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A Spice Odyssey

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A Spice Odyssey
E29 Scene 27.png
Kirby struggles against the monstrous Monsieur Goan.
First aired Japan April 27, 2002
NA December 14, 2002
Episode # 29
Episode # (US) 27
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Cook
Monster(s) featured Monsieur Goan
Character(s) featured Kirby, Chef Kawasaki, Tiff, King Dedede, Monsieur Goan
Episode order
Labor Daze Hatch Me If You Can
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A Spice Odyssey (also called The Hot Shot Chef) is the 29th (27th in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede starts a new restaurant in Cappy Town with the help of the chef monster Monsieur Goan, intent on both driving Chef Kawasaki out of business and hypnotizing the people of Cappy Town into making Kirby into sorbet. To respond to the competition, Chef Kawasaki accidentally discovers the Cappies' love for ultra-spicy food, and starts a spiciness war with Monsieur Goan to get his customer base back. In the process, Kawasaki produces the Toxic Atomic Curry, which he is later able to use to help Kirby defeat Monsieur Goan and save himself, destroying the restaurant in the process.

One of the English names for this episode is likely a reference to the famous film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "A Spice Odyssey"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"I don't like anything about it! My restaurant's at peace since it opened!"
"Figures! Dedede wants to ruin your business!"
"I'll revolutionize Cappy Town's coo-zine[sic], then I'll flambé Kirby in a food-for-all!" King Dedede is attempting to say the word "cuisine".
"Voilà! Le tournedos!"
Secondary characters
"Quick! Get in line!"
"Hey, there's a real restaurant in town!"
"I hope it isn't like Kawasaki's!"
"Oui, monsieur!" Captain Waddle Doo is notably the only character to pronounce Monsieur Goan's name correctly.
"Hmm. I'm not sure I'm gonna like orange food."
"Not to mention the pink color!"
"Not "tornado", "tournedos"! That's a fancy foreign language, sire!"
(Fololo)"Hot chowder!"
(Falala) "Double that!"
"Did ya like it?"
"Well, how's the chow?"
"I love the decor, it's so elegant!"
"I can't wait to taste the sorbet!"
"The prices must be sky-high!"
"This place is extremely pish-posh!"
"Five bucks?!"
"My wife and I are honored to be your first customers!"
"The shape is very soothing, too!"
"But that monster chef will make things dicey!"
"You owning a restaurant is like a termite owning a lumber yard!"
"Just because there's a line doesn't mean it's any good."
"He blasted off like a rocket ship!"
"It's a quantum leap beyond the restaurant we're used to!"
"I'm gonna ask for a triple scoop!"
"Wah! That's it?!"
"Nuttin'! I just noticed how Kirby looks exactly like a giant scoop of sorbet!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Chef Kawasaki finds to his shock a new restaurant across the street from his.

The episode begins at Castle Dedede, where King Dedede is fed up with the lackluster food prepared by his kitchen staff. As a last resort, he heads down to Kawasaki's in hopes of finding anything edible, but is once again unsatisfied, leaving the restaurant without paying his bill after insulting its chef. Once back at the castle, King Dedede resolves to open up a new restaurant in Cappy Town, and calls Night Mare Enterprises to send their best chef to Dream Land. Through the Monster Delivery System comes Monsieur Goan, who presents the king with "le tournedos" as a sample. Dedede enjoys this dish to the point that he licks the plate clean. From there, the plans to set up a rival restaurant and dispatch Kirby in the process begin.

Some time later, Chef Kawasaki emerges from his restaurant to begin opening shop when he notices the new restaurant just across the street from his, and wonders how it got set up so quickly. At that moment, the restaurant opens for the first time, and a stream of Cappies comes in to dine, leaving Kawasaki to watch in dismay as Professor Curio and the kids comment on the situation. At that moment, Mayor Len and Hana walk out of the restaurant and confirm that not only was the food "heavenly", but it only cost "five dollars", prompting the rest of the Cappies to grow even more anxious about trying the restaurant. After being completely deserted, Kawasaki then slips quietly into his empty restaurant and begins to despair as everyone in Cappy Town lines up for Monsieur Goan's instead. Later that night, Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff convene with Chef Kawasaki in his restaurant to discuss the situation. Despite the quality of the food, Tiff distrusts Monsieur Goan's establishment, and encourages Kawasaki to start a "restaurant war" in hopes of improving his own dishes and winning back the support of the town.

Monsieur Goan reveals his secret plot to turn the Cappies against Kirby.

The next day, the war commences as Kawasaki tries everything he can to encourage customers, but with little success. Once again he loses hope and is about to give up, when Chief Bookem enters Kawasaki's due to the line at Monsieur Goan's being too long. Defying Kawasaki's expectations, Bookem asks for something spicy, since his horizons were expanded by Goan's cooking. Despite the continued bashing of Kawasaki's cooking, he agrees to make Bookem a spicy dish and solicits Kirby's help with the preparation. While cooking, Kawasaki asks Kirby to grab a hot pepper for the dish, but due to his short stature, Kirby has trouble with this, and accidentally pulls down the whole bunch into the chowder when he jumps for one. Not noticing this, Kawasaki presents the severely overclocked chowder to Bookem who promptly tries some, and then proceeds to spout a pillar of flame from his mouth and run out of the restaurant in agony. At first, Kawasaki despairs at this outcome, but the rest of the Cappies show up desiring the same level of spiciness.

Monsieur Goan is left to roast inside his restaurant.

Before long, Chef Kawasaki has reclaimed the attention of the Cappies with his new ultra-spicy dishes. Despite the experience of Tuff and the Cappies, the spiciness seems to have little effect on Kirby, who slurps it up peacefully. Seeing the shift in taste, King Dedede and Monsieur Goan endeavor to make their own spicy dishes. Soon a new restaurant war engages as both establishments continuously ramp up the spiciness of their offerings. After King Dedede and Escargoon sample some, they are presented by Goan with a special sorbet dyed pink, which they serve to their customers to cool off after the spicy entrée. It is later revealed that a "special ingredient" was placed in the sorbet to make those who ate it desire to consume other "pink round things". Seeing the sorbet, Tiff meets up with Kawasaki to discuss a counter-dish, but catches him preparing his ultimate spicy entrée, the Toxic Atomic Curry. Tiff tries to explain that the Cappies are getting tired of spicy food, but she fails to dissuade him as he tries his new curry out on himself. Back at Monsieur Goan's, everyone is acting manic after eating the sorbet, demanding more. After some disturbing comments from the Cappies, more sorbet is brought out, this time explicitly designed to resemble Kirby. After the Cappies eat this offering, they become hypnotized and desire to eat Kirby next. At this opportunity, Monsieur Goan transforms into a towering monster and battles Kirby, intent on freezing him to death and making him into sorbet.

Seeing this, the Cappy kids run out of the restaurant, getting Chef Kawasaki's attention. Kawasaki runs in and tosses Kirby his frying pan, giving him the Cook Copy Ability to fight back. However, Cook Kirby is soon overpowered by Monsieur Goan and loses his ability. He then gets tossed into a bowl of dry ice and begins to freeze. While the others look on, Chef Kawasaki thinks fast and runs to get his new curry. He tosses it into the bowl for Kirby to eat, allowing him to thaw out due to the sheer spiciness, having finally been affected by Kawasaki's cooking. As he starts breathing out gouts of fire, Tuff initially mistakes him as Fire Kirby, but Meta Knight corrects him, saying it is just heartburn from the curry. Regardless, Kirby uses his fiery breath to set the restaurant and Monsieur Goan alight, prompting the rest to escape as the place burns down. Later that night, as punishment for trying to turn Kirby into sorbet, the people of Cappy Town force King Dedede and Escargoon to eat Kawasaki's Toxic Atomic Curry. The two laugh this off - believing themselves able to handle any level of spiciness - but soon catch on fire as a result, and are reduced to piles of ash in cartoonish fashion. The episode ends as the people of Cappy Town chuckle over the two's misplaced hubris.

Differences between versions[edit]

Removed scene where Chief Bookem checks in at Doctor Yabui's clinic after eating the ultra-spicy ramen.
  • In the Japanese version, the sign above Monsieur Goan's restaurant reads "Restaurant Goan", where in the international versions it has no words, instead featuring cutlery.
  • In the Japanese version, the sale sign plastered on Kawasaki's reads "100% OFF" in English, while in the international versions, it's a dollar sign with a cancel symbol on top.
    • Additional advertising signs have the text removed from them in the international TV versions, despite being legible English. This includes the signs that advertise the spicy dishes, including the words "HOT!!", "HOT x10!", "HOT! 100!!", and "The Most HOT Curry in the world".
  • An extra scene exists in the Japanese version after Chief Bookem tries Kawasaki's spicy chowder where he explains at Doctor Yabui's clinic that it was "so spicy it was the best".
  • Extra shots of the scene where Kirby breathes fire on Monsieur Goan are cut from the international versions.
  • When the fire bursts out of the restaurant's ceiling, Monsieur Goan is briefly seen getting blown out of it in the international versions. However, he is still shown disintegrating in the fire right before this.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • Monsieur Goan tends to say, "Oui, ça va?" in the Japanese version, which can be translated from French as "Yes, all right?". Because of this, King Dedede and Escargoon believe Monsieur Goan to be lying about his age, since "Ça va" dubiously sounds like the Japanese "Saba," which means young.
  • In the Japanese version, the meals at Restaurant Goan are said to cost only "five Deden" rather than "five dollars" in the English version. "Deden" is King Dedede's currency in the Japanese version, based nominally on the Japanese yen.
  • In the Japanese version, Chef Kawasaki serves ultra-spicy ramen as opposed to "chowder" in the English version. Despite the dialogue difference, the food is clearly ramen in both versions.


  • For unknown reasons, Kirby's eyes turn green when he is freezing inside Monsieur Goan's dry ice bowl.
  • As the first line in front of Monsieur Goan's restaurant forms, Professor Curio appears to be part of it, though in the very next scene, he is standing with the kids in front of Kawasaki's instead.
    • Additionally in this scene, the Cappies say "dollars" instead of referring to the usual currency units of "dede-dollars" or "D-bills".


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 激辛! ファミレス戦争
Gekikara! Fami Resu Sensō
Super Spicy! Family Restaurant War
German Der Kochkrieg von Zeetown The Cooking war of Cappy Town