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The Pillow Case

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The Pillow Case
E14 Scene 13.png
King Dedede places a snoozing Kirby on one of his new dream pillows.
First aired Japan January 5, 2002
NA October 26, 2002
Episode # 14
Copy Ability (Abilities) featured No
Monster(s) featured Noddy (cameo from Octacon, Blocky, Bugzzy, Kracko, Dedede Stone, and Slice n' Splice)
Character(s) featured Kirby, Meta Knight, Tiff, King Dedede
Episode order
Cappy New Year Kirby's Pet Peeve
Episode order (US)
Escargoon Squad A Fish Called Kine
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The Pillow Case is the 14th episode of the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! series. In this episode, King Dedede receives a special gift from Night Mare Enterprises in the form of a stack of nightmare-inducing pillows, which he succeeds in getting distributed to all of the residents of Cappy Town. Though suspicious of the king's gift, Tiff tries out one of the pillows, and is soon confronted with nightmares of memories from earlier episodes of the series. Though she snaps out of it herself, most of the rest of town are hypnotized by these nightmares to try and get rid of Kirby. Tiff and Meta Knight stop them by slicing up the pillows to reveal small monsters called Noddys inside, which shortly escape. Out of curiosity, King Dedede then tries out the last pillow on Kirby to see what happens, but all it does is scare him awake.

This episode re-uses many scenes from earlier episodes, and can be considered to be a recap episode, as it goes over many important plot points brought up over the series up to this point.


The following characters appear in this episode:

Cast of "The Pillow Case"  
Character Selected quote Notes
Primary characters
"Everyone in Cappy Town who slept on these pillows is now out to destroy Kirby!"
"These pillows Dedede gave us must be giving everybody nightmares!"
"I always thought the bad don't sleep well!"
Secondary characters
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
(no dialogue)
"Oh! Just a dream, but Kirby sure has cooked up a lot of trouble!"
"I'm glad those little bed bugs are gone!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue) Appears in a flashback.
"Ah. Hope it's hypoallergenic."
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
"I was just dreaming about Kirby!"
"Da monster is here, and all Dream Land is in grave danger!" Kabu's scene and lines are recycled from Kirby Comes to Cappy Town.
"Shush! If you're going to shut your ears, shut your mouth too, dear!"
"The only ones who seem to know about Kirby are Tiff and Meta Knight, and they aren't telling people very much."
"The nightmares these pillows cause are of your number one enemy. They'll be so bad, your subjects will get rid of that little pink pest all by themselves."
"Yes, and soon those sleepy-headed simpletons will be doing my work for me!"
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
(no dialogue) Appears in a flashback.
"Because, unfortunately, this is the only junk we can get!"
(no dialogue) The scene featuring the Star Warriors is re-used from A Dark & Stormy Knight.
"We've got to take back those pillows!"
"Come on, Kirby! Wake up! This is no time to sleep! We gotta order one of those magical sweet-dreams pillows!"
"Wow, that dream pillow sounds like a real knock-out!"
(hypnotized) "Must destroy Kirby!"
(no dialogue)
(no dialogue) Appears in a flashback.


Plot synopsis[edit]

King Dedede receives a pile of nightmare-inducing pillows from N.M.E.

The episode begins in the back halls of Castle Dedede, as King Dedede and Escargoon are riding the throne elevator system while discussing their plans to get a better deal from Night Mare Enterprises. Once they reach the throne room, King Dedede calls N.M.E. and complains to the Sales Guy about being treated disrespectfully. To sate the angry King, the Sales Guy sends a complimentary gift of a pile of pillows through the Monster Delivery System. The Sales Guy then explains to Dedede that these pillows will cause nightmares involving Kirby to anyone who sleeps on them, making the user want to turn on the pink Star Warrior. With this in mind, Dedede and Escargoon plan to get these pillows into the houses of every resident of Cappy Town.

Later on, at Kirby's House, Tokkori is complaining about Kirby's excessive sleeping, but gives up on this and turns on Channel DDD. On T.V., an episode of Kirby and the King is on air, where Dedede is insinuating that Kirby has not been having good dreams. As this programming takes place, Tiff eavesdrops on her family watching the same programming back at the castle and berates them for it to no avail. The show then segues into an advertisement for the pillows they recently obtained, telling the whole town that these pillows will induce sweet dreams and are available for free to anyone who picks them up. Tiff's family is sold on the idea, as is the rest of the town. Tiff runs over to Meta Knight's quarters to warn them that this is another of King Dedede's tricks, but Meta Knight urges her to actually try one of them before jumping to conclusions.

The hypnotized crowd gather at Kirby's House.

That night, Tiff and the rest of the town are sleeping using the new pillows. King Dedede is also curious to see how the pillows work, so he and Escargoon try them out in the throne room. As soon as everyone is asleep, the Sales Guy and Nightmare get to work instilling nightmares into Cappy Town via the pillows. Tiff is issued a nightmare of the scene from Kirby Comes to Cappy Town when Octacon is eating the town's sheep. She wakes in fright and finds that Tuff had the same bad dream. The two share her bed and try to sleep again, and Tiff dreams of the moment when Kirby arrived in Dream Land. Sir Ebrum and Lady Like also dream of Octacon and awake in fright. Other residents of Cappy Town are given nightmares involving Kirby from previous episodes. Tiff also dreams of the moment she asked Meta Knight about Kirby and N.M.E., and a brief recap plays lifted from A Dark & Stormy Knight. Tiff awakes under a strange spell, repeating that she must destroy Kirby. She soon snaps out of it and wakes Tuff up, who appears to be suffering the same illusion. After making the connection to the pillows, Meta Knight and his apprentices enter the room to confirm her findings.

The crowd has a hearty chuckle as Meta Knight slices open the last pillow.

They run to Kirby's aid to find that most of Cappy Town's residents are gathered outside his house, chanting that Kirby must be destroyed. Tiff gets the crowd's attention as Meta Knight and his apprentices slice the pillows open to reveal tiny Noddys inside. This snaps the town out of their stupor, as the Noddys escape into the wilderness, with Chief Bookem commenting he's glad the little "bed bugs" are gone. Tiff, still concerned about Kirby's whereabouts, asks where he is, until Tokkori reveals he has been sound asleep the whole time in his house instead of up in the tree where Kirby usually sleeps in. The group then checks in on Kirby, who they find had not been using the pillow. King Dedede decides to try out the last pillow on Kirby as he continues to snooze. Kirby soon has nightmares of all the times he was attacked throughout the series. He awakes in a panic and runs screaming out of his house into the morning light. As he realizes there's no danger, he turns around to find the town assembled and laughing, as Meta Knight slashes the last pillow. Although he is offended for a moment, Kirby soon lightens up and rejoins the crowd as the episode ends.

Differences between versions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version, King Dedede is mainly upset at Night Mare Enterprises for not giving him a New Year's service. When he boots up the screen to talk to the N.M.E. Sales Guy, he is dressed in a ceremonial kimono and sat in front of a decorative background with bamboo plants and an image of Mount Fuji and wishes King Dedede a happy New Year.
  • In the Japanese version, Chief Bookem has a nightmare about the Japanese-only scene in A Blockbuster Battle where Kirby accidentally shoots up the police station.
  • In the Japanese version, Kirby has nightmares about the fight with Sasuke in Cappy New Year, but that episode had not yet aired in English at the time, so it was cut.

Dialogue differences[edit]

  • During the Kirby and the King segment, King Dedede still has Kirby repeating "poyo" instead of saying other words in the Japanese version.
  • In the Japanese version, Meta Knight suggests that Tiff should wait to see what the pillows do, rather than suggesting that Dedede may have turned a new leaf.


  • This episode is the last of the early episodes that is ordered the same in both Japanese and North American releases. After this, the episode list would remain out of sync until Episode 54: One Crazy Knight.
  • This episode reuses many shots from earlier episodes, mainly Kirby Comes to Cappy Town, A Dark & Stormy Knight, and Un-Reality TV. Notably, some of the re-used scenes retain shots that were initially cut in the 4Kids version of those episodes.


Removed scenes[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 夢枕魔獣顔見勢
Yume makura majū kaomi-zei
Face of the Dream Pillow Monster
Chinese 惡夢枕頭魔獸登場
Èmèngzhěntoumóshòu Dēngchǎng
Presenting the Nightmare Pillow Monster
German Der Alptraum von Zeetown The Nightmare of Cappy Town
Brazilian Portuguese O Caso do Travesseiro The Pillow Case