A Spice Odyssey

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A Spice Odyssey

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First aired Japan April 27, 2002
NA December 14, 2002
Episode # 27 (29 in Japan)
Copy Ability(Abilities) featured Cook, Superspicy Curry
Monster(s) featured Monsieur Goan
Character(s) featured Chef Kawasaki
Episode Order
Labor Daze Hatch Me If You Can
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A Spice Odyssey is the 27th (29th in Japan) episode of Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. Here, Monsieur Goan opens up his own restaurant because King Dedede and Escargoon believe Chef Kawasaki is screwing up at his job too much and they want Goan to run him out of business.


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At Castle Dedede, a huge feast is prepared for King Dedede, but the king gets very tired of it. Escargoon says that that is the only food that they have including noodles, catnip, and dog chow. King Dedede yells at him saying that he wants some tastier food at Chef Kawasaki's restaurant but the king stills get tired of the food.

Meanwhile, King Dedede and Escargoon return to the castle where the king asks Escargoon how Chef Kawasaki's restaurant stays in business; Escargoon replies by saying that it is the only one in Cappy Town. King Dedede decides to open his own restaurant called Restaurant Goan. He runs to his throne and there, a big TV screen comes down and the N.M.E. Sales Guy appears on the screen. King Dedede tells him that he needs an excellent chef to open Restaurant Goan and beat down Kirby in a food fight. The Sales Guy replies that he has a chef monster named Monsieur Goan and sends it.

Chef Kawasaki comes outside to put a sign with the specials on it. He doesn't know what the specials will be. Then, Kawasaki notices that Restaurant Goan has opened next to his restaurant. Inside the restaurant, Captain Waddle Doo and Waddle Dees are being yelled at by Escargoon who tells them the restaurant has a very high class charm. In the kitchen, Monsieur Goan is cooking up something and Escargoon tells that Restaurant Goan is about to open soon. The Mayor and his wife are the first customers at the restaurant and Escargoon greets them. The Mayor's wife compliments on the decor. Then, Escragoon tells them to have a seat outside. Chef Kawasaki is worried about Tiff, Tuff and Kirby beside him as everyone is lining up to get inside. Curio says that the food's not good because of the long line. The Mayor and his wife come out of Restaurant Goan and the other Cappies asks how good was the food. Then, the Mayor said that it was the best food he ever ate in his whole life. Tiff replies that the food was $5.00.

Meanwhile at Kawasaki's restaurant Tiff, Tuff, Chef Kawasaki, and Kirby are conversing. Tiff says she doesn't like Restaurant Goan and Kawasaki agrees with her. Tiff says she should challenge them to a restaurant war, stating that he should serve free deserts to customers or all you can eat buffets. The next day the line was even bigger than yesterday; Kawasaki begins passing out fliers for free coffee with every meal but Escargoon says that he can't advertise there and rips them up. Chef Kawasaki gets a loudspeaker and starts shouting that at Kawasaki's restaurant they have a new super lunch deluxe special but a Cappy grabs the loudspeaker and throws it saying that at Restaurant Goan they are serving lunch for $1.75. A defeated Kawasaki runs into his restaurant in shame, even rejecting a proposal by Tiff to pay anyone who eats at his restaurant.

Chief Bookem eventually arrives, wanting to eat at Chef Kawasaki's restaurant since Goan was getting so many customers at his own. Chief Bookem declares that he wants soup with one pepper, but Kirby, in his attempt to help, screws up, so every single pepper falls into the pot. Chief Bookem then winds up breathing his fire out of his mouth, and Chef Kawasaki gets angry at Kirby for throwing in every single pepper. However, Curio decides to eat at Kawasaki's restaurant for a double order of what Bookem ate. The Cappies then flock to Kawasaki's restaurant, and the chef, with Fololo & Falala's help, cooks more of the spicy chowder. Tiff serves her brother some of the soup, but Tuff can only manage one mouthful before fire spouts out of his mouth. Every single Cappy follows suit.

Goan creates some Heat-Seeking Burn Burger and the Cappies breathe fire from their mouths that because the food was very spicy. Then, Tiff informs Kawasaki the Kirby has gone to Restaurant Goan, when sorbet is severed. Unfortunately, it causes a hallucination, which makes the Cappies want to eat Kirby. However, Tiff saves Kirby from the Cappies that their desire to eat him was a mere hallucination and Goan reveals his true form. After that, Kirby inhales Chef Kawasaki's pot, transforming into Cook Kirby and fights Goan. Then, Goan tries to make sobert out of Kirby but, Kawasaki saves him with a Superspicy Curry. Then, Kirby uses the curry to breathe fire on Monsieur Goan. After that, the monster dies and Restaurant Goan is destroyed.


  • This episode was referenced in The Kirby Quiz. In the quiz's sixth question, the N.M.E. Sales Guy quizzes the characters on what Kirby successfully used in his attempt to defeat Monsieur Goan. The correct answer was Superspicy Curry, though everyone selected Fire Kirby (which Tuff identified the Curry-affected Kirby as in this episode (Meta Knight identified the effect as heartburn.)), therefore earning no points.
  • Monsieur Goan tends to say, "Oui, ça va?" (his signature catchphrase, which means "Yes, all right?") and his dialogue is unaltered in Japan. Because of this, King Dedede and Escargoon believe Monsieur Goan to be lying about his age, since "Ça va" dubiously sounds like the Japanese "Saba," which means young.