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Artwork of Tornadon from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
Debut episode Island of the Lost Warrior
Ability granted Tornado
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You got it, Fuzzy-Wuzzy! Tornadon, come out here and duel this fool!
— King Dedede, in Island of the Lost Warrior

Tornadon is a large spiky wind monster from the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It appears in the episode Island of the Lost Warrior, where it uses its ability to conjure tornadoes to strand Kirby and his friends on the titular island and then attack them. It is promptly defeated by Kirby after he inhales one of its tornadoes to gain the Tornado ability.


Tornadon is a large green reptile-like creature with a yellow face and belly with orange stripes. It has a long tail, but lacks legs, and its arms have propellers attached to them. It has a series of spikes that run along its back and has sharp teeth, though these do not come into play when the monster attacks. Although it is quite large, it can shrink down to fit inside the storage canister on the Armored Vehicle.

Tornadon attacks by using its propellers to conjure small tornadoes that fly out and disrupt or toss away its opponents. It can also start spinning around rapidly to create a much larger tornado and guide it around to wreak mass devastation. Ironically, it is also weak to tornado attacks, as Tornado Kirby uses the same sort of attacks to defeat it.

Role in Island of the Lost Warrior[edit]

Tornadon goes after Kit Cosmos.

Tornadon is sent out by King Dedede to create a tornado that catches Kirby and the kids out at sea on a fishing trip and tosses them onto the island. Later, King Dedede arrives on the island and sets Tornadon loose after them once again. After an initial retreat, Kirby manages to inhale one of its tornadoes to gain the Tornado ability, then uses it to defeat the monster, causing it to vaporize.