Broom King

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Broom King

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Debut episode A Novel Approach
Similar entities Haboki
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The Broom King is a monster appearing in A Novel Approach in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He poses as Rowlin for the first half of the episode.


The Broom King is likely murderous and deceptive. This is shown when he poses as Rowlin (before she blows his cover in an attempt to stop him) and tricks the Cappies of Cappy Town into playing Quidditch with Kirby as the ball. There is a sign that the Broom King snuck in when taunting Tiff when she attempted to break his spell as the Cappies tortured their own protector. Despite his lack of a mouth, the Broom King can talk.


The Broom King resembles a broom. He has a pair of arms as well as sunken-in dark-red eyes. A large crown rests on top of his head, located between that and his broom handle. It is gold and has five points at the top, with dark green jewelry encircled with gold and the bottom part made of puffy red velvet.


The Broom King only appears in A Novel Approach, where he impersonates Rowlin. Perfectly disguised, the monster makes his way into Dream Land after King Dedede orders him from Night Mare Enterprises. The Broom King cons his "fans" into playing Quidditch with Kirby as the ball, but Rowlin herself appears and reveals that one: she is the real deal, and two: she only writes to dream, thus sorting things out. The Broom King then loses his temper and attacks the real deal, but Meta Knight appears and blocks him. The Broom King then reveals his true identity and makes the brooms hostile. The brooms turn their attention on Kirby and attack him, but Kirby uses his Inhale to transform into Cleaning Kirby. Kirby uses his his new ability to destroy the brooms and kill the Broom King with one fell swoop.


  • The Broom King resembles Haboki (a mid-boss in Kirby's Dream Land 3) despite his lack of a mouth and the fact that she does not have arms and possesses eyes similar to Kirby himself.
  • The Broom King is the second monster to impersonate a famous person and blow his cover when doing something the real deal would not. A Popon appears impersonating Chef Shiitake in The Big Taste Test, blowing his cover because Chef Shiitake would never call his own student's frying pan a "grease pot." The Broom King is succeeded by Anige who impersonates Dis Walney (Anige blows his cover because Dis Walney himself would not be so cruel to his actors.).