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Chief Bookem

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Chief Bookem
Chief Bookem.png
Artwork of Chief Bookem from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
Last episode Kirby 3D
Main role Supporting character
Similar characters Buttercup
Voice actor(s) Jerry Lobozzo (English, episodes 1-75)
Andrew Rannelis (English, episodes 76-100)
Atsushi Kisaichi (Japanese)
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I can speak for myself, thank you!
— Chief Bookem in Kirby Comes to Cappy Town

Chief Bookem is a recurring supporting character in the anime series Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He is a Cappy and the chief of police for Cappy Town. His wife is Buttercup, and Tuff looks up to him as a role model. Chief Bookem appears in most episodes of the series, though he does not play a leading role in one until Episode 10: Hail to the Chief.


Chief Bookem is a hefty and elderly Cappy who wears a police hat and coat with a satchel (and sometimes a pistol) at his side. He sports a large gray mustache which covers his mouth. Chief Bookem speaks and behaves like a stereotypical cop, with most of his lines revolving around his occupation as the chief of police. He sometimes gets into spats with Mayor Len Blustergas, but the two are not actually enemies.

Chief Bookem is a dutiful officer, but his age sometimes gets in the way, leaving him to often be exhausted. In Hail to the Chief, it is revealed that he had lied to Tuff about once being part of the Rough Rangers; a military commando squad which Tiff insists never existed. Despite this, Tuff and Bookem come to an understanding by the end of the episode, while Bookem is rescuing him from the Booma-Dooma Volcano.

Chief Bookem is known to be a hobbyist singer, though his lack of talent shows whenever he tries, as evidenced in Abusement Park. This particular aspect of Chief Bookem is explored slightly further in the episode eNeMeE Elementary, where he is appointed to be the music teacher.


The following is a complete list of all of Chief Bookem's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, along with other information regarding his role in each episode:

Chief Bookem's appearances in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!  
Episode Image Role Selected quote Notes
Kirby Comes to Cappy Town
E1 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "I'd like to lock both of 'em up!" (describing King Dedede and the power which sent Octacon)
A Blockbuster Battle
E2 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Yeah, it's out of town!" (in response to Mayor Len's remark about Kirby's tree house)
Kirby's Duel Role
E3 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "A challenge?"
Dark and Stormy Knight
E4 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I just heard from the D.A. He's handing down new charges!" (right before getting "charged")
Beware: Whispy Woods!
E5 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "This'd make a real pretty spot for a new prison!"
Un-Reality TV
E6 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Looks like somebody's been feeding Kirby steroids!"
Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure
E7 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "A tornado?"
Curio's Curious Discovery
E8 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Ah! A thingamajig!"
The Fofa Factor
E9 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "King Dedede! Body snatching's illegal!"
Hail to the Chief
E10 Chief Bookem.png
Primary character "The Rough Rangers Squad is the toughest fighting force on the planet! My buddies and me got stuck in some real jams on the battlefield, but we never gave up! It's like us Rangers always say, Tuff: "Always try!""
Cappy New Year
E13 Chief Bookem.png
Primary character "I call this "Prisoner on Parade"! It's a light-hearted way of saying crime doesn't pay!"
The Pillow Case
E14 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I'm glad those little bed bugs are gone!"
The Thing About the Ring
E17 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "And then you lost the ring when Kirby crashed into ya! Is that your story?"
Here Comes the Son
E19 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character " you allege that the citizens of Cappy Town are conspiring against you. Hmm...and why exactly do you want to meet with Kirby?"
Dedede's Snow Job
E20 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Whoa...this is some heat wave, huh, Curio?"
A Princess in Dis-Dress
E21 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "We're gonna have Cappy gridlock if royalty shows up!"
The Empty Nest Mess
E23 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Hmmm... Wonder what's up. Dyna Blade seems restless!"
Ninja Binge
E24 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Hey! No eating the evidence!"
Escargoon Rules
E25 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Thanks to your son, crime is pretty low here...course our taxes are pretty steep!"
Labor Daze
E28 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "This can't be good for my gut!"
A Spice Odyssey
E29 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "You're right, but that's before I tasted the food at Monsieur Goan's. Holy jalapeño! His food has flavor; not like the junk you.--d'oh!" *stammers* "What I mean is...your food's more like home cooking! Course the food I get at home tastes worse than the stuff they serve in the army!" *forced laughter*
Hatch Me If You Can
E30 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Hmm. No missing egg reports coming yet. Nobody broke into any nests, lately. I guess Kirby can go back to sittin' on the egg."
Abusement Park
E31 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Get off the stage and let a real singer sing!" *singing* "Lock up my love; your heart's a jail! I'm in for life; I can't make bail! I'm all alone; here in my cell! I'm without you; I feel like-" *gets interrupted* Chief Bookem was likely going to end his last verse with the word "hell".
A Dental Dilemma
E32 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character *panicked screaming*
Junk Jam
E33 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "I say we cover up these trash piles with dirt and just pretend we live in the mountains!"
A Recipe for Disaster
E34 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "No no, I'd rather go to jail than eat at Restaurant Kawasaki." Chief Bookem had his lines cut in the 4Kids version, so this was translated from the Japanese version.
The Kirby Derby - Part I
E35 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Guess I won't be giving out any speeding tickets that day."
The Kirby Derby - Part II
E36 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I can't help it! I wanna give 'em all speeding tickets! Aww..."
Watermelon Felon
E37 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "All the ads are for Dedede products!"
A Novel Approach
E38 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Give it back or I'll throw the book at ya!"
E39 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Hmm... Well I guess I can just mark the name down as "John Snail"!"
Prediction Predicament - Part I
E41 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Don't you remember we wanted to build a nice park for the kids to play in?"
Prediction Predicament - Part II
E42 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I have to admit...I shoplifted from you once! I was desperate for a donut, but I must have left my wallet at the station! Please forgive me!"
E43 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "I better go catch some two-legged crooks!"
Scare Tactics - Part I
E45 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "From the scream she let out, I'd have to say you're right, Mayor!"
Pink-Collar Blues
E47 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "We don't know where they came from or even how they got here!"
Tourist Trap
E48 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Since when did he becomes a star?" Appears only in the Japanese version, so his dialogue is translated from that version.
Cartoon Buffoon
E49 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "That's you, Your Majesty! How do ya like it?!"
Don't Bank on It
E50 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Whaddya' know, it does bring good fortune!"
Kirby Takes the Cake
E51 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Those two are having a blast."
Snack Attack - Part I
E52 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "I'm sorry, Your Highness, but I gotta do my duty! Next time you wanna steal, just raise our taxes!"
Snack Attack - Part II
E53 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "These things are a lot livelier than when I got 'em!"
One Crazy Knight
E54 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "This guy sounds like a crack-pot!"
Sweet and Sour Puss
E55 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Hey, maybe there's hope for me!"
Dedede's Pet Threat
E56 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Hmm...what'cha got there, Your Majesty?"
A Half-Baked Battle
E57 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I'm the law around here, not your pie posse!"
eNeMeE Elementary
E58 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "You delinquents don't know what real music is! You got me so riled up I oughta...I oughta... Er, um." *sighs* "That's all the time we have for today. See you tomorrow!"
The Meal Moocher
E59 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Hi, Kirby! You wanna join us for a bite?"
Fitness Fiend
E61 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character *laughs* "Dedede looks like a parade float!"
Mabel Turns the Tables
E62 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Well I got nuttin' to worry about! What kind of mistake can I make?"
Something to Sneeze At
E63 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "The King's acting like he just won the lottery!" *sneezes*
The Kirby Quiz
E64 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
The Chill Factor
E66 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Sure did get nippy all of a sudden."
The School Scam
E67 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character *sighs*
Delivery Dilemma
E68 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "If he didn't deliver my food so fast, I'd give him a ticket."
Trick or Trek
E69 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "It was just like collarin' a crook!"
Buccaneer Birdy
E70 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "It's everyone's duty to return stolen treasure to the cops!"
A Whale of a Tale
E71 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Holy cow! Look at the size of that thing!"
Waddle While You Work
E72 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I've stationed Waddle Dees at every street corner in town, and I haven't seen one bit of criminal activity since!"
Dedede's Raw Deal
E73 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I must've eaten fifty pounds of fish!"
Caterpillar Thriller
E74 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Cappy Town's turning into one big sick ward!" *sneezes*
Fossil Fools - Part I
E75 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Let's keep the shovin' to a minimum--augh!"
Fossil Fools - Part II
E76 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I oughta' book you for assault with a deadly thrill ride!"
Dedede's Monsterpiece
E77 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "No, Majesty! It's not ready, yet!"
Goin' Bonkers
E79 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Or he could be a ruthless criminal who's disguised in a gorilla suit!"
Power Ploy
E80 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I can't figure you out! If you were as go-gettin' about work as you were about crime, you'd be rich!"
A Trashy Tale
E81 Chief Bookem.png
Primary character "Sure, sure! It's easy for you to say, but I'll tell ya it's not all my fault! What about all them folks in town who can't hold on to things?!"
Cooking Up Trouble
E82 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Says here this one washes dishes!"
Teacher's Threat
E83 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Mumbies Madness
E84 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Why does it have to be so noisy?"
A Sunsational Puzzle
E85 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Well that's one thing you won't have to worry about!"
A Chow Challenge
E86 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "It's cruel and unusual punishment for taste buds..."
Waste Management
E87 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I'm a cop, not a scarecrow!"
Tooned Out
E89 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "The King's first cartoon was terrible! It was just about the worst thing I've ever seen in my life!"
Born to Be Mild - Part I
E90 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Just who do you bikers think you are?!"
Born to Be Mild - Part II
E91 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
D'Preciation Day
E93 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "His food disses all our stomachs!"
Cowardly Creature
E94 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Phan Phan's not like all the other monsters!"
Frog Wild
E95 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "Attention all Cappies! Stay inside your homes! Keep your doors locked, and your windows shut! Kirby's on the loose!"
Air-Ride-in-Style - Part I
E96 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)
Cappy Town Down
E98 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "I'd like to help, but I'm a law-man, not an air-man!"
Combat Kirby
E99 Chief Bookem.png
Secondary character "I'm lockin' you up as non-combatant detainees!"
Fright to the Finish
E100 Chief Bookem.png
Tertiary character "Kirby beat eNeMeE and now we're gonna destroy this place!"
Kirby 3D
E101 Cappies.png
Tertiary character (no dialogue)


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボルン署長
Chief Borun