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Delivery Dilemma

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Delivery Dilemma
E68 Scene 21.png
Kirby is set upon by the Delivery Man.
First aired Japan February 1, 2003
NA April 3, 2004
Episode # 68
Episode # (US) 68
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Jet
Monster(s) featured Delivery Man
Character(s) featured Kirby, Tiff, Chef Kawasaki, King Dedede
Episode order
The School Scam Trick or Trek
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Delivery Dilemma is the 68th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Tiff helps Chef Kawasaki's failing restaurant by starting up a delivery service for his food, which quickly becomes a hit with the people of Cappy Town. Seeing this and desperate for some food, King Dedede orders a ramen from Kawasaki's, but - having nobody else around to help - Tiff sends Kirby to deliver it. Kirby attempts to do so, but his desire to eat the food he is carrying hinders him greatly, and he is forced to stop in order to prevent himself eating it. Fed up with the failed delivery, King Dedede orders up the monster Delivery Man, who takes over delivering food at Kawasaki's. Dedede then sabotages Chef Kawasaki, cutting him off from his customer base, and inadvertently giving Tiff the opening she needs to go and find Kirby. Once they reunite, she congratulates Kirby for at least not eating the food, but the Delivery Man then finds them and attacks Kirby. After some help from Meta Knight, Kirby gains the Jet Copy Ability from one of the Delivery Man's severed engines, and then defeats him in battle. From there, Kirby is able to use his ability to deliver the food quickly to Castle Dedede, but King Dedede does not want it anymore, allowing Kirby to finally eat it.

This episode marks the first appearance of the Jet Copy Ability in the anime series.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "Delivery Dilemma"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"Two thousand steak sandwiches for the Waddle Dees!"
"I'm not too good at thinking!"
"This here's the King! I heard you deliver! I want a mess a' noodles, and step on it!"
Secondary characters
"Kawasaki's got a brand new delivery service, Your Majesty!"
"What's that? I don't have to go to the restaurant to eat?"
"I can eat and examine my patients at the same time!"
(no dialogue)
"De-De want his din-din, huh?"
"Now I won't have to close my store at lunch time!"
"You can count on us, Tiff!"
"That wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen."
"You mean you will bring the food here to me?"
"Now is that so? Well I certainly can't resist such a charming sales lady! Send me a noodle soup, please!"
"Delivery, eh? That's right up my alley!"
"Over there!"
*chuckles* "You're joking, right?"
"Excellent! Now I won't have to interrupt my studies."
"We'll be in charge of delivery?"
"What's the idea of falling asleep in the middle of the road?"
"Hey, listen up, you guys! If we don't help Kawasaki, he'll have to close his restaurant!"
"Wow, those delivery boys sure get a workout! Hey, maybe I should try!"
(no dialogue)


Plot synopsis[edit]

Kirby sits with his delivery as the sun sets, still struggling to prevent himself eating it.

The episode begins in Cappy Town, as Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff are walking toward Kawasaki's. Inside the restaurant, Chef Kawasaki is bemoaning his lack of customers and is considering quitting the restaurant business, but Tiff tells him not to give up. She then suggests that he start up a delivery service, and offers to help with the delivering while Kirby looks around for anything to eat. Chef Kawasaki accepts this offer, and they proceed with their plans, inviting the Cappy kids to help with the delivery. Meanwhile, up at Castle Dedede, King Dedede is desperate for something to eat, and commands his court to fix up something quickly. Instead, one of the Waddle Dees brings him a phone which he answers, and Chef Kawasaki tells Dedede over the phone about his new delivery service, but Dedede is not interested and hangs up. This darkens Kawasaki's mood, but Tiff tells him to be persistent, and helps by calling Mayor Len and convincing him to place an order. From then on, Tiff agrees to make the sales calls while Chef Kawasaki gets busy making the orders, and soon gets the entire town interested.

Shortly into this new venture, Kawasaki's suddenly becomes very busy as everybody wants to place an order, including two thousand of the Waddle Dees. Once King Dedede sees this order being carried out, he decides to make a call himself - having apparently forgotten about Chef Kawasaki's solicitation from earlier - and orders a "mess a' noodles". Tiff accepts the order, but realizes all of her deliverers are busy. Against her better judgment, she sends Kirby to deliver King Dedede's food, as she cannot deliver it herself. She specifically tells him that he cannot eat the food on the way to the castle and sends him off. Kirby understands this order and heads to the castle, but he is repeatedly stopped when he smells the ramen inside, wanting desperately to eat it. Due to this slowdown, King Dedede grows impatient as his food becomes later and later. Meanwhile, Kirby is forced to sit as he tries his hardest to overcome his instinctive desire for the food he is trying to deliver, and the sun goes down with no progress made.

The Delivery Man appears at Kawasaki's to take over delivery duty.

The next day, Chef Kawasaki and his helpers wake, having slept in the restaurant. New orders come in which wake them up. As they get started, Tuff wonders where Kirby got off to, and the other kids assume he must have made his delivery and then gone home. However, it is soon shown that Kirby slept out at the spot where he placed down his delivery, having still not made it. Tokkori wakes him up, wondering what he is doing there. Meanwhile, King Dedede has entered a sleep-deprived state, having apparently stayed up all night waiting for his delivery. As Escargoon walks in, Tuff delivers a bowl of noodles which King Dedede is eager to have, but the order was placed by Escargoon and he eats it right in front of the King, mocking him in the process. Tuff confirms that the order was for Escargoon, and then realizes that Kirby never made his delivery. Fed up, King Dedede decides he will order his own Delivery Man from Night Mare Enterprises to ensure that this never happens again. Once the monster arrives, King Dedede tests him out by sending him to Kawasaki's to pick up two orders of noodles. As soon as the noodles are done, the Delivery Man picks them up and rides back to the castle, delivering them to King Dedede in seconds flat.

Jet Kirby defeats the Delivery Man, leaving only a smoldering crater.

The Delivery Man then proceeds to take over all deliveries for Kawasaki's, putting Tuff and the Cappy kids out of a job. The deliveries then start coming in so fast that Tiff and Kawasaki have to frequently switch roles in the restaurant. It turns out, however, that all of these calls are coming from King Dedede and Escargoon pretending to be other people in Cappy Town ordering hundreds of dishes. Without a second thought, they prepare and deliver all of these orders, but shortly after, they start to wonder about these orders. Their suspicions are confirmed when they receive complaints from the Cappies, telling them they did not order these dishes. King Dedede gloats about this, with his plan apparently having been to dry up Chef Kawasaki's other customer-base so he can only deliver to King Dedede instead. Seeing the dearth of new orders, Tiff and Chef Kawasaki begin to lose hope, and Tiff decides she is going to go look for Kirby to find out what became of him. She shortly finds Kirby on the road and apologizes to him for setting him up to fail like that, having assumed he ate it. However, when she picks up the pail, she realizes the soup is still in there, and congratulates Kirby for resisting the urge to eat it.

At that moment, the Delivery Man spots Kirby on his way to the castle and proceeds to charge him down, having apparently been looking for the pink puffball this whole time. Tiff tells Kirby to run away, and he does so, but the monster soon catches up with him and attacks. After getting run over a couple times, Kirby is knocked down. The Delivery Man then moves in to finish Kirby off, but Meta Knight steps in to defend Kirby and severs one of the Delivery Man's engines on his bike. Using this opening, Kirby inhales the severed tank and transforms into Jet Kirby. From there, Jet Kirby and the Delivery man race in tandem, as the Delivery Man tries to swipe at Kirby with his foot, and then fire missiles at him. Kirby dodges these missiles and tosses his own energy blast at the Delivery Man, defeating him in an explosion. This done, Kirby takes his delivery pail and finally brings it to Castle Dedede, delivering it to the King. After hearing of what happened to his Delivery Man, however, and seeing how old the noodles look, King Dedede decides he does not want it anymore, and lets Kirby keep it. The episode ends as Kirby finally gets to enjoy the noodles he had been craving this whole time.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, there is a small extra scene where Gangu complains about an order he did not make along with the others.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, the names of the food orders delivered are more appropriate to their appearance.
  • In the Japanese version, when Fumu is wondering if Bun was prank-calling them, Chef Kawasaki tells Fumu that it could not possibly be him, since all of the callers said "-zoi" and "-degesu", not fully realizing that those are King Dedede and Doctor Escargon's speech patterns.
  • In the Japanese version, Kirby shouts "Ready...GO!" when using his Jet powers. He then shouts "Jet Cracker!" when firing his projectile at the Delivery Man.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 勝ち抜け! デリバリー時代
Kachineke! Deribarī Jidai
Knockout! Delivery Era
Brazilian Portuguese Entregas Complicadas Complicated Deliveries