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Meta Knight standing with several Star Warriors, from the episode Here Comes the Son.

The Star Warriors (also referred to as part of the Galaxy Soldier Army) are an organization appearing in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. They are a group of strong space-faring knight-like warriors who were said to have battled eNeMeE in a war many years before the events of the anime. However, eNeMeE's monsters outnumbered them, killing most, and turning a few notable warriors against their former allies. The few Star Warriors who remained fled to distant parts of the galaxy in order to recover what they could and await the birth and distribution of new Star Warriors throughout the cosmos to continue the battle. The term Star Warrior is typically applied to Meta Knight, who is a veteran of the old war that decimated most of his comrades, and Kirby, who is an early part of the aforementioned new generation.


Despite their central role in the larger narrative of the anime series, not much is known about the Star Warriors at large aside from details about specific members. Most of the information relating to them is given by Meta Knight and Kabu, particularly in the episodes Kirby's Duel Role, Dark and Stormy Knight, and Crusade for the Blade. Individual Star Warriors seen in flashback sequences have varying body shapes and appear to be collections of various alien species, though nearly all of them are dressed like medieval knights with appropriate weaponry and helmets which either partially or totally obscure their faces. Many of them also have yellow star-like insignia somewhere on their outfits (with Meta Knight also possessing one at some point before the main story). The only two Star Warriors who do not wear armor in this fashion are Kirby and Kit Cosmos.

New Star Warriors are said to be born out in the depths of space and incubated in personal starships until they are ready to battle monsters which their ships detect and ferry them to. Kirby in particular is borne to Dream Land in this fashion, but Meta Knight explains that he was called in prematurely, which serves as an explanation for Kirby's infantile nature. It is unclear however how Kirby ended up with his own Starship and with this distinction when taking into account Kabu's story of how Kirby was initially created by eNeMeE as a monster, but was unable to control him. Star Warriors set up bases of operation across the universe, with Kabu statues acting as sanctuaries where the warriors could recover. The Kabu in Dream Land specifically has a pedestal inside his sanctuary which can be used to repair Kirby's Warp Star.

List of notable Star Warriors[edit]

The following are notable characters who have specifically been identified as Star Warriors in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Other characters who are related to these ones, but not specifically referred to as Star Warriors will not be listed here.

Star Warriors in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Character Episode(s) Notes
E98 Kirby.png
All Kirby is described as a premature Star Warrior who was called in to battle monsters before he was fully ready to. Despite this, he is among the most powerful of his kind, able to effortlessly master and then discard various abilities which would take most other warriors years to learn. He is also described as a failed creation of Night Mare Enterprises, which is why eNeMeE wishes to destroy him.
E96 Meta Knight.png
Meta Knight
Various Meta Knight is a veteran of the war against eNeMeE which wiped out most of the previous generation of Star Warriors, taking refuge in Dream Land and helping Kirby fend off the monsters sent at him. Meta Knight wields the sacred blade Galaxia, and is very knowledgeable, in addition to being a master swordsman. He has taken on two apprentices Sword Knight and Blade Knight, though these two are not Star Warriors themselves.
E60 Garlude.png
Crusade for the Blade Garlude was a veteran Star Warrior who was a master in swordplay and the mother of Sirica. Long before the events of the show, she and Meta Knight ventured into the depths of Kirisakin's lair to recover the Galaxia, but she was killed in the process, allowing Meta Knight to escape with the legendary sword. Sirica would later blame Meta Knight for her death and try to hunt him down.
E19 Knuckle Joe's father.png
Knuckle Joe's father
Here Comes the Son, Masher 2.0 Knuckle Joe's father was a swordsman and ally to Meta Knight in the war against eNeMeE He was described as one of the strongest warriors, but he was kidnapped and turned against his allies by eNeMeE directly. Meta Knight had to personally slay Knuckle Joe's father, causing his son to seek revenge.
E22 Kit Cosmos.png
Kit Cosmos
Island of the Lost Warrior, Cappy Town Down, Combat Kirby, Fright to the Finish Kit Cosmos is an old drill sergeant of the Galaxy Soldier Army who ended up stranded on a deserted island off the coast of Dream Land during the war against eNeMeE. He becomes paranoid that Kirby and his friends are monsters out to get him when they wash up on his island, but eventually comes to terms with them, and later joins Meta Knight and his crew in the final assault on eNeMeE's Fortress.
E99 Sir Arthur.png
Sir Arthur
Combat Kirby, Fright to the Finish Sir Arthur is a senior-ranking Star Warrior who wears a full suit of golden armor and wields a sword in his right hand. He looks similar in physique to Meta Knight, though his skin is dark green and his eyes are lavender. He also wears a long grey cape. An action figure resembling him appears in the episode Snack Attack - Part I, and he does not show up in person until Combat Kirby, where he appears on the main screen of the Halberd flight deck.
E99 Sir Galahad.png
Sir Galahad
Combat Kirby, Fright to the Finish Sir Galahad is one of Sir Arthur's soldiers. He resembles Meta Knight in look and dress, wearing a mask over his face and having large spiked pauldrons and boots. He is distinguished by his magenta body color, his orange ponytail, his blue cape, and his dark-grey falchion. An action figure resembling him appears in the episode Snack Attack - Part I, and he does not show up in person until Combat Kirby, where he appears on the main screen of the Halberd flight deck.
E99 Sir Lancelot.png
Sir Lancelot
Combat Kirby, Fright to the Finish Sir Lancelot is one of Sir Arthur's soldiers. He is depicted fully clad in grey armor and has a physique similar to Meta Knight. He can be distinguished by his big battle axe, his red cape, and the yellow accents on his armor. An action figure resembling him appears in the episode Snack Attack - Part I, and he does not show up in person until Combat Kirby, where he appears on the main screen of the Halberd flight deck.
E100 Sir Percival.png
Sir Percival
Combat Kirby, Fright to the Finish Sir Percival is one of Sir Arthur's soldiers. His physique and look is very similar to Meta Knight's, though his mask is slightly smaller. He is also distinguished by his green body and cape, his red mohawk, and his triangular sword which he wields in his left hand. An action figure resembling him appears in the episode Snack Attack - Part I, and he does not show up in person until Combat Kirby, where he appears on the main screen of the Halberd flight deck.
Star Warrior Yamikage.png
Ninja Binge Yamikage is a ninja who once battled alongside the Star Warriors, but turned on them to serve Night Mare Enterprises instead for unknown reasons. He is battled by Kirby in the episode Ninja Binge and defeated. Despite swearing to get his revenge on Kirby, Yamikage never appears again in the show except as a figurine.


  • Several Star Warriors cameo as action figures in the episode Snack Attack - Part I. In particular, the four warriors whose names start with "Sir" are introduced in this way.
    • Additionally, these four aforementioned warriors are each named after various Knights of the Round Table.
    • Lastly, of those four warriors, Sir Arthur is the only one who talks.
  • Interestingly, one of the unlockable comics in Bye-Bye BoxBoy!, "So Close, Yet..." uses the Star Warriors title as a way of referring to Kirby in its description.[1]
    • The comic has Qbby using some of Kirby's Copy Abilities before Kirby suddenly encounters him.
    • This is the only time that the "Star Warriors" title (in context with the anime itself) has appeared in a video game.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 星の戦士
Hoshi no senshi
Star Warrior
Brazilian Portuguese Guerreiro Estelar Star Warrior


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