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Screenshot of Kawasaki's in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!.
First episode A Blockbuster Battle
Last episode A Spice Odyssey
Other episode(s) Hail to the Chief
The Big Taste Test
A Fish Called Kine
The Thing About the Ring
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Daaad! Dad, do we have to go to Kawasaki's?!
— Tiff, from The Thing About the Ring

Kawasaki's is the restaurant in Cappy Town owned and operated solely by Chef Kawasaki in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is the only dedicated restaurant in town, and serves mainly east-Asian-style cuisine, such as ramen and sushi, though other dishes on offer include wonton soup, curry, salad, rice bowls, cakes, sausages, and the like. Despite the variety on offer, Kawasaki's has a reputation around town for consistently poor food quality, though due to being the only restaurant in town, it still receives a handful of customers. Kirby is the only customer who consistently enjoys the food.


Kawasaki, ain't you got nothin' digestion-able in this here dump?!
— King Dedede, from A Spice Odyssey

Kawasaki's first appears alongside its chef in the episode A Blockbuster Battle, where Kirby is very briefly taken on as a waiter before being sabotaged by King Dedede and Escargoon.

In A Spice Odyssey, much of the episode takes place inside Kawasaki's, as the chef attempts to perfect his ultra-spicy dishes to attract customers away from Monsieur Goan's restaurant.

In most other episodes, the restaurant serves only as a brief backdrop location, similar to other important buildings in Cappy Town.


  • Kawasaki's is shown to sometimes have a deck attached to the roof of the building, and sometimes not.
  • The banner above the door to Kawasaki's features katakana characters that read カ(ka) ワ(wa) サ(sa) and キ(ki) when read right to left. These characters are typically scrubbed in the 4Kids version (though not always).