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Broom King

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Broom King
Broom King art.png
Artwork of the Broom King from Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Debut episode A Novel Approach
Ability granted Cleaning
Similar entities Haboki, Popon, Anige
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Anyone who dares to oppose me will be swept away!
— Broom King, in A Novel Approach

The Broom King[1] is a large broom monster which appears in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode A Novel Approach. He is initially disguised as Rowlin in order to possess the people of Dream Land into attacking Kirby using magical broomsticks that fight for him. When the real Rowlin appears on the scene, however, Broom King is forced to throw off his disguise and attack Kirby directly. He is later defeated when Kirby gains the Cleaning Copy Ability from one of his brooms and swats him away.


The Broom King is a giant broom with crescent-shaped red eyes, two arms topped with gloves, and a large elaborate crown atop the brush-end of the broom. His powers include the ability to command smaller magical brooms, shoot dust and garbage at his opponents, and fly around. He can also disguise himself as other characters, particularly Rowlin. He is one of the few monsters in the series capable of speech.

The Broom King is particularly vicious in character, as he behaves cruelly while disguised as Rowlin, tarnishing her reputation and picking on Kirby in particular.

Role in A Novel Approach[edit]

The Broom King rallies his brooms to attack.
I'll show you who's king! Attack!
— Broom King, in A Novel Approach
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The Broom King initially appears in A Novel Approach disguised as Rowlin. His disguise is blown when the real Rowlin shows up at Castle Dedede, and he tries to attack her directly before transforming into his true form to focus on Kirby. Kirby fights back by inhaling one of his brooms to gain the Cleaning ability. Kirby first disposes of the remaining brooms, then engages the Broom King directly, who buries him in dust and trash, then tries to throw a wave of dust at him. When Kirby counters these moves, the Broom King attempts to flee by flying away, but Kirby catches up to him using his broom and delivers one final sweep which causes the Broom King to explode.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホウキング
Broomking; portmanteau of「箒」(hōki, broom) and "king"


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