The Island Sisters, Kit Cosmos, Knuckle Joe's father, Yamikage and some Star Warriors appear as small toys or figures. Many of these are the capsule figures from Snack Attack - Part I.
  • This episode was unaired in Latin American countries, perhaps due to the Tiff cartoon at the end being deemed inappropriate for younger audiences even after being edited down.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オタアニメ! 星のフームたん
Ota'anime! Hoshi no Fūmu-tan
Otaku Anime! Fumu-tan of the Stars