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Delivery Man

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Delivery Man
Delivery Man.png
Screenshot of Delivery Man from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
Debut episode Delivery Dilemma
Ability granted Jet
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That Delivery Man sure is speedy!
— Mayor Len Blustergas, in Delivery Dilemma

Delivery Man is a motorcycle-riding delivery monster who appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode Delivery Dilemma. He is called into Dream Land from Night Mare Enterprises in order to speedily deliver food from Kawasaki's to King Dedede and the other residents, though his real objective is to find and destroy Kirby. Once he finds his target, he proceeds to try and run the pink puffball down, but after receiving some help from Meta Knight, Kirby is able to defeat the Delivery Man using the Jet Copy Ability.


If he didn't deliver my food so fast, I'd give him a ticket.
— Chief Bookem, in Delivery Dilemma

The Delivery Man is a small round creature who wears a motorcycle helmet that covers his whole body, in addition to having defined arms and legs. His helmet is white and red with an opaque visor that displays HUD information. The helmet also has yellow spikes that line the top like a mohawk and two red fire-like decals on the "ears". It is not known what the Delivery Man looks like underneath the helmet, and it is unclear if he is a living organism or a robot.

The Delivery Man rides a red and white motorcycle with very potent twin engines, allowing him to travel from Cappy Town to the interior of Castle Dedede within seconds. He is never seen off of the motorcycle, and he is extremely skilled at steering it both indoors and outdoors. He attacks primarily by ramming into his target. When this does not work, he can extend his legs to try and swipe at his target. As a last resort, his motorbike has a built-in missile launcher which can fire several volleys in quick succession.

Role in Delivery Dilemma[edit]

The Delivery Man appears at Kawasaki's to collect King Dedede's order.
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I shoulda' known it was Kirby, that nasty pasta poacher! I'm gonna get me my own delivery dude so there ain't no more mess-up!
— King Dedede, in Delivery Dilemma

The Delivery Man appears in the episode Delivery Dilemma. Here, he is called by King Dedede in order to deliver him ramen from Kawasaki's without delay, as Kirby previously failed to deliver it. From there, the Delivery Man proceeds to take over all food deliveries for the restaurant, meanwhile searching for Kirby. Once the Delivery Man finds Kirby, he proceeds to try and run the pink puffball down with his motorcycle, hitting him several times. Before he can finish the job, however, Meta Knight jumps in and severs one of the Delivery Man's engines, allowing Kirby to swallow it and gain the Jet Copy Ability.

From here, Jet Kirby and the Delivery Man fight in a battle on the run. The Delivery Man first tries to swipe at Kirby with his leg. After this, he activates his missile launcher and tries to fire at Kirby, but misses each shot. After this, Kirby unleashes a special attack called the Jet Cracker which hits the Delivery Man and reduces him to a soldering crater, defeating him.