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War of the Woods

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War of the Woods
E44 Scene 21.png
Acore is braced against a storm by the animals and the kids.
First aired Japan August 10, 2002
NA April 12, 2003
Episode # 44
Episode # (US) 41
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured Cutter
Monster(s) featured No
Character(s) featured Kirby, Acore, Rick, Tuff, King Dedede
Episode order
Sheepwrecked Scare Tactics - Part I
Episode order (US)
Sheepwrecked Pink-Collar Blues
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War of the Woods is the 44th (41st in the 4Kids broadcast) episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, Whispy Woods asks Tuff, Kirby, Tokkori, and the Cappy children to go to the Eastern Forest and protect his sleeping old friend Acore from an unknown danger that may threaten him. Once they arrive, they get into a misunderstanding with Rick and other animals who make their homes in Acore and fight each-other, but the real threat comes from King Dedede who threatens to chop Acore down so he can build his country club. After Tiff and Coo get Tuff and the kids to realize their mistake, the group sets back to stop Dedede, and Kirby uses the Cutter Copy Ability to drive him and Escargoon off. However, a storm kicks up and Dedede returns to take advantage of this by causing a flood to uproot Acore and carry him away. Despite initial appearances however, this plan ends up failing, and Dedede is finally driven off by the combined force of the kids and the animals, and Acore awakes from his long sleep to thank them.

This episode marks the final appearance of the Cutter Copy Ability in the anime series.

The episode's English name is a reference to the famous H. G. Wells story The War of the Worlds.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "War of the Woods"  
Character Selected quote
Primary characters
"I'd say it's nice to see you all again, but I haven't met some of you before."
"We can't let our friend come crashin' to the ground, mates!"
"We were only trying to help..."
"Now that them bothersome animals is gone, I can finally get to work!"[sic]
Secondary characters
"They're in the forest fighting, trying to make them leave their home!"
"Those little delinquents are driving the animals out of the tree for us!"
"That's where they live."
"We were just helpin' this old tree!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue)
(Pon) "We would never hurt our friend!"
(Con) "Yeah! We protect him from trouble!"
"My dad said there was gonna be a storm tonight!"
"You imagined it!"
"What?! Kirby and Tuff battling with animals?!"
"Hah! It's easy for trees to live a long time. All they do is stand around all day doin' nothin'!"
"There's another friend I'm worried about. He lives in a different part of the forest: A tree named Acore."


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede and Escargoon flee the Eastern Forest after being attacked by the animals.

The episode begins in the dead of night, as King Dedede and Escargoon travel through the recesses of the Eastern Forest looking to find the oldest tree in the woods. Once they find it, King Dedede plans to chop it down to use in his fireplace, but is stopped by the various animal inhabitants led by Rick who attack Dedede and Escargoon and drive the two off. The next morning, Kirby, Tuff, Tokkori, and the Cappy children come to visit Whispy Woods in his forest to have some apples and pay the old tree a visit. Tuff asks Whispy if there is anything they can do in exchange for the apples, and Whispy tells them about his friend Acore who lives in a different forest and who may be in need of assistance due to his advanced age and a sense that he may be in danger. Tuff and the rest agree to go to the Eastern Forest and see what they can do to help. Meanwhile, back at Castle Dedede, King Dedede and Escargoon recover from the wounds they sustained the night before, and Dedede reasserts his desire to build his country club by tearing down the forest. Escargoon spots Tuff and the kids walking into the forest, and King Dedede throws off his apparently superficial arm sling to confirm this for himself. As the kids head toward Acore, they note the ominous weather, but proceed east. Seeing this, King Dedede pulls out the re-built Grasshopper Eavesdropper robot from The Flower Plot to spy on them again.

As the kids venture deeper into the forest and King Dedede's spy follows discretely, the group stops for a moment to try and get their bearings. Tokkori reminds them to seek out a waterfall in the woods as they were told one flows near Acore's spot, and they manage to hear its sound from their location. Shortly after, they discover Acore and comment on his feeble appearance. Before long, however, Tuff sees movement in the old tree and directs everyone to hide. The animals that live within Acore stir and try to find the source of the disturbance, and end up antagonizing a woodpecker who is trying to feed there. Seeing this rough-housing, Tuff grows concerned for the tree and calls out to the animals for an explanation. The group gets into a misunderstanding as Tuff accuses the animals of harming Acore by living there while the animals insist that Acore invited them in to keep him company. This leads to a fight between the two groups, though Kirby remains confused and does not fight with his team. During the squabble, Rick tricks Kirby using a watermelon and catches him with a rope, but then ends up getting tricked and caught in much the same way by Tuff. As the two dangle, Rick gives Kirby a smack, but this causes his rope to break and he falls onto Nruff, who accidentally ends up ramming into Acore and waking up Coo who until this point was not involved. Coo flies off in a panic as the animals continue fighting, and King Dedede and Escargoon watch through the spy.

Cutter Kirby faces off against the Royal Racecar.

Later on, Coo manages to reach the castle and informs Tiff of the situation in the forest, then leads her there to try and bring a stop to the fighting. Meanwhile, back at Acore's spot, the animals appear to have won the fight and driven their opponents off, but then a smokescreen produced by Tuff and the kids falls on them and they are forced to flee. The kids then approach Acore and try to get him to wake up, but to no avail. Despite this, Tuff decides that driving off the animals was help enough, and he starts to lead the group home. Along the way, they are stopped by a furious Tiff, who berates them for driving the animals out of the tree. After accepting this, Tiff and Tuff soon surmise that King Dedede may be threatening Acore, and head back into the forest to try and stop him as he and Escargoon approach the abandoned tree with a laser saw. The kids manage to knock Dedede over with an acorn just before he can start chopping. King Dedede attempts to retaliate using his laser saw, but Kirby inhales it to gain the Cutter Copy Ability.

King Dedede and Escargoon flee the Eastern Forest yet again after failing to fell Acore.

Cutter Kirby then has to face off against King Dedede and Escargoon in their Royal Racecar. They launch a missile at him and then attempt to "advance backward" to get away. Kirby throws a Cutter Boomerang at them which they manage to narrowly avoid, but then a Cutter Beam is launched which slices the Royal Racecar clean in half, causing the two occupants to drift apart and fall away. The kids celebrate Kirby's victory, but then the weather finally turns to the storm threatened earlier which forces the group to take cover under Acore. The group then realizes that Acore is being threatened by the storm and may end up falling over. At that moment, the previously-evicted animals return with ropes and wooden braces to prevent this from happening. As they struggle, King Dedede and Escargoon return to thwart them by causing their Grasshopper Eavesdropper robot to explode near the waterfall, creating a torrent of water that sweeps Acore and its protectors away. In the process, however, King Dedede and Escargoon also fall into the current.

King Dedede and Escargoon later awake in a different part of the woods and find that Acore is still standing despite having been relocated. They are met by the group of kids and animals who tell them that Whispy Woods' apples were responsible for keeping Acore safe. King Dedede threatens to fight them all for the tree, but soon realizes he is outnumbered, and he and Escargoon flee. At that moment, Acore awakes and introduces himself to those in the group he has not yet met. Acore then recounts of a dream he had where Whispy Woods sent some friends to take care of him, and insists that this was not necessary because he is still young and strong. The group laughs heartily at this assertion, and the episode ends as Kirby gobbles up a stray apple on the ground.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • As with the other episodes that feature it, the Japanese version shows King Dedede carrying a regular metal chainsaw, while the international versions show a laser saw.
  • In the Japanese version, Iro is also shown complimenting Whispy Woods' apples as he eats one, but this was cut from the international versions.
  • In the Japanese version, an arrangement of the Bubbly Clouds theme plays when the animals first emerge from Acore.
  • In the Japanese version, there are a few extra establishing shots of the forest after the storm passes before King Dedede wakes up.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, Kirby calls out the Japanese name for watermelon as he approaches it. He also shouts "Cutter Beam" when throwing his attack.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウィスピーウッズの友・アコル
Wisupī Uzzu no Tomo Akoru
Whispy Woods' Friend Acore
German Die Schlacht von Whispy Woods The Battle of Whispy Woods